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Is common sense no more?


Hey, every democrat in the country is hollering more should have been done to combat the “CHINESE FLU”. More, more and some more; but, they give no examples of how and when they could have stopped this mess. You see, that is because they have no ideas and simply want to rant/rave. The democrat politicians that are now criticizing the President have no response when you ask for how they would have handled the virus differently. I will show a few examples of how they really reacted to the “CHINESE FLU” when it was first recognized.

The Trump administration closed or banned all travel from China almost immediately when the virus first appeared. For that, ALL DEMOCRATS called the President xenophobic. Please, look up comments by “JOE THE HOE” at the time. Also, review what Nancy Pelosi had to say on the subject along with many other democrats. Some will be presented below. It is like the “liberal bastages” do not realize there is this new thing call “VIDEO”. It captures them and their remarks forever. What fools they are; or, should we just call them as they really are which is “liar, liar their pants are on fire”?

As mentioned, the President did the travel ban thing very early which saved many lives according to Dr. Fauci. (That might not be the best person to use as an example as he has changed his mind as often as I change undershorts.) That is not meant to criticize as no one has a handle on this mess; but, it is just fact. As to making people safe, the President followed what the scientist said and “shut the country down early on which all or most agreed with that plan”. The President also got busy with private companies to produce PPE products and they did a great job of producing masks which were in short supply. I guess we need to mention the short supply of ventilators which the President did an excellent job of over coming also. And now, we are on the verge of getting a vaccine for the virus in under a year. That was and is considered a “great thing” unless you are a democrat. The President started the thing now called “WARP SPEED” meant to expedite the production of the vaccine.

If you really look at the situation, the President has done a “pretty damn good job” with the virus thing all the while overseeing all of the other problems our country has–such as terrorism. That is but one of the “isms” he has been called ever since he was elected to the office. It simply makes “COMMON SENSE” to stop and take a long look at the situation and ask yourself, “what would you have done differently?” Sometimes, we are just not honest with ourselves and just want to complain. That is sometimes for us; but, all the time for the “liberal bastages”. Just think for a moment and realize that this has been a great and large undertaking on the President’s part and all that the DNC/media has done is to give him grief. Does it not make “COMMON SENSE” to give him some room to do the job he was elected to do and to be grateful the media does not do to you as they do to the President?

Now, I would like for you to review the following and use that old thing called “COMMON SENSE” when going down the list of what so many of the “liberal bastages” were saying and recommending back when. I think, if you are truthful, it might amaze you when you compare what they said then and what they are saying today.

I would like to point out that if they remove the President with the 25th amendment and something were to happen to VP Pence then Nancy Pelosi would be your President. Also, if the democrats can stretch out the election results long enough, there is a way for her to be President also. Now, if that does not cause you “nightmares,” then you must be dead. (and that makes you another voter for the democrats). What a horror movie, “I See Dead Voters”.

This is the chart that was mentioned above. Please check it out, as it is very revealing, and you can see how the dems “speak with forked tongue”.


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