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Folks, this is a goodbye to a dear friend that I had the pleasure of working with for 12 years.  He was excellent at his duties and it was an “HONOR” to stand by his side.  He loved his work and I think he loved working with me as much as I loved working with him.  We traveled many a mile together and not once did he let me down.  He was always dedicated to his work and never complained no matter how hard the work became.  He worked up until his day of reckoning finally came.  He was a working mans friend and was always up to the challenge.

His name was “Shogun Sambo”, call name “Sammy”.  I called that name many a time and he never refused to “GO”.  And go he did.  He was well trained and he knew his place and job. He was one of the best and believe me I know because I’ve been more than blessed with more than my share of excellent dogs.  I have always had dogs since I was just a kid.  All the early ones had no formal training and simply followed me as I made the rounds of my “paper route”.  All my dogs since have been trained to hunt, or to perform work as “Service Dogs”, of which Sammy was one.  I’ll never forget when the state police and the casino security stopped me in the lobby of the casino in Shreveport, La. to question us about Sammy.  They realized he was a “working dog” so I went to the elevator to go up to my room with Sammy at my side.  They followed me to the elevator, but no farther. I went to my room, put Sammy up and brought out “Simba” and down the elevator we went.  As “Simba” and I exited the elevator, I realize they were waiting for me and here I was with a “fox red” dog while “Sammy was “black as the ace of spades”.  The officer turned to me and said that must be another dog and I said, “no I just changed his coat, here’s your sign” and walked away.  We were there for about three days and no more hassles. Sammy was smooth enough to be a “service dog” but tuff enough to bust the heaviest cover to retrieve any game.  He like “Simba” was a “gentle giant”.  He was at home in the lobby of the casino and on the duck boat.

This has been more than hard; but, I felt he deserved a send off to measure up to his dedication and his zeal for life.  He left this earth on August 5, 2017 which was his 12th birthday.  I still feel terrible and tear up at the mention of his name or just as a thought flies thru my mind.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to try to inform people of him and the respect I had for him.  I guess the best compliment I pass his way is to tell you “HE WAS A TRUE MAN DOG”.  He will be missed but never forgotten.  Here’s to you “SAMMY” until I meet you once again as I cross the “RAINBOW BRIDGE”.




Could I please be allowed to ask the leaders of the Republican party just one question?  Why in the “HELL” do you want to stick your name on something that is impossible to fix or control?  Healthcare has nothing to do with insurance.  Insurance is, or was at one time, designed to keep you from financial ruin if you or a loved one became gravely ill.  It is the insurance that was designed to off set the high cost of the “HEALTHCARE”.  The two, insurance and healthcare, in the minds of most Americans, have become one in the same.  Americans want every little visit to the doctor to be paid for by the insurance companies and the insurance companies are more than happy to do so–but at a price. We as Americans have to self insure for the small things; thereby, reducing our premiums and not having first dollar coverage does just that. If you are young, healthy, single and do not own a damn thing and love no one, you probably do not want to purchase insurance.  It is simply to keep the hospital from taking your home or car, from you or someone you care about.   Let me explain once more what has happened to premiums for “insurance” during my lifetime.

When my wife and I got married in 1975 we had, until about 1980, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy with a $50.00 deductible and it cost us about $50.00 a month.  I think $48.00 dollars a month to be exact.  Then sometime around 1980 your wonderfully smart government representatives decided they knew better than the insurance professionals and they passed the Insurance Act of 1980, I think it was called or something similar.  Before that there was just me, the patient, my doctor, and the insurance company.  Can I hear you say, “THE FREE MARKET”.  What that act said simply was that if an “uninsured patient” went to the doctor/hospital then the hospital could/would bill the insurance company, my insurance company, for that “uninsured patient” charges on the backside of my bill when I went to the hospital. In other words, my insurance company had to cover the “deadbeat’s” stay in the hospital by overcharging my bill which the insurance company by law had to absorb.  Can anyone out there in the blogosphere figure out, or even venture a guess, as to what the insurance company started doing to recoup the extra charges?  For all you “liberal bastages” out there who have your brains were you sit and have no idea of that which I speak, let me explain.  They simply turned around the charges by increasing my and all other clients “insurance premiums”.  What a scam!!!  That is when this insurance thing became a nightmare.  It has only become more pronounced of late because of even more government involvement.

Mr. President, please listen to someone who has lived this nightmare and have the republican party leave “healthcare” alone.  Let it crash as the democrats own it.  There is nothing you, or your party, can do to fix it.  Get the government out of the “insurance business” and let the professionals handle it. The insurance industry professionals will come up with a plan and if the people do not want that plan then they will design another until they get something that everyone can live with. Someone, please say, “FREE MARKET”. If I develop a leak in my roof, or if you develop a leak in your roof, “WHO YOU GONNA CALL”?  Your government representative?  I sure as hell hope not.  You’d call a roofer cause he knows how to fix the damn leak!  That is how much sense it makes to have the government involved in trying to advise you on “healthcare” and  “insurance” problems. The average congressman has never worked in the insurance business and “does not know his ass from a hole in the ground” about the business. Just to make my point about how “stupid” they are, look at the mess the democrats have caused and now look at the republicans who want to step in and stir this bucket of crap even more.  The republicans are not smart enough to realize “that the more you stir this bucket of crap, the more it is going to stink”.  Will you “dumbass republicans” please just walk away from this mess and let the “FREE MARKET” handle the fall out?  Isn’t this what you are supposed to believe in, “smaller government and the free market”?

I’m going to send this to all the republican Congresspersons; but, do not hold your breath. If they would allow, I would go to D.C. on my own dime, to try to kick some “COMMON SENSE” into their asses.  You have to kick it into their “ASSES” as it has become apparent that is where their brains are for even trying to reform this mess.  The insurance professionals are smart, the American people used to be smart, and if given the opportunity and a little leadership, they will figure out how to fix this mess.  I’m asking that each one of you send this to your congressperson regardless of party and send it to the President.  I know from a business point he is smart enough to know all this; but, he is being misled. Please forward to everyone you know as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.



Well folks, here we are again and it is time, or past time, for another one of my rants.  I just discovered a few facts that just might “make your blood boil”.  If not, then you are a “liberal bastage” and of course do not have “logic” as part of your chemical make up so nothing I say will make sense.  The country is headed toward a time in the future when we have more people on welfare than we have employed and that is “not a pretty picture”.  I know you have heard this before; but, we are slowly slipping into that “deep dark hole” of no return.  The following info being presented, I think not only will it enlighten you, but surprise you as well.  I know it shocked “the hell out of me”.

Now that you have had time to read thru the info, please let me know what you think.  I have not had a chance or opportunity to check each point for accuracy; but know some of the info to be true.  Check it out yourself if you have doubts, let me know of your findings. Is it any wonder that the country is in such bad shape since we put people in charge that have never worked in the private sector? Notice how many states that have slipped into the “hole” are under democratic control and have been for years. It is now more profitable to draw “welfare payments” than it is to work.  Do you really think we’ll ever be able to convince those people on the “dole” to ever consider going to work? It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for them to lay on their “ASS” and draw “welfare” than to return to the work force.  This is why the world wants to sneak into our country.  But, you say that they, the “illegals,” get no benefits.  Do you really believe that “talking point” from the liberal bastages?  Just the other day, one of the leaders from the DNC made a statement about how, because of Trump’s immigration policy, that “illegals” were afraid to draw “food stamps” because they were afraid of deportation. If you have any “COMMON SENSE” you should be able to connect the dots.

It simply amazed me that during the OBAMA years all of his staff tried to tell the corporations of America how to run their business while hardly no one in the group of “flunkies” had ever worked in private business.  No wonder none of their figures ever added up. This is where we are in today’s world and we had better change it fast.  If we miss this chance we may never recover.  Now, think about this long and hard.  How must we change and let’s get to it.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


This nonsense that the government has thrown at the American public is worse than a flop, it is a disaster.  They have made it “illegal” to sell the client what they, the client, wants to buy.  It is “illegal” to sell it but they are covering “illegals”. Does this make any “COMMON SENSE” at all?  Wake up America, your representatives know nothing about health insurance and they are “ripping” you off.  None of your representatives have worked in the insurance industry; but yet they want to tell you what is best for you and your family. They do not even understand insurance or the purpose of insurance! I’ll bet that most of you reading this are ill-informed as to what insurances purpose is today’s world.  Please allow me to explain in the following paragraph.

If you “love” no one, do not own a home, car, or have other assets, then you do not need insurance.  The old saying applies here –which is, “they can’t get blood out of a turnip”.  The purpose of insurance is not to pay every little medical expense but rather to protect your assets from creditors. You purchase a policy that fits YOUR NEEDS not some policy that protects every person in America.  That is why it is termed, “individual insurance plan”.  Each person has a different risk factor and the risk factor denotes which type of plan you purchase. But, your representatives, in all their ignorance have decided that they know better what is best for you and have included in all plans things like “maternity”.  Even for the single males, along with “birth control” devises. This is how “stupid” they are.  And, it is “illegal” for an insurance company to offer plans which are not approved by the government.

Years ago, my wife and I had a Blue/Cross plan for health insurance which had a fifty dollar deductible and it cost us just under fifty dollars a month in premium.  I have had people think I am lying but rest assured I am not.  The reason that insurance is so expensive today is government involvement. Back in about 1980, or there about, is when the government got involved and set the parameters, and then premiums started their climb thru the roof.  It was as I recall, the “Insurance Act of 1980”.  Health insurance has “gone to hell in a hand basket” ever since.  Please listen to me and write your “Representatives” and ask them to please “BUTT OUT OF THE INSURANCE BUSINESS”.  If you do not believe a “GOBY” like me, then get off your ass and do some research. “GOBY” stands for “GRUMPY OLD BASTARD” of which I is one.  You will find that I’m right or “damn close” to right.  All they have to do is leave Obama Care alone and butt out and let the insurance companies compete on polices that people want and need to cover their risk and the premiums will come down along with deductibles.

Please pay attention, do you research and help force the government out of the insurance industry. You will be doing yourself and the country some good and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

Thank you for reading my rants and don’t forget my CDs which can be purchased below.

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Well, here we go again folks.  The education board in New York state is scraping a test of literacy for applicants to teach because only 46% of Hispanics, and 41% of blacks pass the test and 64% of whites pass the same test.  This means that the powers in education want unqualified teachers in the classroom.  Is there something I’m missing here?  The education board says the test is discriminatory; although, it was found “not so” by the courts.  They have decided they know better.  They have said that thru this test the teacher workforce will not match the make up of the student body. We all need to send them a mirror so “we won’t be the only ones to see how stupid they look when they make such a statement”. If they could just once see themselves, maybe, just maybe, they would realize the foolishness of their statement.  The test has been scored at a 12th grade level assessment.  Now these people can’t pass this test and still think they have the right to the job. GIVE ME BREAK!!!!!

One applicant who did not pass the test, but qualified thru a loophole, is now teaching.  She said the “test” was hard and it was made more difficult as it was given on computer instead of on paper.  Imagine that in this day and time a teacher teaching students that is not competent on a computer.  If this teacher is not competent  on a computer, how on earth did she ever graduate from college?  This statement alone shows the disarray of our higher educational system.  We have finally reached “critical mass” in the system and this experiment is not going to have a “happy ending”.  If we send in ignorant teachers to teach our youth, then “how the hell do we expect our students to be anything but ignorant”.  Ignorant students result in an ignorant “workforce.” So, remember this, the next time your are faced with “utter ignorance” in business.

In my time,  which is a long while ago, teachers taught readin’, rightin and rithmotic.  Maybe we need to go back to yesteryear.  All kidding aside maybe we ought to just use “COMMON SENSE” when it comes to the educational system.  Let’s try to get smart teachers to produce a smart workforce and see how that works out.  Please wake up and realize that we are 18th of 20 in the industrial world in education.  That will not produce a “pretty picture” in our future.  Education is the key not only for a successful life but the key to a successful nation.  Please refer back to “MY DADDY’S COMMON SENSE” and help spread the word about using “COMMON SENSE”.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

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As you might guess from the title, “ME THINKS” this “Queer thing has got plum out of hand”. Maybe I do not understand as it may not even be a “queer thing” but a “TRANSGENDER THING”.  I am no authority on such matters; so, I will only try to approach it from a “COMMON SENSE” standpoint.  I admit I get a little confused with the subject; but, as best I can tell, if you happen to feel like a female today, then they, whoever they are, want you to be able to use the lady’s room although you’re 6″4″ tall, have twenty inch biceps, and have one large enough to do yourself.  Am I missing something?  Yes, again, “Me Thinks so”!  What has this world come to and where the “HELL” is it headed?  I saw a show last night called “Tucker Carlson”.  And, the guest said that people need to ignore science and do as they feel.  The fool even tried to imply that if I feel black, then I must be allowed to change my race.  I thought he was kidding at first, but, this dufuss was “serious as a heart attack”.

I know everyone is going to call me a racist/homophobe but I think of myself more as a “COMMON SENSE BIGOT”.  It does not bother me for someone to feel that I’m whatever they can think up; but, just be careful about expressing your thought about me out loud.  I try to get along with most, but this has finally gone to far.  If you insult me in public, you might just find yourself involved in a “good old ass whooping”  contest and win or lose you ain’t going to want a second helping.

Now, what if I feel like a female? Can I mark that on an app for college entrance or to help acquire a small business loan from the government? What if I feel black? Do you not see where this is headed?  I am a “CHRISTIAN” and do not believe in “QUEER MARRIAGE” which is my right; but, I do not believe in going out of my way to harass anyone.  I try to “live and let live” but just don’t step on my toes.  If I feel like a billionaire, can I have the credit rating of a billionaire and spend like one? Do you not see the stupidity that this all leads to in the end?

The “liberal bastages” of this country have lost their minds.  They have completely lost hold of any small portion of “COMMON SENSE” they might, and I stress the word might, have had in that vacuum they call a head. They argue that we “MUST” pay attention to science when it comes to “global warming” and how the earth and life came to be; but, when it comes to the science of “biology,” they ignore the fact that I have “one and a set to go with it” and women do not.  They also think that if I feel female then I should be able to go into the women’s bathroom.  Let me say this, if you look like a woman and have been going in the stall in the lady’s room and no one has confronted you, “have at it”.  Like wise if you are a “dike” and have been going in the stall in the men’s room then again, “have at it”.  No one will probably ever say a word to you.  Now if I go in there, the women are not going to like having me in their locker room cause I’m telling you I’m not just going to peek, “WHY HELL I’M GOING TO LOOK and enjoy it.  “HELL, I’LL EVEN LOOK AT THE UGLY ONES IF THEY ARE NAKED”.  They may have not been looked at in a long time, and as you liberals always say, we need not discriminate.

So, here I go out into the world trying to convince everyone to just use “COMMON SENSE” and your life will be much simpler and happy.


Hey folks, as all that follow me, and keep up with not only my blog, but also those of you who have purchased one of or both my CDs, know I am concerned about the excesses in our government.  Well, I have discovered another area where we as a country have over extended ourselves for the sake of immigrants.  Sometimes, it is not just for immigrants but we do foolish things for our citizens.  At times, we spend a lot of money to help a segment of our population when it is not necessary.  We do things to solve problems when there is a much easier solution.  BUT NO, our leaders in all their glory and smarts just throw money at the problem.  Your and my money, not their own. And by the way, I thought no immigrants were to be covered by Obamacare.  Just caught that “FOOL” in another lie.

One such problem arose, or came to my attention, the other day when I got a letter from the health insurance company that covers my wife.  Most, if not all of you, have received this letter but like so many things you simply did not notice.  Maybe I noticed just because I’m a GOBY.  Let me explain the term GOBY for you.  When my first grandchild came along, my daughter and son-in-law asked me what name I wanted to use.  I told them it was their job to name the child; and they made me understand, “What name did I want to be called?”  I thought for just a second and replied, “grumpy old bastard” fits me pretty well.  So they took the three letters, added a “y” so now I am “GOBY”.  True story and by the way I’m proud to wear the title and proud of it.  It is like a “badge of honor” and I sparkle with delight when the kids holler, “GOBY, GOBY come here”. I even have other people who have taken to calling me “GOBY”; and it does not offend me even the slightest. Now, back to the insurance “thing-a-ma-jig”.  They, the company, had included a couple of pages, front  and back, of the info in different languages.  I did not count how many languages but there where about 30, maybe more.  Some I had never heard of.  Let me ask you if you have ever heard of Chamorro? How about Telugu? How about Punjabi or Yoruba?  Just how many people or we talking about?  It can not be more than a very few.  For you doubters, just walk around all day and ask everyone you come in contact with if they speak one of these.  And I mean everyone, in business, at WalMart, everywhere you go, then report back to me. If you can find even one, then maybe I’ll “quit my bitchin'”.  They even have it printed in Navajo, Cherokee and Choctaw.  These are native American languages.  Just how many Indians do we have in this country that do not understand and speak English.  None is the answer for all you “liberal dumbasses”. Thank you so very much!!! In order for the government to produce such a document they have to employ someone who can speak and write in these languages.  That cost “MONEY”, lots of “MONEY”.  That is money from you and me as in “TAXES”.  This is done with all government correspondence and is a “WASTE”.  The taxes are higher because they have to pay someone to “sit on their ass” until they need them to write something, I guess.  It is the same thing that WalMart does when they and Home Depot list every item in Mexican.  They have to charge you and I more for every item to cover the cost of doing so; and it does not benefit most of us a bit. Call me racist, or what ever, I do not care; for I have broad shoulders and can carry the load.  Just don’t do it to my face because it might just lead to an “ass whupping.”  Yours or mine, but an ‘ass whupping” just the same.

I can hear it all now, all you people saying, “this is no big problem” and you are right I guess. But, do you not realize all these little things add up to a lot of expenditure that could be avoided?  Always remember, “A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED”.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to save what you can.  It’s a “penny here, a penny there” and soon you have dollars.  So, go out today and do the survey so you can report back to me.  Also, go out and use some “COMMONSENSE” as it is free unless you send me a donation or you buy one of my CDs from the link below.

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Well for all you “political junkies” who expect me to rant and rave this will be a disappointment.  I want to share something in a “musical” sense.  As many of you know, a couple of years ago I began learning to play “MY DADDY’S OLD GUITAR”.  The journey has brought untold pleasure into my heart as I progressed to write song after song. I was unaware that I had the talent to write although I had already begun to write the blog before I began to write songs.  And I thought, “Who would want to hear what I thought?”.  Well, many did want to know what I thought and have subscribed to the blog; and some, but not as many, have purchased my CDs.  I realized that I do have a talent however simplistic it is.  There is a button on the lower right of this blog where you can sign up to receive every time I post; and I have included a link to purchase my CDs. But, please understand that this is not a commercial.  It will come to light as I explain the profound message I received as I listened to a video link which I received from a friend.

Some years back I had a heart attack, went to the hospital and endured “open heart surgery”.  The doctor said, “I do not know how you survived. As, almost all that have this type of attack die before they hit the floor.”; but, he assured me he could pull me thru the “eye of the needle”.  He did his part. As did a black lady, supposedly a nurse, but no one in the hospital knew her. She prayed over me for forty-five minutes the morning of the surgery; and I did recover; but, always in the back of my mind I wondered, “WHY ME LORD”.  I told many people that there must be something I had not yet accomplished that “HE” had in mind for me.  Now, every night as I “lay me down” I say my prayers.  Just after I thank “HIM” for my blessings and ask “HIM” for forgiveness of my sins, I ask that “HE” watch over my family whom I call by name; and then I ask that “HE” give me long life so that I might be of “SERVICE TO HIM” and to them, the family. One of my dogs, TUGGER, lays with me during my prayers. I have always pondered long and hard about what that service might be; and although I have several ideas, I have often thought I had failed.  Until I heard the following link, I was still wondering “WHY ME LORD”.  As I listened to the “CHRISTMAS SCALE”, the profoundness of the message came forth.  My writing of the blog and “MUSIC” is at least a part of what I was to accomplish.  Thru the blog, but more so thru “MY MUSIC”, I have reached people and made them “think” and in some cases “SMILE”.  I realized that I had not “FAILED”; but, I was doing what “HE” wanted and that was touching other people’s lives ever so minutely.  The music scale was key.  I hope all my friends in “MUSIC” realize that they too touch people’s lives and approach the rest of their lives accordingly. Let me provoke this thought, if I might, YOU are the messenger but the “TALENT” comes from “HIM”.  DO NOT EVER FORGET IT!!!!!

My “gift” is lyrics and my playing is only to help expand on thought and to try to use music to spread “HIS” word.  I recently attended a “gig” in which a friend was playing; and I met a couple from Minnesota. We visited and I felt that although I was not part of the “gig”, in some small way, I helped spread a “musical message” along with the players. Again, helping to spread the “NEWS” not in words but by actions.  “ALL” attendees that night had a part of helping to bring smiles to people’s faces.

I have finally realized that I am “provoking thought”, making people “smile for a while”, and trying to befriend people; and, this is “MY” answer to “WHY ME LORD”.  Hopefully, you will find “YOUR” answer in something I write–be it thru the blog or thru some verse of some song.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to hope so. And, for everyone who has read my blog or purchased a CD for themselves, or to pass on to others, please know that you are helping to fulfill my “mission”,  that you are appreciated and that I sincerely “THANK YOU”.

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Well folks, here we are trying to complete the election process and the democrats are out in force interfering with the process which was put in place by our “FOUNDING FATHERS”.  The process is supposed to be free from “undue influence”; but someone needs to inform the democrats what that means.  The voting, notice it is voting, is by the electors which have been elected to represent their states preference.  That is a simplistic view but that’s it in nutshell.  These protestors/harassers are calling by phone and texting, approaching electors at work and demonstrating outside their homes.  This is wrong in so many ways.

Now, the same bunch of malcontents are in an uproar over Russia’s possible interference in our election process, but they have brought forth no true evidence.  It is supposed to be the “email dump” that the Russians might have been backing that has these people calling for an “interference flag”.  None of the democrats have stated the emails were false. But the fact is they wrote them and just did not want you, the public, to know how they thought.  It simply showed how the democrats really think about the public.  It showed they are elitist and think of the “working man” as beneath them and that they the elitist democrats need to make decisions for these poor stupid souls because they are too stupid to make decisions for themselves.  We, on the other hand, know better and that is exactly why they got the “boot”, their “elitist attitude”.  They still do not realize what happened. And if they did, they would not be trying to interfere with the process.  They still think they, the democrats, know better.

Now let me ask you a question, please?  Russia, as I see it, may have been somewhat involved with the “email dump”. But, that in no way changed the election other than the people got the info the democrats were hiding.  After getting the info, I will admit that some might have said, “well I’m not voting for that puppy”.  Now back to my question as I think I got off track a bit.  Is this interference involving them and the “electors” not what they are “bitching” about Russia doing?  It is even greater because they are “directly trying to influence the elector’s vote”.  This would not be allowed at the voting booth and should not be allowed in this situation either.  Plain and simple it is “voter fraud”.  It is lucky for them that OBAMA’S DOJ is still in position to fade the heat.  The DOJ stood by and did nothing in the election when they had video of two “black panthers” trying to harass voters with bats.  Even with a video, the DOJ hides under its desk.  The AG at that time was Eric Holder just a flunky for Obama.  I wonder were this SP has landed.

Think about this long and hard and you will see that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that they, the democrats, are trying their best to spoil our “free and lawful” election.  We will by the time this hits the presses already know that the “AMERICAN PEOPLE” have once again spoken and rejected their ideas altogether.  Just another win in the process to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

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Well folks, here we are and the election is finally over.  Not a moment to soon, I might add.  It has been, was, and is one of the nastiest election on the books.  Both sides got and gave some things and entered into areas which should have had a “DO NOT ENTER” sign. As “JACK WEBB” always said, “JUST THE FACTS”.  I’m showing my age and completely confusing the youngsters out there.  Jack was a member of an old show called “DRAGNET”.  That has a complete different meaning to the millennial group.  Just to clarify it was not a show about “drag queens”.

Now, that I got that cleared up, it is time to accept the results of the election and move forward and be as civil to one another as possible.  All these people, of which most are young, need to realize that the democratic party did in fact ignore them as to Bernie Sanders; and, Hillary just simply was a flawed candidate.  I would like to point out that the party has for years ignored them and will continue to do so if what they are saying on TV is to be believed. The party is “tone deaf” to the real reason they lost.  Please take a look at the map below and if it does not open your eyes then there is no hope for you.  The map is county-by-county and is in color to show you who, where and how each county voted.  It is amazing when you study the map and realize that if not for the “electoral college” almost the entire country’s vote would have been ignored.  In “fair disclosure”, I myself thought it would be a close election but leaned toward a Hillary win with “THE DONALD” winning the popular vote.  If that had come true, then I would have been unhappy; but, would have accepted the fact and moved forward.  It just amazes me that our founders established this system so many years ago and it seems to do the same today of not allowing the populist areas to dominate the rural areas.  If not for the system, a very small part of the country would elect every President.  Look at N.Y. and how N.Y.C. over powered the rest of the state.  Same thing in California. How were the founders able to do this and without a single computer?  AMAZING, just AMAZING !

I know it has been a great disappointment to the young people; but, the system worked just as designed.  They have been coddled their entire life and have now gotten out of college and entered the real world where everything “DOES NOT GO YOUR WAY”.  It is a lesson that they should have learned from their parents, teachers and any adult in the room.  The coddling has ruin them in so far as their expectations in their life.  Life is hard at times. And if, like these youngsters, they are not taught that early in life, then it is “horrible” when it happens.  They are so distraught that they can not go to class and have to have “social puppies” to make it thru the day.  Can you imagine what your parents would have told you back “WHEN”??

As mention before, please study the map and try to let it sink in as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.  Let’s all give this “barbarian” a chance and try to offer support to what is going to be a very hard job of “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

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