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Is common sense no more?


Boy is that a mouth full to say! And you know, I have no answer. Most seem to have gone to school, probably more schooling than myself, but they just can’t put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4.  They seem to be lacking in “logical thinking”.  What I usually say is, “they can’t find their ass with both hands and a flash light”. But, I won’t say that cause it would not be nice.  It is true! Just look at the recent vote on taxes. I will just expand a little for you.  They voted against giving the people more money which will go into the economy and that will help jobs.  They voted against lowering the tax rate for business in the U.S. which will help jobs. They sought to “shut down” the government over the DACA program and help “illegals” instead of citizens. If they help control “illegal immigration” that would help raise the wages for guess who? The American worker which is helping jobs!  I swear this is not “rocket science” work to figure this out. Why the hell do you care more about an “illegal” than you do for your own people? It is one of two things, either they are stupid or they have no “COMMON SENSE”; but, it kind of produces the same effect either way.

Just look at what they do everyday! The democrats along with the “elite media”(elite my ass, refer to the above statement about their ass and flash lights) try to bash President Trump every single day.  Let’s just look at a few things he has accomplished.  He filled the SC vacancy with Neil Gorsuch. That alone will help America for years to come.  He has placed more federal district judges than any other President. He has by “shear will” reduced “illegal” immigration. His travel ban has been up held stopping tons of refugees from entering our country and harming Americans. He has helped the Veterans Administration more than any recent President. He has helped reduce unemployment by the formation of almost 2 million jobs. And, And, And he just signed into law the largest or only tax cut in recent history.  And yet, the “lame stream media” and their partners in crime, the democrats, are still bad mouthing his performance. Listen up here and I’ll show you a little test. If you read the above on accomplishments and can see no good in this list, then you have no “COMMON SENSE” or you are a “stupid liberal bastage” and for you there is no hope! The democrats and their partners, the media” have been wrong about everything since slightly before November 8, 2016. They were wrong about him getting the nomination in the primary. They were wrong in the polls, they were wrong and he won, they were wrong to chase the “Russia” story (it is coming back to bite them in the ass) and they were wrong on the tax cut just passed. They have been proven wrong on everything so “why the hell would anyone listen to them on any issue”.

If you simply look at what has happened with the “COMMON SENSE” tax cut and what they, the democrats, predicted corporations would do with the monies, they were once again wrong. AT&T, Wells Fargo Bank, Boeing and more have already put into action either bonuses or pay raises.  The democrats were not even close in their predictions.  So, you “liberal bastages” keep following these stupid leaders of the “D’MONIC” party, and if you really think about it, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” for you to do so due to your lack of “COMMON SENSE”.



I have met my share of “liberal bastages” in my life and I’ve found that most, not all, but most really have no “COMMON SENSE”.  That is not to say they are not “educated” because most are. But, they are educated to the point that they think everyone else is below them.  Can anyone say “elitists”? And many were raised without social skills. Not that I’m a “social butterfly” because I’m not.  BUT, BUT, BUT, I was raised to sense when to “keep my mouth shut”. Evidently, the “liberal bastages” were hiding behind the door when this lesson was taught. My Mom always taught me that when I was a “guest” in someone’s house to “bite my lip” so to speak so as not to offend my host. After all “it is their home” and my opinion really does not matter.

A short while back, my wife and I had a party and some of the guests happened to be “flaming liberals” and some of them seem to think they know better how we should live our lives. I was sitting on my back patio alone when one of them approached me and the discussion came up about “wild hogs” as they had seen the damage they do around our property.  I explained that they were very destructive and could be dangerous but most of the time not. I explained they run in packs of twenty or so and mentioned that I wrote an article about them and showed a photograph of one with 4″ tusks. This person asks if they were really dangerous; and, I explained that when cornered they could do horrible damage with those tusks. I said that the article pointed out that people in NYC/D.C. did not understand why we needed “automatic” weapons as they do not walk out their door and step into a group of these varmints. He said I was over reacting and no one wanted to take my “guns” away. He went on to say that “Obama” never wanted to take my “guns” away and would not do so even now.  I told him he was half right in that “Obama” or no one will take my “guns”; but, that if he thought the left would not confiscate weapons, he was “dumber than a rock”.  That is a sanitized version and for those who really know me, well you can imagine. He went on to say there were better ways to influence and manipulate people and that I was being manipulated by watching Fox News and all Donald Trump’s racist stuff. In a sense, he was calling me a racist and on “neutral ground” calling me that would and will have a much stronger response.  BUT, just like my Mom taught me, I, as a host, also have a responsibility to try “my hardest” not to offend someone who is a guest in my home.  I’m sure I did offend and for that I’m sorry; but, when you “step on my toes,” I’ll get you off and especially in my own home.  BUT, as Mom always said, “two wrongs don’t make a right”. BUT, I think Mom would have done the same as it was completely wrong to try, on purpose, to offend a person in their own home. BTW, it is always the way “liberal bastages” argue.  They pull the “Racist” card because they can’t win with a COMMON SENSE” approach.

Now having said all this, we as Americans have to find a way to live together and respect one another.  I think I might have just hit upon a way.  If we can just teach some “COMMON SENSE” to “liberals”, then it might just work out.  I know we can teach “COMMON SENSE” to “liberals”; but, we may have to “beat it into the hard-headed liberal bastages”. And maybe, just maybe, they can teach us “deplorables” something, but I doubt it.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to try.



Boy, isn’t that title true. Seems just like a few days ago I was a young buck.  “How time flies when you’re having fun!” seems to come to mind. It seems as though time has just flown by; and, it flies faster and faster the older I get.  This blog is meant to make all, young and old alike, to take notice that this life goes by in a “blink of an eye”.  I know it will make people think of me as an “Old Man” and that is OK, as “I are one”.

I think I’m in the last “quarter” of this game called life. Boy, did I get here fast! Who stole my youth? Just taking a shower has become an accomplishment. Taking a NAP is no longer a treat as it has become mandatory.  If not, I just fall asleep where I sit.  I sleep better in my recliner with the TV blaring than I do in bed.

Do I have regrets, why I surely do.  I regret doing some things and regret some things left undone. I think anyone of the “older” persuasion has from time to time had the same thoughts. If “only” thoughts are a natural way to think. If you stop and think about it, it is really just a waste of time and energy. There is nothing we can do to change the past so let’s look to the future.

They tell me “OLD” is good as in “ANTIQUES”.  Kind of like old music and old movies. When you get to my age you know if you are not already great at something you probably never will be. It takes years of practice to become great at anything and when you are my age you just run out of time. That does not mean to just quit, but rather to be realistic much as I have with my music. When you get to be my age, you know you will never be a great musician, but you still have the drive. So please bear with me in my quest for relevancy in my lyrics and music. After all, I can no longer “go long” for the game-winning touchdown or carry the “PIGSKIN” over the goal line; but, I can somewhat still “carry a tune”.

My latest attempt in music is a new CD about the “BLUES”.  It is somewhat my interpretation of “12 bar blues”.  I have always been a fan of the blues even though I grew up on “country and gospel”. I can never really explain “how much my music means to me”.  I have never been a great singer; but, I really enjoy people hearing my “LYRICS”. I have always been a fan as far back as the 70s and 80s and spent time in South St. Louis listening to old time blues music. I have followed the likes of “Muddy Waters” and “Little Walter” for years.  They migrated from down south in the delta country  to Chicago where they joined the likes of “Howlin’ Wolf” and Etta James. They were all with Chess Records and helped form the “Chicago Blues Scene”.

Hopefully, you will buy my latest Two-CD set, of which a portion of each CD price will be donated to “Help A Hero”, a veterans group helping veteran’s kids.  The following info will lead you through the process. The CD set is $20.00 and that includes “FREE SHIPPING”. And remember my friend that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

My PayPal account is as follows. Besure to leave your name and address when ordering.


Holler all you want! But, to kneel during our “National Anthem” is disrespectful of the flag and of our country.  The President was perfectly on point by calling out these cowards.  Most of these players do not have the “guts” to enlist and serve their country.  A few, like Villareal of the Steelers, did and do and for this I say “thank you”.  These over-paid cry babies know nothing of the real world and the hardship of making a living.  They have been coddled their entire life, beginning in high school, simply because they played football or basketball well. They were given a chance at education which most rejected.  They seldom went to class and now they are coddled again as so-called “professionals”. Maybe, just maybe, one out of a hundred of these “liberal bastages” could make a living outside of the sports arena. Call me racist if it makes you feel good; but, this has nothing to do with race–it is all about patriotism.  Although, if you look at the pictures of the “kneelers”, they are mostly blacks.  Pictures don’t lie.

If they are such “upstanding citizens”, let’s review their arrest records.  They are a bunch of “coddled thugs”.  They started showing the “rap sheets” of the NFL players on TV the other night and after about a minute they quit and were not but in the middle of the list. Like I said, “coddled thugs”.  I’m 72 years old and the only thing on my record is a speeding ticket for running 75 in a 65.  This does not mean I wasn’t a problem; but, it shows that when the police arrived I had enough “COMMON SENSE” to not call them “pigs in a blanket” and to be respectful and use the term “yes sir and no sir”.  These people are being paid hundreds of thousands and some millions of dollars to play a game and then do not have enough sense to keep their mouths shut.  If attendance falls and it hits them in the pocketbook, they have only themselves to blame.

The owners should have a meeting and explain the situation to these “dummies” and insist that they stand quietly then go about playing the game.  The fans have come to a game, not a political rally.  They do not want to have the controversy as they simply want to be entertained.  If these “thugs” worked for me, they would adhere to the rules I set forth in my company or they would be on the outside looking in.  The owners should make it clear to the players that they work for the owner and it is he that calls the shots. So, some of this nonsense is the owner’s fault.  The owners need to “grow a pair” and tell the players how it really is out in the business world.

I, for one, am sick of this crap and will never attend a game of the NFL or NBA.  In fact, I have even stopped watching on TV; so, advertisers take note.  If you ad people want to reach me, then you will or can stop putting ads on during the games.  I’ll take my dollars and give it to the “veterans groups”.  I’ll donate to help the people who helped afford me my freedoms; and, not anything that might help these “coddled thugs”.  If they insist on “kneeling”, why not visit one of the veterans hospitals and “kneel and say thank you to a vet”. After all, without their sacrifice, you would not have the freedoms afforded you in this great country.  You know, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


Well, here we are and several weeks have passed since Harvey came ashore at Rockport, Texas–which was ground zero.  We happen to have a  house 1 block from the beach, about 150 yards, and the eye of the storm passed over our house.  We were more than “blessed” as we had almost no damage as compared to the rest of the town.  The town is a mess from one end to the other.  It is so strange as one house is fine, so to speak, while the house next door is a complete loss.  Three blocks south of us was the apartment house that was destroyed and shown on the news and three blocks north of us was the laundry mat which was destroyed and also shown on the news reports.

Because of the horrible flooding in Houston the news has forgotten Rockport; but, the need for help is still all over town.  There are no restaurants open because of the damage and because the worker’s homes were totaled and they have vanished from the town.  My wife and I are believers and we prayed hard and our home was spared.  I told the owners of the houses around me that they owed me “protection money” because when “HE” looked down at the Google map and put his finger on my house his finger also touched their houses as well so we all came away clean. All the houses around me suffered little to no damage. A miracle because we were at “ground zero”.

Because of our good fortune, my wife and I decided to use the moneys we would have spent on repairs and “pay it forward” to help others not so fortunate.  We decided to furnish hot meals to the residents and boy were they appreciative. They said, although very grateful, that they were sick of hot dogs, sandwiches and the like.  We are feeding home cooked meals, chips, cornbread, garlic bread, cold drinks and desert.  It is not fancy. But, they have a table to sit at and enjoy a hot meal.  Believe me when I tell you that some have been emotional. It has been a wonderful experience for us as well.

On our first trip down, we ran into a lady at the truck stop in Blanco while we were gassing up and she asked if we were “coming or going.  I told her going and she asked me to wait just a minute and returned from her vehicle and handed me $100.00 bill for gas.  I failed to get her name and I hope she sees this as we used the money to directly feed the folks.  No wasted administration fee or such.  From her hand to the mouths of those in need.  Alamo Racing Canines, a San Antonio/Hill Country Flyball Team, has made a nice donation. We have had others help in our venture, but ask that we not publish their names.

We are planning on another trip this next week where we assume to feed about 70 people.  We have fed about that number each week.  First week was “hot pulled pork”, then “Cajun beans/rice/cornbread and this week’s treat will be “pork stew/rice with bread or rolls.  Yum, yum, come and get you some.  The song writer in me just snuck out of me.  Rhyme, rhyme, all the time.

If you feel like helping out, find those whom are still helping and help them provide the help that is still so badly needed.


Let me get this right.  The liberal bastages want you to believe that if you lean toward the conservative side you are as bad or part of the KKK.  This is the most foolish, better yet, stupid thing I’ve ever heard.  Because I believe in “free speech” and the right “to own a gun” then I’m part of the KKK.  I deplore the KKK and do not support their views but will fight to the death for their right “to free speech”.  The left will brand me for my thoughts and views just as they have branded the President.  They say he will not disavow the KKK although he has done so on national TV and there are videos of him doing so.  They even have videos of him some 30 years ago doing the same thing.  If this does not convince you of their dishonesty then you are a large part of the problem yourself.

I would like to ask the liberal bastages of the left if they have ever seen the video of Hillary praising Senator Byrd.  She just raves about what a great man he was and how he did so much for the people of West Virginia.  He did help the “white” people of the state but he was the “grand Poopa” of the KKK.  She and none of the elite of the Democratic party seem to care.  And the blacks either don’t care or ignorant of the fact.  All the buildings named after him and streets and the airport should be torn down and removed if we follow the monument removal polices of the liberal bastages.  Bill Clinton praised him at his funeral.  He said what a great man he was and we needed more to follow in his footsteps.  Summarized.  So here we have a President who has disavowed the KKK but is lambasted for his support while we have this husband/wife team raving about a senator who was a member, a “card carrying member” of the Klan.  If this does not show how completely backwards politics and the media have become then we truly are a lost cause. This is the same Bill Clinton who sold China missle secrets as he was leaving office. This is the same Hillary that approved the “uranium deal” for the sale of uranium in our country to the Russian government. Do you fools really think this all happened by chance. This is part of what Trump means when he says “drain the swamp”.

I would never attend a gathering of the alt-right but they are US citizens and have the same rights as you and I.  It is this same right that gives me the right to speak out in this blog. There are countries in the world where they would “chop of my head” for writing this blog.  And truth be know the same people would “chop of your head” just for reading it. The freedom of speech is the 1st amendment for a reason because without it we are not a free people. Now that we have that clarified let me venture a little farther.  Now, “watch this closely”. The reason we have the 1st amendment is because we have the 2nd amendment to support the 1st amendment.  Without the 2nd amendment the 1st amendment would disappear immediately.  How would you like to live where you could not say what you think. Well a lot of people do and it is not pretty.  There is a reason the “fore fathers” or “founding fathers” placed them at the top of the list.

So when you hear someone yell that we must limit a person to certain speech realize you are next on their list. They will continue to be liberal bastages on the left trying to shut down debate and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to disavow their party for what they really are and to support the 1st and 2nd amendments.  If you find yourself having trouble supporting them then come here and read this over and over and over until in sinks in your thick scull. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


Who is at fault for the mess in Virginia?  Is it the fault of the “protesters” or the fault of the “counter-protesters”?  Let’s study the facts as we know them so far.  The protesters were there to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.  It was on the schedule for several months and they had permits to do so.  The problem as I see it arose when the “counter-protesters showed up.  Now I have tried to find out if they had permits also and it seems as though they did not.  So one side was legal and the other side was “illegal”.  Now I see plainly the problem.  As per usual, the “liberal bastages” take the side of the “illegals”.  Funny how that seems to be happening more and more these days.

Let me clarify my position in all this.  I do not approve of “racism” in any form but the protesters were not 100% racists.  They were protesting the removal of a historical statue.  We need all the help we can get in the teaching of history as if it is not learned from then we are doomed to repeat it. If our young people are not taught the history of slavery then somewhere down the road, 50/100 years, it will look good once again.

Let me ask you this.  If the “illegals” had stayed away do you think the protesters would have fought amongst themselves.  Probably not!  Problem solved by the “powers to be” simply stopping the “illegals”.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it.  It seems that “illegals” cause problems in lots of ways and areas. Like I mentioned earlier, I do not agree with the “KKK or the “Alt-right” but let me ask.  Are they US citizens ?  If so then they have the right to think and live their lives as they see fit no matter what I think of it.  They also have the right to express their views.  Can anyone say, “FREE SPEECH”.  Say it real fast and it will not hurt.  The “illegals” in this case were trying to limit the protesters right of free speech simply because they disagreed with it.  We, as Americans, can not allow that to continue.  It has been happening at colleges all over the country.  The leftist elite seem to be for free speech only when it matches their ideas.  If you step out of line in thought or speech they want to slap you down.  The leftist elite are always badgering Trump just as the right was always badgering Obama.  America is one of the countries where you can “yell at and about” the leaders and not have your head chopped off. Remember that the next time you hear the leftist wanting to “shut someone up”.  If I want to have my say then I must allow every other citizen that right also.  This seems to be the opposite of what the college’s are teaching our youth in this country.  Just look at the destruction of property and the violence the “leftist bastages” rain down when someone disagrees with them.  It is shameful of them for falling for this sham and shameful for the people or professors teaching such nonsense.

The media in this country has lost their way.  Just give me the facts and let me decide for myself.  As Jack Webb always said, The facts, just the facts.  If you give me and America just the facts then you will have done your service and we will decide for ourselves.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


Folks, this is a goodbye to a dear friend that I had the pleasure of working with for 12 years.  He was excellent at his duties and it was an “HONOR” to stand by his side.  He loved his work and I think he loved working with me as much as I loved working with him.  We traveled many a mile together and not once did he let me down.  He was always dedicated to his work and never complained no matter how hard the work became.  He worked up until his day of reckoning finally came.  He was a working mans friend and was always up to the challenge.

His name was “Shogun Sambo”, call name “Sammy”.  I called that name many a time and he never refused to “GO”.  And go he did.  He was well trained and he knew his place and job. He was one of the best and believe me I know because I’ve been more than blessed with more than my share of excellent dogs.  I have always had dogs since I was just a kid.  All the early ones had no formal training and simply followed me as I made the rounds of my “paper route”.  All my dogs since have been trained to hunt, or to perform work as “Service Dogs”, of which Sammy was one.  I’ll never forget when the state police and the casino security stopped me in the lobby of the casino in Shreveport, La. to question us about Sammy.  They realized he was a “working dog” so I went to the elevator to go up to my room with Sammy at my side.  They followed me to the elevator, but no farther. I went to my room, put Sammy up and brought out “Simba” and down the elevator we went.  As “Simba” and I exited the elevator, I realize they were waiting for me and here I was with a “fox red” dog while “Sammy was “black as the ace of spades”.  The officer turned to me and said that must be another dog and I said, “no I just changed his coat, here’s your sign” and walked away.  We were there for about three days and no more hassles. Sammy was smooth enough to be a “service dog” but tuff enough to bust the heaviest cover to retrieve any game.  He like “Simba” was a “gentle giant”.  He was at home in the lobby of the casino and on the duck boat.

This has been more than hard; but, I felt he deserved a send off to measure up to his dedication and his zeal for life.  He left this earth on August 5, 2017 which was his 12th birthday.  I still feel terrible and tear up at the mention of his name or just as a thought flies thru my mind.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to try to inform people of him and the respect I had for him.  I guess the best compliment I pass his way is to tell you “HE WAS A TRUE MAN DOG”.  He will be missed but never forgotten.  Here’s to you “SAMMY” until I meet you once again as I cross the “RAINBOW BRIDGE”.



Could I please be allowed to ask the leaders of the Republican party just one question?  Why in the “HELL” do you want to stick your name on something that is impossible to fix or control?  Healthcare has nothing to do with insurance.  Insurance is, or was at one time, designed to keep you from financial ruin if you or a loved one became gravely ill.  It is the insurance that was designed to off set the high cost of the “HEALTHCARE”.  The two, insurance and healthcare, in the minds of most Americans, have become one in the same.  Americans want every little visit to the doctor to be paid for by the insurance companies and the insurance companies are more than happy to do so–but at a price. We as Americans have to self insure for the small things; thereby, reducing our premiums and not having first dollar coverage does just that. If you are young, healthy, single and do not own a damn thing and love no one, you probably do not want to purchase insurance.  It is simply to keep the hospital from taking your home or car, from you or someone you care about.   Let me explain once more what has happened to premiums for “insurance” during my lifetime.

When my wife and I got married in 1975 we had, until about 1980, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy with a $50.00 deductible and it cost us about $50.00 a month.  I think $48.00 dollars a month to be exact.  Then sometime around 1980 your wonderfully smart government representatives decided they knew better than the insurance professionals and they passed the Insurance Act of 1980, I think it was called or something similar.  Before that there was just me, the patient, my doctor, and the insurance company.  Can I hear you say, “THE FREE MARKET”.  What that act said simply was that if an “uninsured patient” went to the doctor/hospital then the hospital could/would bill the insurance company, my insurance company, for that “uninsured patient” charges on the backside of my bill when I went to the hospital. In other words, my insurance company had to cover the “deadbeat’s” stay in the hospital by overcharging my bill which the insurance company by law had to absorb.  Can anyone out there in the blogosphere figure out, or even venture a guess, as to what the insurance company started doing to recoup the extra charges?  For all you “liberal bastages” out there who have your brains were you sit and have no idea of that which I speak, let me explain.  They simply turned around the charges by increasing my and all other clients “insurance premiums”.  What a scam!!!  That is when this insurance thing became a nightmare.  It has only become more pronounced of late because of even more government involvement.

Mr. President, please listen to someone who has lived this nightmare and have the republican party leave “healthcare” alone.  Let it crash as the democrats own it.  There is nothing you, or your party, can do to fix it.  Get the government out of the “insurance business” and let the professionals handle it. The insurance industry professionals will come up with a plan and if the people do not want that plan then they will design another until they get something that everyone can live with. Someone, please say, “FREE MARKET”. If I develop a leak in my roof, or if you develop a leak in your roof, “WHO YOU GONNA CALL”?  Your government representative?  I sure as hell hope not.  You’d call a roofer cause he knows how to fix the damn leak!  That is how much sense it makes to have the government involved in trying to advise you on “healthcare” and  “insurance” problems. The average congressman has never worked in the insurance business and “does not know his ass from a hole in the ground” about the business. Just to make my point about how “stupid” they are, look at the mess the democrats have caused and now look at the republicans who want to step in and stir this bucket of crap even more.  The republicans are not smart enough to realize “that the more you stir this bucket of crap, the more it is going to stink”.  Will you “dumbass republicans” please just walk away from this mess and let the “FREE MARKET” handle the fall out?  Isn’t this what you are supposed to believe in, “smaller government and the free market”?

I’m going to send this to all the republican Congresspersons; but, do not hold your breath. If they would allow, I would go to D.C. on my own dime, to try to kick some “COMMON SENSE” into their asses.  You have to kick it into their “ASSES” as it has become apparent that is where their brains are for even trying to reform this mess.  The insurance professionals are smart, the American people used to be smart, and if given the opportunity and a little leadership, they will figure out how to fix this mess.  I’m asking that each one of you send this to your congressperson regardless of party and send it to the President.  I know from a business point he is smart enough to know all this; but, he is being misled. Please forward to everyone you know as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.



Well folks, here we are again and it is time, or past time, for another one of my rants.  I just discovered a few facts that just might “make your blood boil”.  If not, then you are a “liberal bastage” and of course do not have “logic” as part of your chemical make up so nothing I say will make sense.  The country is headed toward a time in the future when we have more people on welfare than we have employed and that is “not a pretty picture”.  I know you have heard this before; but, we are slowly slipping into that “deep dark hole” of no return.  The following info being presented, I think not only will it enlighten you, but surprise you as well.  I know it shocked “the hell out of me”.

Now that you have had time to read thru the info, please let me know what you think.  I have not had a chance or opportunity to check each point for accuracy; but know some of the info to be true.  Check it out yourself if you have doubts, let me know of your findings. Is it any wonder that the country is in such bad shape since we put people in charge that have never worked in the private sector? Notice how many states that have slipped into the “hole” are under democratic control and have been for years. It is now more profitable to draw “welfare payments” than it is to work.  Do you really think we’ll ever be able to convince those people on the “dole” to ever consider going to work? It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for them to lay on their “ASS” and draw “welfare” than to return to the work force.  This is why the world wants to sneak into our country.  But, you say that they, the “illegals,” get no benefits.  Do you really believe that “talking point” from the liberal bastages?  Just the other day, one of the leaders from the DNC made a statement about how, because of Trump’s immigration policy, that “illegals” were afraid to draw “food stamps” because they were afraid of deportation. If you have any “COMMON SENSE” you should be able to connect the dots.

It simply amazed me that during the OBAMA years all of his staff tried to tell the corporations of America how to run their business while hardly no one in the group of “flunkies” had ever worked in private business.  No wonder none of their figures ever added up. This is where we are in today’s world and we had better change it fast.  If we miss this chance we may never recover.  Now, think about this long and hard.  How must we change and let’s get to it.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

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