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Is common sense no more?


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Now, for the real title of this blog, you must be able to see thru all the “FAKE NEWS” out there to see the truth clearly. This nonsense of wearing a mask even when you are outdoors is just that, “NONSENSE”! I see people driving by themselves and they are wearing a mask. This, in my opinion, is really over kill! The mask, that most are wearing, offer little to no protection from Covid. But, here is the great part folks, I do not care if you wear a mask. That is your choice. It is none of my business just as it is none of “YOUR” business if I do not wear one. That is what is so great about this country. FREE CHOICE, FREE WILL and FREE TO KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF WHERE IT DOES NOT BELONG….UNLESS YOU WANT IT PUNCHED ON A BIT! That is the beauty of this country and all the GOD given rights we hold so dear. Remember, “GOD GIVEN, NOT GIVEN BY THE GOVERNMENT”!

BTW, get ready for a lot of extra taxes coming your way. “JOE THE HOE” seems to think he is going to tax the corporations and that will not somehow reach the average citizen. No CEO worth his salt is going to sit still for the company’s profits to be swilled away in extra taxes. The increases will simply be built into the companies price for their products. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for this to happen. Can anyone say “INFLATION”? Get ready as I think you will be able to see this clearly!

Now, to the immigration issue. Can anyone tell me how it makes any “COMMON SENSE” to try to force mask wearing on your citizens; but, then, allow “illegals” to cross the border even after testing positive for Covid? Folks, if this does not prove to you that they, this administration, are using no “COMMON SENSE” in their governing policies, then you might just be part of the problem. The cartels are making approximately 14 million a week; and, I would love to trace that money and see just where it might end up. The members of this administration have been paid supposedly by China, Ukraine and Russia. Could there be “CARTEL” money getting into the system also? Think about why this problem has never been fixed when both parties have had complete control. It will make you say, “HHHHHUUUUMMMM!

And now to the most important part of this blog, support of the 2nd amendment! Without the second none of the other amendments will continue to exist. Think about that folks. Do you really think all those Jewish people would have loaded on to the trains if they would have had weapons. No, they would not have. Never, and I mean never, give up your weapons as it may happen one day that they are all that stands between you and your family being loaded on the same type of box car trains. Use the “COMMON SENSE” GOD GAVE YOU!

I could go on and on. But, if you haven’t gotten the picture already, then it makes no “COMMON SENSE” to continue as you will never get it. That “light bulb” will never pop on in your head. Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person….it simply means you are “thick headed” just like your Mom told you you were. HAHA! Have a great day and hope you see clearly now!


Bet most are trying to figure out what the title is all about! It is all about good advice on what to say and how to act when stopped by an officer for any reason. It will make your life so much easier; and, they will not beat you, arrest you or shoot you. If you try to run or take a swing at the officer or resist in any manner, you are simply asking for grief. They have a job to do. And, once they stop you, they are, even if you disagree, in charge. So, just do as they say and be polite about it and you will soon be on your way unless you have a warrant or something else is out of line. If you give them some sassy lip, such as “screw you pig”, at least I’ll know where to find you, should I want to visit you. Like I said, they have a job to do and it is a hard job. So, try to make it easier on them and yourself by following the words of the title.

Now that we are kind of on the subject of doing what is right and making life easier, let’s do the same in our everyday life. If you disagree with what your government is doing, then “PEACEFULLY PROTEST”! Now, that does not include burning and looting as the sorry ass BLM/ANTIFA/DNC do. Do it peacefully as I do in the writing of this blog. I hate, and I mean hate, the policies that “JOE AND THE HOE” along with the likes of Pelosi/Waters/Schumer/Schiff are trying to impose on the American citizens; but, you do not see me out burning down my neighbors house or business. It just makes no “COMMON SENSE” to do so and it does not advance my cause. Cities are, at this time, posting forces to try to stop the rioting that is planned in Minnesota and elsewhere. If they would only make me “KING” for a week or so I think I could solve the problem or at least reduce it so only a few would have to tolerate this nonsense. Most of the problems are caused by BLM/ANTIFA/DNC and they are nothing more than “MARKIST”. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF COWARDS THAT WOULD RUN FROM A FIGHT IF IT WERE ONE ON ONE! They are just a mob of literate fools that have no jobs and the DNC is funding them to cause problems. Notice it is all in DNC run districts and cities.

This morning President “JOE THE HOE” said he is obligated to confiscate “these weapons of war” after all the shootings. He does not realize the only guns that were used were bought legally and the people went thru background checks. So, COMMON SENSE says he is talking about going door to door to confiscate all guns. Good luck with that idea! Let’s look at some numbers. There are about 350 million people in the U.S. with about half being Republican and the other “dumb asses”. But here is the thing, about half or more of the “dumb asses” will not go along for confiscation of guns. So, that is a number of about 253, roughly speaking, that will fight “tooth and nail” when they try to confiscate guns. And to be honest, the number may be much higher. And let me ask you, just who the hell will come to my door to confront me as I would not give them up if I had them? All my guns were stolen and as you know it is almost impossible to buy any in the market we have today. Do the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” really think the Sheriffs’ Department is going to try this nonsense? I do not think so!

The American people made a grave mistake by letting the DNC steal this last election. Hopefully, this will never happen again. Simply look at the states were the Secretary of State changed the rules for voting and that according to our Constitution was illegal. It has to be done and approved by the state government and it was not: so, all those votes should be null/void. That is what “COMMON SENSE” tells us; but none, and I mean none, of the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” have that and they have no morals/ethics. They are simply “HATERS” and it shows. Maybe we can come up with an election system that will decide which candidate has common sense, morals and ethics. Now that would be a great system. Maybe the “LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE” SYSTEM WOULD WORK AND IT WOULD MAKE WATCHING THEIR SPEECHES A LOT MORE FUN.


I’ve lived all my life and now they tell me I might be a female? That is the kind of crap the left in this country is peddling this week. Do they even imagine how stupid they sound when they spread such nonsense? Maybe we should give them all a mirror so we won’t be the only one’s enjoying how stupid they look when this drivel leaves their lips. The latest nonsense is that we really can’t decide sex at birth! I really do not want to tramp on them or their ideas too much; but, there are only two sexes. Let me say that again! There are only two sexes! If, when, the doctor delivers the baby and it has a “set of balls and a pecker”, it is a boy! All others are called girls. That’s it folks! Is that so hard to understand? It does not take any “rocket science” to decide what sex a child happens to be, if you have any and I do mean any, “COMMON SENSE”. If you have any doubts about what you are, I’ll hire out as an expert. Just give me a call, we’ll set an appointment, and you can come out to the ranch and in a flash we can tell you. Simply “drop your laundry and let me have a look and due to my high level of “COMMON SENSE” I will inform you on the spot. Quick, easy and not too expensive. Of course, I must charge for my services and the fee is much higher for males and with the females it changes according to age and beauty. Now that we have that straight, I bet my phone will be ringing off the wall.

Now what has these “liberal bastages” trying all this “off the wall, crap”? Do “liberal bastages” really believe all this mess or are they simply trying to get attention? Well, they certainly have my attention. I cannot believe their beliefs on gender as well as about many other issues. They seem to have gone “off the deep end of the pool and can’t find the bottom”. Just take a look at the “BORDER ISSUE” for another example. They have completely destroyed all the progress the country had made in the last several years. The liberal bastages, like “JOE AND THE HOE”, hated President Trump so they removed policies that were working just because of that hate. None of them realize that they are abetting the abuse of the people being trafficked. It is a shame what is happening on our southern border. The problem had disappeared from the news until “BEIJING BIDEN” decided to change the process. What a fool!

While we are on this subject of the border, let me take a little different slant on why it has never been resolved and this will be aimed at both parties. I understand that the cartels control most of Mexico and they are reported to be collecting some 14 million a month for their legal trafficking. Now, I have always asked you to exercise your “COMMON SENSE”, so I’m going to ask once again. I’ve also told you to follow the money. Neither party has seen fit to correct things on the border until President Trump came along. Maybe he was just too honest to be bought off or maybe he just didn’t need the money. Now, think about this and come to your own decision; but, it really does smell how no one wanted the traffic of drugs or people to stop. In fact, it didn’t just smell, “IT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN”. I may be off base on this as I only have a suspicion; but, it is certainly “food for thought”. Maybe one of our great media could do some checking and break a huge story that China is not the only one who has “JOE THE HOE” in their back pocket.

Folks, I served my country and it makes me sick to watch all this happen. I really do not know if I made a difference; but, I did serve and I did try. I will tell you this much, anyone who has served will most likely feel the same way. This is the greatest country in the world and if you do not feel that way then just go live in another country for six months and check back with us. Let me suggest a few….try Cuba, Venezuela or maybe China or North Korea. I will be looking forward to your reply after six months if you can even get a letter to us. Enjoy your stay.


Well folks, it is true… the “CRAZIES” are already here living as close as next door. What do you mean by “CRAZIES” you might ask? Well let me try to explain it to you. Some will get it and others will look around and “SAY WHAT”! And some will think I’m crazy but they would be close but wrong. Remember, “CLOSE ONLY WORKS IN HORSESHOES AND GRENADES”! Let me fill you in on how a lot, if not all, of the “liberal bastages” think on some major issues.

Think about this long and hard; and, then have at it and comment all you want for it will only prove my point. If we were killing puppies, the way the liberal bastages are killing babies, they would put us in prison. Just go sit in a quiet corner and think about that. And, that old thing, “COMMON SENSE”, will rear it’s ugly head if you have the gene at all. If you think I’m crazy for saying this, then you have no “COMMON SENSE” and you are probably a member in good standing in your club of “LIBERAL BASTAGES”…AS NONE OF THEM HAVE THE GENE EITHER.

We are being harassed to stay at home and wear, not one but two masks, wash your hands and visit with hardly no one. But, the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” LIKE “BEIJING BIDEN” open the border and let thousands of “ILLEGALS” into our country without a Covid test and allow them to board buses to all parts of our country. Now, again, if you can find any “COMMON SENSE” in this, you are a huge part of the problem. Come on all you “LIBERAL COMMIE BASTAGES” tell me where I’m wrong. I “double dog dare you”!

Now, all you union members that voted for “JOE AND THE HOE” tell me how stupid you feel or felt when he fired some 20K of you on his first day in office. He has taken you from making a great living to standing in line for “BREAD CRUMBS”. We tried to warn you; but, you thought you knew better. What fools you were! You fell HEAD OVER HEELS” FOR THEIR LIES!

Let me ask you if by chance, HAVE YOU FILLED UP YOUR TRUCK OR CAR LATELY? If you have, I know you were shocked. At the end of October I was buying gas for $1.66 per gallon and right after the election a few days later it started to increase. Today it is close to $2.59 per gallon at the same stations. It will not stop until it is almost $4.00 per gallon. HOW DO YOU LIKE DEM APPLES?

Now I want to point out to all you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” that fuel prices affect everything you buy. Your produce in the store comes from the farmer using fuel to run his tractor to plant and harvest. Then that same farmer has to transport his harvest to the plant, again with fuel for his truck. Then the plant sells it to the store which you visit, again with fuel for their trucks. Not to mention the fuel you use to go to the store and back. ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE, YET?

I could go on and on with different examples but this should be enough to show you that you have elected a bunch of idiots to run the country. Just take a long look at what you have elected. “JOE AND THE HOE” then add in “PIGLOSI and SHAMER”. Most of the times “four of a kind” is a winning hand but in this case it is a loser. It will take years to undo the damage these worthless idiots will have and will cause. I have spent my adult life judging people and their merits, while making my living on the streets, and i judge these four idiots complete fruitcakes. They have no morals or ethics and should not be in the positions that they hold.

Now, although I implied I was thru, I would like for you to check out the tax info or chart below. Notice that corporate taxes are increasing and many will say, “that does not effect me” but yes it does as they simply pass that forward to the consumer. Do you realize that the consumer is “YOU”? Also, notice that payroll taxes are going to rise. And the taxes on small businesses will also rise. Now check out the capital gains tax. This will serve to push jobs back “OFF SHORE” after we worked so hard to recover manufacturing jobs. You know, those jobs that pay so well.

“READ THIS AND WEEP” for what you have done. You, as a public, have elected this leadership or at least let them cheat their way into office. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for you to work to correct the problem but, alas, do you have the gene to use.




Well folks, I have held off writing on this blog for sometime now to give “DUMB and DUMBER” A GOOD CHANCE TO SHOW WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF” but I think we now have our answer. I can just imagine how proud all you people are that voted for this pair of idiots. We tried to warn you but as always you would not listen. These two are so bad that I do not know if this title really covers the extent of their stupidity. Welcome to “Weirdo World” with these fools leading the parade.

Now be honest, did you ever think you would see such a fool trying to lead this country. Did you ever think you would see a President try to take credit for something another President got accomplished. Last night “President BEIJING BIDEN” did not give credit where credit was due. He implied that it he is the fool that got the vaccines developed. He did this while everyone knows that President Trump was the one that got it accomplished and it would not have happened if not for him.

Let’s look at what “DUMB and DUMBER have accomplished since taking office. They have managed to cancel thousands of high paying pipe line jobs. They have managed to push the price of gasoline to almost $5.00 a gallon in some areas. I’m lucky, as I live where it is only approaching $3.00 per gallon. Of course, DUMB and DUMBER DO NOT REALIZE THAT THE PRICE INCREASE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING YOU BUY HIGHER AND NEITHER DO YOU. (You are part of the “DUMB and DUMBER KLAN”, the DDK). Hope that makes you really proud. Also your daughters are now subject to men/boys being in women’s restrooms and locker rooms. What a great world we live in! And now, these fools are going to try to implement “GUN CONTROL”. They do not realize that I already practice “GUN CONTROL” as I hit what I’m shooting at. That is all the “GUN CONTROL” that this country needs. Do you realize that the Democratic party just voted to make “illegals” exempt from the new laws they want to install. Once again the democrats favor the rights of the “illegals” over the rights of American citizens. Shameful! BTW, that leads us to the “OPEN BORDERS” policy that these fools have installed. These fools are actually allowing “illegals” to be turned loose within the country even as they have tested positive for “COVID”. They are allowing them to board buses to all parts of our country. Some headed to your neighborhood soon. Be sure to watch at the bus station for their arrival and give them a “BIG OLD WET SMOOCHIE”. These fools allowing this to happen are the same ones that tell you to not even see your grandkids. And not to mention, they cheated to get into office and everyone knows it. DUMB and DUMBER have cheated all their lives so it is normal for them.

Now I ask you, does any of this make any “COMMON SENSE” and if your answer is yes then we have found the problem. IT IS YOU, DUMBASS! If you feel as I do you had better be prepared as this is only the start of dumb things which “DUMB and DUMBER have planned for you.


AND LET ME TELL YOU THAT IS COLD! THE SNOW IS FLYING AND THE SLEET IS FALLING; BUT, IT IS STILL NOT AS COLD AS A “LIBERAL BASTAGE’S HEART! THEY SEEM TO HAVE NO COMPASSION WHEN IT COMES TO PRESIDENT TRUMP. THEY HAVE THROWN EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE KITCHEN SINK HIS WAY AND HE IS STILL STANDING TALL. They never seem to learn that lesson of just go on about YOUR business and let him be. He has beat them at every turn in the road. And, they have even walked all over the constitution trying to defeat him and that has failed also. The democrats are following “PEGLOSI” and the “SQUAD” and it is leading them towards defeat in the ’22 elections not to mention the ’24 election. I would like to remind the liberals that President Trump has about 75 million votes going into the ’24 election already secured if he decides to run and that scares the hell out of them because he exposes them and their “swampy ways”. They know they cheated; and, they know no way to stop him without cheating. The average number of people voting in national elections is about 120/125 million voters. There is no doubt that President Trump got about 75 million votes; so, to hit the average leaves only about 50 million votes. Where did the huge increase come from? It came from the democrats cheating in the middle of the night under cover of darkness; and, they know now that conservatives are aware of this and that is what scares them.

Have you noticed you see nothing or very little about how the liberals think “JOE THE HOE” is doing such a great job? He is destroying, or has destroyed, thousands of jobs. He has, or is allowing, thousands of “illegals” into the country with no testing for covid. He is allowing them to come to take jobs that even our American citizens can’t find. Now, let me ask you, does it make any COMMON SENSE when you do not have enough jobs for your people to bring in more people? Just use your COMMON SENSE and you will see it is simply stupid. And, not to mention, he wants grown men to have access to your daughter’s locker room and bathroom. He and the other “liberal bastages” have lost their minds which are filled to the brim with hate for President Trump. President Trump was draining the swamp but was not completely successful. However, he drained it enough for all to see what creatures lived in it.

So, to continue to point out more reasons the liberals are all wrong for America would simply be redundant and that makes no COMMON SENSE. So, just use the COMMON SENSE GOD gave you to navigate all the BS that you will get from the main stream media. After all, the media is simply the promotional arm of the DNC. The media along with BLM/ANTIFA are all funded by the DNC. ACT BLUE has been raising funds for these organizations and ACT BLUE is the fund raising arm of the DNC itself. America is going to have to fight like hell to keep herself upright for the next few years as we battle to fend off the “liberal bastages” and their sick ways. Just remember, it is now our time to defend this great nation just as many in the past have done. It is now our time to save “AMERICA and HER FLAG” and to gift it to our coming generations as older generations gifted us. As I see it, it only makes COMMON SENSE to do so. So, in closing, just let me say, STAND TALL, SALUTE THE FLAG AND ASK GOD TO CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!


Boy has this last year been a doozie! Sorry, if you do not know what a doozie is! My PC does not know what it is either, so don’t feel bad. But, 2021 is not starting off any better. Maybe, just maybe, it is not the year; but, the idiocy of the DNC or maybe Nancy Piglosi! We have the DNC/Google/Facebook and whoever else limiting “FREE SPEECH” and trying to shut down Parler. We will soon, if these idiots have their way, have no “FREE SPEECH” remaining in America. It is “HITLERISM” AND IT IS COMING FAST!

ANYONE THAT BELIEVES THEY WILL NOT BE COMING FOR YOU IN THE NEAR FUTURE IS MISTAKEN! They want to have complete control of everything you think and say. Now, remind me if you will, isn’t that what Hitler wanted along with simply promoting the blue eyed and blonde over the Jews? It was ridiculous then and it is the same today; but, here the DNC and their allies come. They are on the march and it may be hard to stop the wave; but, just as back then, they will be defeated. Their ideology is much to radical for America and I feel even the dumb people who helped the “STEAL” WILL COME TO REGRET IT!

The protest on Capital Hill last week was by people who were and are not true supporters of the MAGA movement. I, myself, would like to every once and awhile, do some “ASS WHOOPING”; but, like most all MAGA supporters, I do not believe in that strategy. That is what the democrats do year after year; and, although successful at times, I believe it fails them in the long term. It has not yet been proven; but, I believe that many of the people causing the problem last week were from the other side. You only need to look at the fashion of their dress and you will realize that they dress a lot like the RIOTERS in Portland, Seattle and elsewhere this last summer. If I’m wrong, then prove me wrong! At best, if those “RIOTERS” in DC thought they were a part of the MAGA movement, then they were wrong. The MAGA movement stands for smaller/smarter government, less taxes, free speech, and most of all “LAW AND ORDER and JUSTICE FOR ALL”. These are things the DNC/BLM/ANTIFA do not promote. Pelosi/Schumer preach about doing what’s right for American citizens all the while without helping them out by passing the Covid relief package. Neither of them would recognize what is best for Americans if it snuck up behind them and “bit them in the ass”. I say, “if it snuck up on them”; because, if they saw something good for Americans and business, they would run from it.

Now, I know some will disagree with me and that is alright for this is America and we should have that right; although, the democrats are quickly trying to remove it. Now let me ask you, those who do disagree with me just how many of you think it is OK for me to disagree with you? Be honest and let me know. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for that right to run both directions; and if you think differently, then you are part of the problem and this blog is aimed right at you. Remember, it is only a short ride to communism and when that hits, you will loss your rights along side of me. All the congressmen/women trying to take us down this “one world order route” do not realize that if the democrats are successful they will have no need for them. The congressmen/women will not be needed and they will be turned out to pasture. “PASTURE WITH NO GRASS”. Hope you get the picture!


Folks, this world seems to be turned or turning upside down! The title says it all. When I was a young man growing up, that was the way it was. But, now, the “liberal bastages” try to tell you that all these years we, in America, have been wrong. Black is longer black and white is no longer white. The truth will no longer set you free according to these “dumbass liberals”. They have decided that the old joke we laughed about when we were young that went something like, “it ain’t against the law unless you get caught” is the real deal. I once told a teacher that and she proceeded to teach me differently with a ruler. Then my Mom upon hearing of my mistake corrected me with a “peach tree switch”. The “LIBERAL BASTAGES” OF TODAY BELIEVE IT IS NEVER AGAINST THE LAW AS LONG AS YOU ARE A POWERFUL DEMOCRAT! Just look at all the crookedness that has gone on within their party and no one seems to realize they are destroying America. Just a few examples are Hillary destroying emails, Comey lying to Congress, and the most recently is the defrauding of America in the election.

The democrats wanted to hang President Trump from the nearest tree for collusion with Russia all the while it was the democrats colluding with China. “BEIJING BIDEN” and his entire family are riding the “CHINESE MONEY TRAIN”. This whole family is just a bunch of “whores” and will sleep with whoever pays the price. The only difference in the Biden family and street whores is the price. Hunter even asked for 10 million dollars from the Chinese! And, you think “BEIJING BIDEN” WILL LOOK OUT FOR AMERICA’S INTEREST WHEN PUSH COME TO SHOVE? Biden and his family will sell you out in the “blink of an eye”. The whole Hunter Biden fiasco, with the inclusion of Joe, was out there for the world to see but the media hid it from the public until after the election.

Speaking of hiding things from the public… it has come out that Pfizer knew 5/6 weeks earlier that they had the vaccine ready; but, withheld the info so as not to allow the American public to know what a good job President Trump had done just to help defeat him out of hatred. President Trump, although a mouthy guy, which I do not like, has done the job he was hired to do. He went to work and exposed the “liberal bastages” for the crooks they are and that is why they hate him so. He, alone, exposed their dirty dealings and how they have lied to the American public for years. Just take a look at Nancy Pelosi delaying the “stimulus package” for political reasons while families all over America were hurting. She did not care that the business owners were going broke and the kids were not in school; but, she sure as “hell” did not miss a paycheck. That alone should make her undesirable to serve in any office. She and her family never had to worry about where the next meal was coming from or if dad would have a job. She is a real “dirty B” and she should be removed from office. It breaks my heart that some boys/girls will have a sad Christmas just because of her. And she calls herself a Christian?

It only makes good “COMMON SENSE” for all the “lying liberal bastages” to be removed from office. Remember when Schiff went on TV and said he had direct evidence of collusion on the part of President Trump but he never produced it? Cost the American people 3 years and 40 million dollars. He really is a “SACK OF SCHIFF”. And then, there is this Swalwell guy who was also saying the same thing all the while he was colluding and literally “screwing around with a Chinese spy”. She was literally screwing him and screwing him out of info at the same time. He was thinking with his “little head” but it would not make much difference as he is “dumber than a sack of rocks”. Remember anytime a democrat is screaming about something it is because they are doing it themselves. All democrats are “crooked as a dog’s hind leg”. It does not matter if in politics or in business they have no morals/ethics…so be warned!


It is a shame that there will be some kids that will not get presents, not even one present, for Christmas because Nancy Pelosi played politics with the stimulus checks this year. Hope she is proud of herself. Some little girls and boys will be sad; but, she will be safe and sound in her mansion. She is a “HEARTLESS SHE WITCH” and should be removed from office. In her own words and from her own mouth, she said “she is now ready to take less than half of what she turned down in the package previously”. “Why?” someone asked, and she said, “because we have a new President”. So, she held the American pubic as hostage to try to effect a change in an office holder. You suffered while she was in her mansion. Talk about wicked! How can anyone want people to suffer just so she can have her way?

Folks, this has been going on for years now with not only her but with many other democrats in high office. They could give “a hank” about your suffering as long as they get their way. Do all you people realize that during all these lay offs that Nancy has not missed one paycheck? If she and her “comrades” were suffering along with the public, she and her “cronies” would have put a stop to this crap many months ago. She and her “sorry-ass” husband and family members are living the high life. They are just as “sorry a bunch” as her comrades. She sold her soul for money many years ago and they have a name for one that does that if it is in a mansion or on a street corner.

We now have a vaccine for this “CHINESE FLU” and it is to the credit of President Trump and all the lab workers that he pushed so hard. Thank you goes out to them from me. President Trump did an exceptional job in pushing this vaccine thing along; and for all he did, you people allowed the democrats to cheat in the election so as to remove him from office. Again, the democrats let you people down and lied to you about how there would be no vaccine for years. Do any of you feel like fools as you have been played for fools by the democrats? The democrats have no “COMMON SENSE or MORALS/ETHICS”. When will you ever realize this and open your eyes to this fact?

If you have lost love ones or close friends during this pandemic, my heart felt prayers go with you but you will never hear from any democrat that might help. This crisis will be in the past soon; and, we will all try to get back to normal; but, the democrats because of the power they grabbed will try to stop you. Do not let that happen! Fight their grab for “COMMUNISTIC POWER” with all your might as your life as you have known it is in the balance. “GOD SPEED TO ALL”!


That is the question we need to check out and get answered before we do another “SHUT DOWN”. The questions I have are: if it worked the first time, then why the hell do we need to do it again? And along that same line, if it didn’t work the first time, then why in the hell are we going to try it again? This just makes no “COMMON SENSE” at all. (Kind of like firing the guy who has the economy humming and got a vaccine in less than a year and hiring a “DOOFUS” like “JOE THE HOE”). Stop and really think about what I have asked above; and if you can come up with an answer without making yourself sound like a “DOOFUS”, THEN BY ALL MEANS GIVE IT A SHOT. I will be all ears; but, I’m betting you can’t deliver an answer that will convince me.

Now, I know this Chinese virus thing is out there as I do know 3 people that for sure have had it. All three are still alive although one old guy is having a tough go of it. They continue to talk about how many cases we are finding; but, we are doing more testing so of course we are going to uncover more cases. The number, I see as important, is….are we having an increase in the number of deaths? If that number or percentage is the same and is small, then we will be “shooting ourselves in the foot” by putting in more restrictions on our economy. Folks, I do not believe we can keep our economy running if we “SHUT OUR COUNTRY DOWN AGAIN”.

Let me ask but another question to see if anyone has any answer that might turn my thinking around. It is true that during this entire so called “PANDEMIC” that the people working at the grocery stores and at WalMart have stayed on the job. They have been exposed to thousands and thousands of different people. So, what I want to know is the death rate for this group of workers? If it is low, or none, then we know something is not adding up. I have stayed on the ranch and have visited stores and town sparsely so I would not be a good study. Please think about this as I think my thoughts have some merit. But, I do not know who or how to contact anyone in a position of authority to get an answer. If anyone can get these numbers, please pass them our way.

Now, believe me I’m not trying to start an argument here but simply thinking out loud and trying to use “COMMON SENSE”. If we can figure out why these people are not contracting the virus, then we may just be on to something. What do you think? Let me know your ideas.

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