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Is common sense no more?


Hey, if not maybe you should try this new 3-in-1 scope from the site SFT2 that may help you. If your in need, maybe this will be your answer. Also, because you are reading this blog, your may use the code DWR1 for a 10% discount on this scope or any of their fine products.

Image of TAC-5: 4-12x50 Illuminated Reticle Scope Package - Includes 4 Mode Dot Sight and Green or Red Laser
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Now, for the real title of this blog, you must be able to see thru all the “FAKE NEWS” out there to see the truth clearly. This nonsense of wearing a mask even when you are outdoors is just that, “NONSENSE”! I see people driving by themselves and they are wearing a mask. This, in my opinion, is really over kill! The mask, that most are wearing, offer little to no protection from Covid. But, here is the great part folks, I do not care if you wear a mask. That is your choice. It is none of my business just as it is none of “YOUR” business if I do not wear one. That is what is so great about this country. FREE CHOICE, FREE WILL and FREE TO KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF WHERE IT DOES NOT BELONG….UNLESS YOU WANT IT PUNCHED ON A BIT! That is the beauty of this country and all the GOD given rights we hold so dear. Remember, “GOD GIVEN, NOT GIVEN BY THE GOVERNMENT”!

BTW, get ready for a lot of extra taxes coming your way. “JOE THE HOE” seems to think he is going to tax the corporations and that will not somehow reach the average citizen. No CEO worth his salt is going to sit still for the company’s profits to be swilled away in extra taxes. The increases will simply be built into the companies price for their products. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” for this to happen. Can anyone say “INFLATION”? Get ready as I think you will be able to see this clearly!

Now, to the immigration issue. Can anyone tell me how it makes any “COMMON SENSE” to try to force mask wearing on your citizens; but, then, allow “illegals” to cross the border even after testing positive for Covid? Folks, if this does not prove to you that they, this administration, are using no “COMMON SENSE” in their governing policies, then you might just be part of the problem. The cartels are making approximately 14 million a week; and, I would love to trace that money and see just where it might end up. The members of this administration have been paid supposedly by China, Ukraine and Russia. Could there be “CARTEL” money getting into the system also? Think about why this problem has never been fixed when both parties have had complete control. It will make you say, “HHHHHUUUUMMMM!

And now to the most important part of this blog, support of the 2nd amendment! Without the second none of the other amendments will continue to exist. Think about that folks. Do you really think all those Jewish people would have loaded on to the trains if they would have had weapons. No, they would not have. Never, and I mean never, give up your weapons as it may happen one day that they are all that stands between you and your family being loaded on the same type of box car trains. Use the “COMMON SENSE” GOD GAVE YOU!

I could go on and on. But, if you haven’t gotten the picture already, then it makes no “COMMON SENSE” to continue as you will never get it. That “light bulb” will never pop on in your head. Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person….it simply means you are “thick headed” just like your Mom told you you were. HAHA! Have a great day and hope you see clearly now!


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One thought on “DO YOU SEE CLEARLY YET???

  1. Elaine on said:

    I would love for someone to trace where the money is going in regards to our politicians. There has to be some payoffs for the politicians to allow all the border crossing of drugs, sex trafficking and illegals to be entering this country.


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