My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Bet most are trying to figure out what the title is all about! It is all about good advice on what to say and how to act when stopped by an officer for any reason. It will make your life so much easier; and, they will not beat you, arrest you or shoot you. If you try to run or take a swing at the officer or resist in any manner, you are simply asking for grief. They have a job to do. And, once they stop you, they are, even if you disagree, in charge. So, just do as they say and be polite about it and you will soon be on your way unless you have a warrant or something else is out of line. If you give them some sassy lip, such as “screw you pig”, at least I’ll know where to find you, should I want to visit you. Like I said, they have a job to do and it is a hard job. So, try to make it easier on them and yourself by following the words of the title.

Now that we are kind of on the subject of doing what is right and making life easier, let’s do the same in our everyday life. If you disagree with what your government is doing, then “PEACEFULLY PROTEST”! Now, that does not include burning and looting as the sorry ass BLM/ANTIFA/DNC do. Do it peacefully as I do in the writing of this blog. I hate, and I mean hate, the policies that “JOE AND THE HOE” along with the likes of Pelosi/Waters/Schumer/Schiff are trying to impose on the American citizens; but, you do not see me out burning down my neighbors house or business. It just makes no “COMMON SENSE” to do so and it does not advance my cause. Cities are, at this time, posting forces to try to stop the rioting that is planned in Minnesota and elsewhere. If they would only make me “KING” for a week or so I think I could solve the problem or at least reduce it so only a few would have to tolerate this nonsense. Most of the problems are caused by BLM/ANTIFA/DNC and they are nothing more than “MARKIST”. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF COWARDS THAT WOULD RUN FROM A FIGHT IF IT WERE ONE ON ONE! They are just a mob of literate fools that have no jobs and the DNC is funding them to cause problems. Notice it is all in DNC run districts and cities.

This morning President “JOE THE HOE” said he is obligated to confiscate “these weapons of war” after all the shootings. He does not realize the only guns that were used were bought legally and the people went thru background checks. So, COMMON SENSE says he is talking about going door to door to confiscate all guns. Good luck with that idea! Let’s look at some numbers. There are about 350 million people in the U.S. with about half being Republican and the other “dumb asses”. But here is the thing, about half or more of the “dumb asses” will not go along for confiscation of guns. So, that is a number of about 253, roughly speaking, that will fight “tooth and nail” when they try to confiscate guns. And to be honest, the number may be much higher. And let me ask you, just who the hell will come to my door to confront me as I would not give them up if I had them? All my guns were stolen and as you know it is almost impossible to buy any in the market we have today. Do the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” really think the Sheriffs’ Department is going to try this nonsense? I do not think so!

The American people made a grave mistake by letting the DNC steal this last election. Hopefully, this will never happen again. Simply look at the states were the Secretary of State changed the rules for voting and that according to our Constitution was illegal. It has to be done and approved by the state government and it was not: so, all those votes should be null/void. That is what “COMMON SENSE” tells us; but none, and I mean none, of the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” have that and they have no morals/ethics. They are simply “HATERS” and it shows. Maybe we can come up with an election system that will decide which candidate has common sense, morals and ethics. Now that would be a great system. Maybe the “LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE” SYSTEM WOULD WORK AND IT WOULD MAKE WATCHING THEIR SPEECHES A LOT MORE FUN.


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