My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Hey, ever take a minute and think how America, and the west, was won? How did this great country arrive and end up being the “GREATEST COUNTRY EVER”? Well, it all started with the founding father’s dream of freedom from the King of England. They put together our “CONSTITUTION” and it has served us well for over 200 years. Think about that and it might just amaze you. But, what I’m really talking about is how was it that the people supported it and why? Well, you have to go back to the “old wild west” and men like Matt Dillon, the US Marshall of Dodge city. or maybe the likes of Wyatt Earp a lawman from the rough old days. What about Roy Rodgers or “The Lone Ranger”. I know these might not be household names today; but, go check them out. What they all have in common is the “COMMON SENSE” idea of law and order and always doing what was right even though no one was watching. You might say figuratively that they were the guys who always wore the “WHITE HATS”. They believed their word was their bond and in the principle of “RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG”. And no matter how you cut it, that principle is still the best today. We still have some of these old timers around today; but, they are fading fast.

Now, after you think about the “good guys” awhile, let’s stop and think about all the bad guys that they had to fight to get to where we are today. They had to fight the “bank robbers”, “stagecoach bandits”, “cattle and horse thieves” to mention just some of the things bad guys did back then. Without these good guys of yesteryear, true or make believe, we would not have this wonderful country we have today. Some of these good guys of today are our military forces, police and just good old country folks that SFT2(stand for the 2nd). That is the 2nd Amendment if you did not catch it. (BTW, go to for firearm accessories you might like). All these people, although none perfect, are who stand with us and the protection of our freedoms. All our freedoms are tied to the 2nd, because without the 2nd our freedoms would be a thing of the past.

I’m going to give you a list of names for you to check out. Please pay attention to what these people say and more importantly what they do as they are known liars. The names are JOE Biden, Kamala Harris, better known as “JOE AND THE HOE”, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. These are people in our government and YOU need to know what kind of stupid thoughts run thru their heads. BTW, besides being bad guys/gals they have something else in common with the thieves of yesteryear. Can you guess what it might be? Think hard now to try to come up with the answer. Here it is, they like all the bank robbers of the old days wear mask. Wearing of the mask is to hide who they really are. They are the modern day “BANDITS” and they steal from the American citizens every single day. I of course, simply call them “LIBERAL BASTAGES” which covers all the bad things they do without an itemized list. Look up their polices and you will see they have no morals/ethics and they believe you, the average voter, are too dumb to catch on to their thievery. They believe in “killing of the most innocent” but not in punishing murders. They believe in open borders while trying to keep you restricted to your house. They believe in trying to force vaccinations on you while allowing “illegals” into the country while testing positive for Covid 19. They want to restrict the free speech and also restrict the pronouns you use. They do not believe there are only two genders; and, they have the nerve to say conservatives don’t follow the science! They believe our children should be taught to hate America and all she stands for, not to love and be proud to be an American. The list goes on and on. If you really check out what they believe, a large part of you will come to the “COMMON SENSE” thought that they are “BAT CHIT CRAZY”. USE THE COMMON SENSE GOD GAVE YOU AND VOTE ACCORDINGLY!


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