My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Now, I know a lot of folks from around the country will disagree with me; but, Texas seems to be on the verge of restoring my and your right to carry without charging me a fee. If you disagree, that is alright as the Constitution gives you the right to be wrong and even stupid if you so desire. That is your right and I will stand with you to protect that right. All I ask in return is for you to respect my right in return. Please go read the Constitution and show me where it says that I can carry if and after I pay a fee. I am a law abiding citizen, never been in jail (although some think I should have been) or convicted of any type of crime. If you run a background check for me, all you will find is that I was issued a speeding ticket for 10 miles over the speed limit in Oklahoma about 15 years ago. So, you see, I believe in “law and order”. I’m probably the kind of good guy you would want to be carrying if you got into a bad situation.

Who is it that is always called to the scene when a “bad guy” with a gun goes crazy? I’ve noticed that it is a good guy with a gun. It can be the police or many times it is just a good citizen that is present to stop the bad guy. I have for many years always had or carried a gun to protect not only myself but my family and also anyone in my area. Someone asked me the other day, “when or how long have I carried?” and I told them it has been so long that I can’t ever remember when I did not carry. I do not openly expose the fact but you can “bet your ass” I have one close by at all times and anyone who knows me is aware of that fact. It is not a “macho” thing…it just makes “COMMON SENSE” to protect yourself and your family. I am charged in the “good book” as head of my family and I take that responsibility seriously. It is my right stated clearly in the 2nd Amendment and I take that seriously also.

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Now, I’m not saying you have to carry or even trying to convince you to do so. All I’m saying or pointing out is you have the right to do so if you so choose. Please, as you read about the 2nd Amendment, realize that not for it none of your other rights would mean anything as they are all supported by the 2nd. You would not have, say, the right to free speech or the right to worship as you please! Think hard and long before you give even an inch on any of your Constitutional rights. The 2nd amendment is what has kept America so free and so great for so long. Other nations know of this right and they realize we are an armed citizenry and that fact helps hold them at bay.

I would be more than happy to discuss this fact anytime or anywhere. You are certainly within your right to leave comments either in agreement or not. If you do not agree, remember it is the 2nd amendment that supports your right to disagree and I will fight to the death to defend that right or to defend you and your family from harm from a “bad guy”. Hopefully, you or I never find ourselves in such a situation; but, like the boy scout saying, “always be prepared”. Well folks, I will always try to be prepared enough for us all as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to be so.


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