My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


I can’t, in real time, believe that this is what all you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” really thought you were voting for when you cast your ballot for “JOE THE HOE” OR “JOE AND THE HOE”! Did you really vote for $5.00 A GALLON GAS, OR OPEN BORDERS, OR OUR COUNTRY KISSING CHINA’S ASS, OR INFLATION RUNNING BETWEEN 5/6%, OR TO HAVE YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT NULLIFIED? REALLY, ARE THESE THE THINGS YOU VOTED FOR in the last election? I just can’t believe that you had your “HEAD SO FAR UP YOUR ASS” that you could not see this coming! Hell, if you read my blogs, you were told over and over again what to expect and you voted for these two “JACKASSES” anyway. How stupid do you have to be? Do we need to knock you in the head with a 2×4 to finally get the picture? I would gladly hit you with a 2×4; but, at the price of lumber, I can’t afford it!


LET’S LOOK A GAS PRICES—Last October I was buying gas for $1.66 a gallon and always got a soft serve ice cream cone with it. BTW, the ice cream cones at the place I buy gas are only $.50 cents and they are really good any day but extra good on a hot summer day like today. The first thing “JOE THE HOE” did was to cancel the pipe line. Now, how much “COMMON SENSE” do you have to have to know if you shorten the supply that the price will rise? Ask yourself, a few months later he removed sanctions on the Russian pipe line to help out Russia so tell me again, WHO IS THE RUSSIAN AGENT IN THIS DEAL, JOE OR TRUMP?


Almost immediately he removed all the programs that were working, so now we have a crisis at the border. All he had to do was continue the successful policies and we would not have the problem we have now. These are all new policies installed by “JOE THE HOE”. He had not even taken the oath of office and the migrants, or shall we say cartels started to form caravans to the border. The only thing he has done is to put “THE OTHER HOE” in charge of the border and “she can’t find her ass with both hands and a flashlight”, much less find the border. The only thing she might be able to find is “WILLIE BROWN’S ASS” which she must know very well. Wonder who is getting part of that 14 million a week the cartels are making? Does make a body wonder if you have any “COMMON SENSE”.

No, Kamala Harris Did Not Tell Joe Biden He'd Do 'Whatever' China Wants -


China is running wild with no one to stand in the way since this “BUFFOON” was elected. He and his “PARTNER IN CRIME,” his son, have been on the take from China for years. Why, his son even “THUMBED” a ride to China with Joe in tow to collect large pay offs while his father was VP. Thus, the NICK NAME, “JOE THE HOE”. And he, “MR. BIG” has cut them slack on the pandemic. He is not slapping them with any restrictions or tariffs. Ask yourself, how much are they paying the son and “MR. BIG” under the table? Again, makes a body wonder! And again, let your “COMMON SENSE” lead the way.


The inflation rate is running on a large upward trend and it may be the cruelest tax of all. The cost of all goods and services is up and that makes it more costly to sustain a family. It is most harmful to the less fortunate in our society. The cost of food is up around 3%, gas is up 40/60% and that 2×4 I need to knock some sense into you liberal bastages heads is up 124%. I delivered some rain water storage tanks two weeks ago and they were up about 25/30%. Get prepared to pay more for everything. Is this really what you people voted for after all is said and done?

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Do you folks realize or understand that without the 2nd amendment all your other rights vanish? It is an armed citizenry that supports all of your freedoms and this administration seeks to end the 2nd amendment. And, all the while, they want to “DEFUND THE POLICE”. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A SUPPORTER OF THE 2nd and always will be. Hope you realize that while you are reading this it is the 2nd that protects my right to publish this blog. Without the 2nd, you and I both would lose our right to “FREE SPEECH AND OUR RIGHT TO WORSHIP AS WE PLEASE”. Bet this will open some eyes out there in LALA LAND.

Please folks think before you vote in the future! It is an important right that every one should cherish! Just a little note to you; and, I’d like for you to chew on this awhile. Your right to vote at all is supported by the 2nd also. “HOW ‘BOUT DEM APPLES! You see all this is tied together in what we call our democracy and we need to support it by doing our part to get ourselves educated on the candidates and where they really stand on the issues. After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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