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Hey, all that know me, know of my Faith, and my belief in “My God”, and my patriotism. So, when I found this, or rather it was sent to me through e-mail, it certainly struck a nerve.  And yes, I will admit that I am intrigued by anyone who has the touch to perform magic, any magic. Or shall we say, the skillful art of any person to really perform, has always amazed me. But, card tricks have long been a favorite.  The art of the ventriloquist has also been a favorite; but this young man is talented and has a message to share.  All of you who follow me, know how I love to share a message; but in this case, I would love to share “the Message” with you.  Although, I will never be as talented as this young man. I would like to join him in being a conduit for the sharing of “the Message”.  It is a “COMMON SENSE” message so it makes “COMMON SENSE” for me to share on this blog.  I could go into details about “the message”; but, I think this short video says it about or better than I could thru all my words.  Hopefully, you will enjoy and get “the message” about the “LORD” thru the presentation.

I mentioned my patriotism  and it comes from, I guess, my service to my country.  Some have done more for their country than myself, but none have loved “HER” more.  There is just something that happens when you serve “HER” and you never look at “HER” the same after you have served.  It is a brotherhood that crosses all races, party lines and economic status and is for life.  I’ve always believed that it is the “oath” all branches take that instills that love for “HER” in our hearts. And let me tell you, that oath is not only for the duration of service, but every man I have ever talked to believes the oath they took is for life.  Each of us gets a tear in our eyes at the sight of “old glory” in a parade or at the singing of “The Star Spangled Banner” or “America the Beautiful”.  Can’t explain it and should not have to. It just stirs the emotions deep inside about how lucky we as Americans are to live in this great nation.  Now, please stay hooked up until the end and have your sound turned on as the ending will hopefully make you feel like I do about America.  Enjoy, as this is really what this blog is all about, good old “COMMON SENSE”.  Please click on the following link:


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  1. Elaine on said:

    Good video. Makes you wonder as to how a deck of cards came to be. Was the deck created by a divine power?


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