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The Rule of Law in America!

Where is the rule of law in America? I am going to expose two examples where there are laws, passed and ruled constitutionally sound, that the Obama Administration and the left leaning judicial system are selectively choosing not to enforce.

The first is the notification of lay-offs by defense contractors. There is an approaching deadline for these contractors to send out pink slips. The law states that if the deadline for the pink slips is not met, then the contractors are subject to fines, late fees, and law suits plus attorney fees. The contractors were preparing to send these out in accordance with the law and to avoid the fines, etc. But, the Obama Administration stepped in and told the contractors to delay the process until after the election and deadline; and the government (really taxpayers) would cover their costs of fines, etc. Think about this for a moment, PLEASE, the Obama administration told the contractors to purposely break the law and they would cover the fines with tax payer dollars. The only reasoning is that they want to keep the workers and the American public in the dark about the lay-offs until after the election. Totally, a political move! Obama is really using my tax dollars, and yours, as a political donation to tramp down bad press. “Common Sense” calls that “HUSH MONEY”!

The second example is a left-leaning judge in Pennsylvania who has declared the law for voter ID as constitutional; but, he has declared “it shall not be enforced until after the election on Nov. 6.” Now, who do you think had a hand in this decision? If you can’t figure this out, then you are too stupid to be reading this blog and getting anything from it. Do you really understand this? It is the law, but we will just disregard it for political advantage until after the election. The judge is saying to the polling places…break the law.

Obama, his administration, and the judge all took oaths to uphold the constitution.  “Common Sense” is to tell us this includes any laws deemed constitutionally sound.

Folks, if you, as a nation, do not awaken to the fact that this man, Obama, and his minions are a pack of liars and crooks from Chicago you will awaken and ask, “What the hell happened to our country?”

It is as plain as the nose on your face and just “COMMON SENSE” for heaven sake.


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