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Is common sense no more?

Unions in America

Unions have been a part of the American work force for years. “Have they been good for America and the worker?” is the question I’d ask.

Let us look back at their history for the answer to our question. Does Eastern or Braniff airline ring a bell for anyone? Bet most, if not all young folks, out there do not recognize the names. They were very large and prosperous companies that employed thousands; but since being forced into bankruptcy by the unions, now employ “O” employees. And by the way, they made travel harder because of less seats, made those seats that remained more costly for the traveler, and now no taxes can be collected from employees wages or from the corporations themselves. Millions probably trillions of dollars lost over all these years. Does the word deficit come to mind?

While on the subject of airlines, does air traffic controllers spark any interest? Yes, years ago, they too decided to strike and all but ruined travel in the country and affected travel worldwide. But, we had a President then that didn’t just play basketball like our current one, but had a set of basketballs. Hope you’re not offended, but if you are SO BE IT! President Reagan stood fast and controlled the controllers.

The auto industry problem was a direct effect of the unions and their thugs as leaders. They are making near $80 an hour and trying to sell their products to people making $20 an hour. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? It would certainly make more “Common Sense” if the numbers were somewhat reversed.

Now, to today’s market and the NFL Officials Association (union),  who have messed up your football season. They wanted more money than the approximately $10K per game that they are currently being paid. They may well deserve a little more; but, the point of all this is to show you that they, the unions, do not care how much it inconveniences the public or their customers, they just want and care about themselves.

It is the same scenario with the government employees. They do not give a “hank” about anyone else or how they might inflict hardship on the people they supposedly serve. They and the politicians trade votes for benefits and retirement all the time and from one end of the laddar to the other. It is one of the most corrupt systems going today.

“Common Sense” says that if this is not resolved, it will ruin or bankrupt America and this Grand Ol Country will go the route of Eastern and Braniff airlines….Just a faint memory of a few wise old elders.


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