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Is common sense no more?

American Foreign Aid, A Real Joke!

Let’s make nice, give them $$$, and they will like us.

How do you like the way “American Foreign Aid” has helped us in the Middle East? Between giving them cash and trying to make nice, they hate us and want our heads.

President Obama started out apologizing; and it has only gotten more pronounced. He does not realize that they (the Muslim) see this as a weakness. All they do is con him and America into giving them aid; and then turn on us like a pack of wolves. Yes., that’s right, I said a pack of wolves, wild animals at best.

They have lived in that filthy culture so long that they have transformed into animals. Look at where and how they live. In Jerusalem, you can walk through the streets controlled by Israel were it is clean and productive looking, but the minute you cross over to the other side it is dirty.

We have for decades now supported the Arabs with foreign aid to no avail. It is time we make sure that Iran, Pakistan and all the other Arab countries get nukes. Yes, see that they all get nukes. All at once, at the same time, and delivered from the same type of planes–US AIR FORCE BOMBERS!!

Common Sense says “Quit funding them with foreign aid,” and they will “HATE US FOR FREE”!


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