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Is common sense no more?

Truth In Politics…A Rarity at Best!!!

The main stream “liars” , I am sorry that’s “media”, has discovered a tape of Governor Romney “telling the truth” and they perceive it as detrimental.

What he said was, and I para-phrase, that 47% of americans pay no income tax and are on some type of government assistance; so, he does not worry about trying to appeal to them for their vote. Folks, that is the truth, like it or not. It is published by the government itself. Most, if not all of that 47%, will only vote for Obama who wants to keep them in slavery to the piddle little that they get each month. Say what you will, but that is enslavement to the system and the democratic platform. Obama is the modern-day slave master and the government programs and the democratic party are the modern-day plantation.

Governor Romney and the Republicans are the party that wants to get you off of “barely getting by” through helping to put you to work at a good paying job and allowing you to go as far as your talents will carry you. Just think, you may become as rich as the richest in this country. If and when, you do accomplish that, Governor Romney, myself, and every Republican will stand and cheer for you. Heck, we will even cheer that you might become even richer.

Governor Romney also remarked that if he was hispanic, he would get more of the hispanic vote. Again, true as true can be. If he was hispanic, he would get somewhere in the 45% of that vote instead of the 8 to 12% he will probably get.

It is GREAT to finally have a politician tell you the TRUTH instead of all the lies we hear from the O’Liar!

Now let’s look at it from a Common Sense angle. Would you rather be a democrat and just “get by” on assistance or be a Republican and “shoot for the moon”?  Common Sense says shoot for the moon; and if you fall a little short, you will only be a millionaire instead of a multi-millionaire.

YOUR CHOICE FOLKS!!! Now go out and vote accordingly.


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