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Is common sense no more?

U.S. vs. Muslim Countries

Boy, am I going to offend a bunch of people taking on this topic.

America just had two attacks on two of her embassies: one in Egypt and one in Libya–both Muslim countries. Muslim countries that hate everything about us. Did you get that??? Get it through you thick liberal heads!! They HATE US!

This hatred goes back to Abraham, Sarah and Hagar and will never change. For you who do not know the story, here it is the “My Daddy’s Short Version”.  Abraham and Sarah, man and wife, were told that Sarah was barren. Abraham and Hagar, who was Sarah’s handmaid,  had a son named Ishmael. Eventually,  Sarah had a son Isaac. At which time, Sarah cast Hagar and Ishmael out into the desert. Hence, the division in the lineage (Ishmael is the Muslim lineage and Isaac is of Jewish lineage) and hatred ever since. GET IT?  It is irrational, I know, but it is what it is.

We give all these countries money and they still hate us. The day before the attacks, Egypt received approximately 1.5 Billion dollars in aid from the U.S.  As a reward for our generosity, our embassy was destroyed. Now, that makes a lot of “common sense” doesn’t it?

In 1941, a country snuck, up ‘like a thief in the night” and attacked us and we hit back hard and they gave up. By the way, they have not caused us a problem in all these years. In contrast, we have babied the Muslims, given in to demands, talked till we are blue in the face, and even given them financial support. And, they just keep “sticking their finger in our eye.”

Do you see the “Common Sense” approach yet?  Do them just like we did Japan, and they will not give us any problems for the next maybe 60 to 100 years.  I know this sounds harsh, but it “damn sure” worked before; and if we strike hard enough, it will work again.

By the way, the total aid given to Egypt from 2001 to 2010 is approximately 18 Billion. Let me see, I think our national debt could be paid off or at least lowered if not for our aid to the countries that HATE US!

Just Common Sense folks.


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