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Is common sense no more?

War On Women!!

The Democratic Party and the Obama campaign machine are touting a “War on Women” in referring to the GOP and Governor Romney.  Although, I can’t see this; I would like to go through but just a few points for both sides and then let you decide for yourself.

First let’s list what the Dems say is their reasoning:

1. They list equal pay for equal performance. Got to give it to them, I lean this way also. But if we look inside their own party and White House Staff, you will find that they do not practice what they preach.

2. They continually rant for equal rights in all fields. I, too, feel or lean that way.

3. They have and are currently espousing the reproductive right or more directly they rant about the right to be compensated for $7-$10 a month contraceptive drug. On this issue I part dramatically, in that I should not be asked to pay for their pills, when I have to pay if I want or need Viagra or testosterone. Be consistent here folks. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Now, let’s make a list of how I think the Dems are the ones who really promote a “War on Women”. This is a list of “one factor” and it will in a “Common Sense Way” show that they are by far the culprits.

1. The Democratic Party and the Obama Administration fully back abortions, and the Planned Parenthood  Organization and their belief in gender based abortions. That’s right, they believe if you do not want to carry a female to term, you should have the right to abort the pregnancy.

Now, that really defines what a “War on Women” is all about. Common Sense tells me that all these other factors that Dems tout are not important or even relative if you are OK with killing the female fetus and never giving it a chance to want equal rights or pay.

Now women, go vote accordingly for equal pay which the GOP also wants, or for the Democrats that feel you are so unimportant as to use your gender to decide to abort.


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