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Isaac – A Bias Storm!!

“A Bias Storm?” you say, never heard of such a thing!

It must be true that there is a difference somewhere because of how the media reported on the storm.

Could it be a gender bias since this is a male named storm and Katrina was a nasty ol’ girl storm. “Common Sense” tells me that should not be the case. There has to be something because Issac’s damage rivals that of Katrina, as the media puts it.

Could it be racial, since not as many blacks were affected as in Katrina. Surely, that can’t be the case since the storm knows no color. OH, wait! They do know color because it was reported to be President Bush’s fault when that nasty girl storm hit and was reported at that time to have racial undertones.

This Isaac fellow breached levees and flooded as many homes as the Katrina bad girl. If that is true, then where is all the outrage from the media about that “good for nothing” President that did not even visit the area for almost a week? Let me think back: Wasn’t Bush a horrible person because he only flew over and then visited about a week later?

Now I can just hear you bias people saying how stupid I sound blaming President Obama. Well, if one storm was Bush’s fault, then it is only “Common Sense” that this one is Obama’s fault; but you hear nothing like that being reported. Why not?

For us to be a free and informed people, we must have an honest media that reports true facts and lets the people decide what is right and wrong besides what we have today–right and left. The bias media is contributing to the demise of our culture and the “American Way”.

Common Sense says this to be true and if you think otherwise you are part of the problem and you can take “a shot at the moon” or “kiss my grits” because I know I am right on this issue.


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