My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?

Do The Job, Keep Your Job!!!

Hey, what a novel idea. If I hire someone to fill a position, it is because I need the help in performing the tasks accompanying the job. That is because I do not have time, nor desire, to perform the tasks. Thus, the position is a need that I fill by hiring the person.

If for some reason that person is not, or will not, accomplish the requirements of that position then they must be relieved of their position. Was that Politically Correct enough for you? As Common Sense and my Ol’ Dad would say, along with The Donald, “Your FIRED!”

Now let’s look at the performance record of the President Barrack Obama.

1. He never really had the experience for the position in the first place.

2. He is a complete enigma. No one knows anything about him. No past relationships while in college, etc. I will assure you there would be at least a few girl friends come out of the woodwork if I ran, along with a few guys with fat lips and black eyes.  Get my drift?

3. All of his bio info is sealed — social security #, college thesis, admittance records, transcripts, selected service records, etc.  Just ask yourself, “Does it make any Common Sense to spend millions of dollars to seal the information from inspection of your potential employer unless you have something to hide?”

4. He has demonstrated that the truth is just not in him. He can’t tell the truth even if he wanted to.

5. He has failed miserably on the economy — the #1 Job he was hired to fix.

6. He has performed in violation of the Constitution and by all rights should have been “Impeached”.  That means “FIRED” for you who do not understand.

Please go back and review the record of this man and decide: if your were his boss, would you continue paying for a job he has not fulfilled?

Everyone says “He is a nice family man.”, but we did not hire him as a nanny. He can not fill that position either as he would teach your children to be lazy and to lie.

Some may love him, and that’s their right, but they do not need to rehire him for a position that he is completly and utterly under qualified to fill.

Common Sense says to fire the person and hire someone qualified to fill the position.


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