My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?

The U.N. to Control Laws in the U.S.

Yes, you read it right. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and others in our government are at the present time negotiating with the U.N. to require that you register your firearms with the U.N.

Does anyone want to take a “shot” at what will come next after the registration is complete?  Just in case you have none, or just fail to exercise it… let “My Daddy’s Common Sense” help you out. Does total confiscation ring a bell? That’s right, they are out to confiscate our firearms.

It really makes no difference your party affiliation, or if you even own a firearm or not, “Common Sense” says that by my owning a firearm it protects not only my Rights but also serves to protect your Rights as well.

There are two things the government wants to control: guns and food. If we ever let them control the food, you will have to submit to their demands to feed your family.  Along with food, if we let them control our guns, then we can’t fight them to keep them from controlling the food and eventually every aspect of our lives. (Common Sense – why the current, big push to get people enrolled for food stamps?)

Please use the “Common Sense” God gave you and do not let this happen.

DIAL 1-800-588-4889 to sign the petition to stop this nonsense. It takes less than a minute and costs you nothing.

Now, go forth, shoot your gun, and practice Good Ol’ Common Sense.


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