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Is common sense no more?

Discounted Membership Touted for NAACP

The NAACP, now here is an insane group of people, real thinkers, movers and shakers. They vote overwhelmingly and suggest strongly that all of their members vote democratic.

They invite the opposition to speak: and then put out fools like Hilary Shelton to dry what might be the best move in years to help the black community. Mitt Romney said he would “let all federal education funds follow the student”. Dummy Shelton, said it was code for “vouchers”. Here’s my take: Let’s not speak in code for “vouchers”. Lets not speak in code, lets scream it from every roof top “VOUCHERS YES FINALLY!!!”   That will allow every parent in every community to send their child to better schools, thusly becoming a better and more affluent member of society.

Member, oh yes, that gets me back to membership in the NAACP. One reason Shelton and the NAACP do not want vouchers is that just might limit their membership. I say this because as it turns out, the NAACP gives a hefty discount to convicts for prison membership. The regular fee is $30, but the prison fee for membership is $12. That’s a whopping 60% discount for prisoners.

Now that’s just what I would want to attract to any organisation I might start. “Common Sense” would be to attract the finest your race has to offer, not the worst. I know I must be missing something in this  common sense stuff and maybe, just maybe, it does make “common sense” as they are all of the same persuasion.

How do you like them there “Common Sense” apples?


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