My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?

Chicks and Hicks

Boy, has the Chick-fil-a incident brought out or shown some true political stripes?

The President along with Mayor Emanuel, the Mayor of Boston, and the Mayor of San Francisco have all shown their true stripes of wanting to control everything by the government. Thus, from the Chick-fil-a incident, they were able to test the water to see how far government could go in denoting who can or can not have a business. They found out the public is not ready for that much government control!

Folks, that bunch, and the whole democratic party feel they are smarter than the hicks in the rest of the country. That’s right, I said hicks. They consider everyone between the Northeast sector and the left coast as hicks. Truth be known, they feel that way about the left coast also; but since they, along with the goose stepping blacks, are a dependable voting block they simply tolerate them.

They feel that all the other states are filled with hicks. Do you hear me “Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Nevada? They only want your vote and afterwards you can “Kiss their Ass” on the queer’s “Kiss-in Day”.  That is right, I said “queers”. That’s what they were always called (fits the definition in the dictionary) and they are striving to change the wording to “Gay” to make it more palatable. By using the word “queer”, I am not trying to be ugly or disrespectful. Just making the point that words are being changed to make them better accepted by the public for political purposes and perhaps by those of that inclination to make them feel better about themselves.

I have always believed that the queers are only 3 to 5 % of the population. So, it makes good business sense to appeal to or design a business for 95% of the population, not the 5%.

The queers should be respectful of other groups opinions, but most are not. They want to flaunt their beliefs to the world and you better not disagree. When I and my wife walk into a business, I do not announce our sexual orientation or that we have been married for 37 years. I do not ask if the owner is black/white, queer/straight, republican/democrat or any other personal info. I will find out over time; and if I so deem that I do not want to give them my business,  then I simply never return.

Just “Good Old Common Sense“, if you do not agree then take your business elsewhere.


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