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Hey, hopefully all of you who know me see me as a “COMMON SENSE” guy.  I try really hard at this “common sense” stuff; thusly, the title for this blog, “WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S FIRE”. Meaning that if you see smoke, there is fire somewhere even if you do not see it.  I feel this old saying applies very well to the Attorney General’s situation.  If you have not been paying attention, he has a mess on his hands. This mess is of his own making and one lie is bad enough. But, this man is only surpassed in the lying category by none other than his boss.  I will, in the following, point out not just one but a whole fist full of lies he has put forth to conceal his actions and to try to fool the American public.  It is past due time for him to be held accountable for his actions and his false accounts of those actions.

I have no “ax to grind” here but his latest lie is just one of many he has been caught up in; and when it becomes a pattern, then it is time for his boss to take action.  The latest of his misstatements, hell, let’s call it what it really is–a lie, is that he had no knowledge of the process to obtain a warrant to investigate James Rosen, a Fox News reporter, and his family.  As it turns out, he lied to Congress, a crime in itself, when he stated, “he had no knowledge of any investigation about any news organization and that he thought it a bad idea”.  Turns out that he, Mr. Attorney General, Eric Holder, himself, signed the warrant or the application for the warrant sometime before his claim to Congress that he had no knowledge of the investigation.  If I signed the application for the warrant, then I would have knowledge of it and anything to the contrary would be a lie.  And if it was a lie, then I am a liar, plain and simple.  I think the old adage applies here that “a thief will lie to you and a liar will steal from you”.  Truth be known a liar is a thief because he has stolen the truth from you.  Now if that is not good old “COMMON SENSE”, then I’ll “eat my hat”, and if you do not recognize it for “COMMON SENSE”, then I am really wasting my time here.

The Attorney General has lied and been complicit in the Benghazi scandal by going along with the lie of the video as the cause of the attack.  That has been proven to be a lie; but the administration, including the attorney general rode that horse into the ground.  Why hell, he even stood by along with the rest of the administration, while the maker of the video was arrested and imprisoned.  Imprisoned for making a video!!!  By the way that man is still being held even though the lie the administration told has been debunked.  How would you feel if you were in that person’s shoes?

If you are interested in the truth, then investigate for yourself the following actions of this attorney general.  Just simply get on the internet and check out all the things this attorney general has been a part of and I think it will open your eyes.  Things like the black panther voter intimidation where he refused to prosecute and lied, the “Fast and Furious” gun running debacle where he lied and a U.S. Border Agent was killed, the IRS scandal, where the attorney general’s office approved of the FBI investigating conservative groups and he lied, the AP scandal where they obtained the records of reporters phone records and he lied, and not to mention he is touted as the architect of the Marc Rich pardon during Clinton administration as assistant attorney general.  This man is credited with being the grandest “tax cheat” of all times.  They say he was even greater than “tax-cheat Geithner” who severed as your  U.S. Secretary of Treasury.  Now, isn’t this a fine “den of thieves” serving, or having served, at the pleasure of the President?  Doesn’t bode well for the President, now does it?  What is that old “COMMON SENSE” thing about “birds of a feather flock together”.

I did not elaborate on all the issues facing this attorney general to save space. But, let’s just say that “where there is this much smoke, there is a fire”.  Remember, these are just the lies we are privy to and you can “bet the bank” there are more.  It just makes “COMMON SENSE” that “if you will lie to me once, you will lie to me again”.  I truly believe that this Attorney General and our President, as well,  would “climb a tree to tell a lie rather than stand on the ground in the shade to tell the truth”.  A sad state of affairs to say the least.


It is obvious to everyone that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are in a lying affair with the American public over Benghazi.  If you can’t see this, then you have no “COMMON SENSE” and I am wasting my time and breath trying to explain the facts. But, here I go anyway.

Did you happen to catch the testimony of Mr. Hicks during the congressional hearings where he was asked what his reaction to the video statement by the administration was and he said, “he was astonished, his jaw dropped and he was embarrassed?”  If you have any “COMMON SENSE,” then you realize that his statement is a nice way of saying  the administration was lying. You can labor the point as long as you like; but, the conclusion remains the same.  They were and still are lying about this whole debacle.  They were afraid that it would have a negative effect on the election; so, they simply lied to better fit the narrative that the administration had the terrorist on the run.  This was not only dishonorable, but dangerous.  If you do not recognize the problem, then how the hell can you ever fix it.  Both President Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton, while representing the American public, went in front of the world when the bodies returned and lied on your behalf.  Did you hear me? I said “on your behalf”.  I try to never tell a lie. So, I really do not want someone else, that should know better, to lie for me.  Neither of these people should have ever been in any position of authority as they both are void of any morals/ethics to hold such a position.  I guess it is right in line as the public did elect Hillary’s lying, cheating, and philandering husband twice.  OH WELL, we survived Carter and Clinton so maybe we can survive Obama and Clinton.

Do you realize that a “STAND DOWN” order was issued as to the teams ready to try to save our people?  This means that we no longer stand behind our old “SOP” of not  leaving our own behind.  Not everyone has served this country. So, I do not expect everyone to understand the moral/ethics of bring home your own.  It is with real sadness in my heart that I now realize we have lost so much of our backbone as a nation.  I took the same, or very similar, oath when I served, as I believe President Obama and Hillary Clinton took. But, it does not seem to mean the same to them as it did to me.  Just to let you know when I was “honorably discharged” the oath remained in effect and will remain in effect until I die.

Remember during the primary between Obama and Hillary, that Hillary ran an ad about who would you want to take the call at 3:oo am in the morning. Well, Hillary you made that call to Mr. Hicks and you never asked him, not once, what was happening because you did not want him to tell you the truth.  The administration had already decided to lie to the American public and the truth would have gotten in the way.  To be blunt, Hillary, you “failed the test”.   Everyone should remember this failure if you ever try to run for public office again.

We, as the American public, have been lied to by these two not only about Benghazi, but about a host of other subjects. But, we have gotten what we deserve.  We, as a people, need to become more informed and to become more involved if we truly want great people serving us as “public servants” after all it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


Mr. President,

I happened to catch your interview after the defeat of the “Gun Control” bill in the Senate.  You blamed the Senate for their lack of courage and shamed them for the failure of the bill along with the NRA for “willfully lying” about the bill.  So you will be educated about where I stand, let me inform you that I was and never will be for “gun control.”   I know this will not set well with you; but, you are badly mistaken on why the bill failed.  It had nothing to do with the Senate or the NRA, but instead it was your fault.  You, as the leader of our country, has to bear the weight of this defeat yourself.  I will try to explain it in “common sense” terms so that those with “common sense” can understand why it failed.  This may be foolish on my part as I have not seen much “common sense” in Washington D.C. from the top to the bottom.  This is in no way meant to be disrespectful of the office which you hold, as I have always respected the “office” just sometimes not the man.

My reasoning for it being you fault and the failure of the bill is simply that your approach was completely flawed.  Most, if not all of what you wanted to change, would not have helped stop the shootings that have occurred; and the American public saw through the smoke screen you and your people threw up. They then brought pressure to bear on their Senator to “kill the bill”.  This is a direct result of you lying to the public in the past; and they have now come to the realization that you do not always stand behind what you say.  As an example,” Obamacare”, where you said “you can keep your doctor” and that rates would be reduced by $2500, neither of which is really true.  I, myself, am on my third cardiologist because of changes to the system and rates have gone up by that figure not down; the public noticed.  Then there was the ” sequester”, and your face all over the networks stating how devastating the results would be; and  then, low and behold the “world did not end” as you tried to imply.  Again, not truthful and the public noticed.  You have shall we say cried “wolf” too many times and the public has noticed; and to be blunt, they no longer trust you or your judgment.  Your creditability has been severely damaged with the public and they simply did not believe you in the “gun control” debate.  I know you will try to alibi out of these points but there are more.  What about the” video” and Benghazi?  You and your administration lied, plain and simple.  What about, I’ll take only public funds when you ran against Senator McCain?  What about the “Marriage Act”?  What about your ads during you campaign?  What about the deficit?  What about reducing the debt in half?  Every time you have failed to fulfill your statements and the public has noticed. I am critizing you and the administration, and am sorry for that, but facts are facts.

As a young man, my Mom, a strong Christian woman, taught me that “cleanliness was next to Godliness with honesty somewhere in between”.  You may not have been raised exactly as myself but surely you can see the wisdom and “common sense” in this quote.  If not, then, I really am wasting my breath and my time in trying to labor the point.

In no way am I trying to impune  your character. But, do you not see from these examples that your credibility with the public is lacking?  I am a common man with nothing to rely on but “My Daddy’s Common Sense” and upon examination of the facts I can only come to one conclusion.  It is time for you to face the music and come to that same conclusion, which is: to start being truthful even if it hurts.  After all, it just makes “common sense” to do so.

Obama Promotes “BIG LIE TOUR”

President Obama is promoting the “BIG LIE” about Libya on his campaign tour.

For two weeks he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the American public that the Libya attacks that killed 4 Americans was attributed to a video. Hell, he even repeated it six times in his U N speech. An Ambassador from the State Department appeared on five news shows, five days after the attack to promote the obvious lie.

Please think about this folks–He and Clinton even made an ad with which they spent your tax dollars to broadcast it in Pakistan promoting the “BIG LIE“.  Are you understanding this? They bought ad time on Pakistani National TV!!!!

Now, with his hand caught in the “cookie jar”, he says he called it a terrorist attack from the get-go. Are you kidding me??? This man has no shame–he knows that the world knows he is lying but just continues to promote the “BIG LIE“. He has always had a problem with telling the truth, but this is ridiculous. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the ass!

We tried to tell you folks about this “con man” before YOU elected him; but, no, you thought he was the “second coming”.

Common Sense says: If he will lie to you to hide this, what else is he hiding besides his birth records, college records, attorney records and social security records?

Let’s face it, you really know nothing about this person. I use the term person instead of man, because a man would disclose all the information and “let the chips fall where they may”.

If you vote for him to serve 4 more years, you will deserve what you get and it won’t be pretty.

Vote Accordingly

Truth In Politics…A Rarity at Best!!!

The main stream “liars” , I am sorry that’s “media”, has discovered a tape of Governor Romney “telling the truth” and they perceive it as detrimental.

What he said was, and I para-phrase, that 47% of americans pay no income tax and are on some type of government assistance; so, he does not worry about trying to appeal to them for their vote. Folks, that is the truth, like it or not. It is published by the government itself. Most, if not all of that 47%, will only vote for Obama who wants to keep them in slavery to the piddle little that they get each month. Say what you will, but that is enslavement to the system and the democratic platform. Obama is the modern-day slave master and the government programs and the democratic party are the modern-day plantation.

Governor Romney and the Republicans are the party that wants to get you off of “barely getting by” through helping to put you to work at a good paying job and allowing you to go as far as your talents will carry you. Just think, you may become as rich as the richest in this country. If and when, you do accomplish that, Governor Romney, myself, and every Republican will stand and cheer for you. Heck, we will even cheer that you might become even richer.

Governor Romney also remarked that if he was hispanic, he would get more of the hispanic vote. Again, true as true can be. If he was hispanic, he would get somewhere in the 45% of that vote instead of the 8 to 12% he will probably get.

It is GREAT to finally have a politician tell you the TRUTH instead of all the lies we hear from the O’Liar!

Now let’s look at it from a Common Sense angle. Would you rather be a democrat and just “get by” on assistance or be a Republican and “shoot for the moon”?  Common Sense says shoot for the moon; and if you fall a little short, you will only be a millionaire instead of a multi-millionaire.

YOUR CHOICE FOLKS!!! Now go out and vote accordingly.

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