My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Mr. President,

I happened to catch your interview after the defeat of the “Gun Control” bill in the Senate.  You blamed the Senate for their lack of courage and shamed them for the failure of the bill along with the NRA for “willfully lying” about the bill.  So you will be educated about where I stand, let me inform you that I was and never will be for “gun control.”   I know this will not set well with you; but, you are badly mistaken on why the bill failed.  It had nothing to do with the Senate or the NRA, but instead it was your fault.  You, as the leader of our country, has to bear the weight of this defeat yourself.  I will try to explain it in “common sense” terms so that those with “common sense” can understand why it failed.  This may be foolish on my part as I have not seen much “common sense” in Washington D.C. from the top to the bottom.  This is in no way meant to be disrespectful of the office which you hold, as I have always respected the “office” just sometimes not the man.

My reasoning for it being you fault and the failure of the bill is simply that your approach was completely flawed.  Most, if not all of what you wanted to change, would not have helped stop the shootings that have occurred; and the American public saw through the smoke screen you and your people threw up. They then brought pressure to bear on their Senator to “kill the bill”.  This is a direct result of you lying to the public in the past; and they have now come to the realization that you do not always stand behind what you say.  As an example,” Obamacare”, where you said “you can keep your doctor” and that rates would be reduced by $2500, neither of which is really true.  I, myself, am on my third cardiologist because of changes to the system and rates have gone up by that figure not down; the public noticed.  Then there was the ” sequester”, and your face all over the networks stating how devastating the results would be; and  then, low and behold the “world did not end” as you tried to imply.  Again, not truthful and the public noticed.  You have shall we say cried “wolf” too many times and the public has noticed; and to be blunt, they no longer trust you or your judgment.  Your creditability has been severely damaged with the public and they simply did not believe you in the “gun control” debate.  I know you will try to alibi out of these points but there are more.  What about the” video” and Benghazi?  You and your administration lied, plain and simple.  What about, I’ll take only public funds when you ran against Senator McCain?  What about the “Marriage Act”?  What about your ads during you campaign?  What about the deficit?  What about reducing the debt in half?  Every time you have failed to fulfill your statements and the public has noticed. I am critizing you and the administration, and am sorry for that, but facts are facts.

As a young man, my Mom, a strong Christian woman, taught me that “cleanliness was next to Godliness with honesty somewhere in between”.  You may not have been raised exactly as myself but surely you can see the wisdom and “common sense” in this quote.  If not, then, I really am wasting my breath and my time in trying to labor the point.

In no way am I trying to impune  your character. But, do you not see from these examples that your credibility with the public is lacking?  I am a common man with nothing to rely on but “My Daddy’s Common Sense” and upon examination of the facts I can only come to one conclusion.  It is time for you to face the music and come to that same conclusion, which is: to start being truthful even if it hurts.  After all, it just makes “common sense” to do so.


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  1. Elaine on said:

    Blaming others, so that he looks good, is the trend that this President has used and will continue to use. His claim that “the buck stops here” just never seems to happen!


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