My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


We have a problem in America.  Some would say it is the terrorist, some would say it is the Muslims, some would say it is the home-grown terrorists, but I say it is the way we handle terrorists that is our problem.  The way we look at the terrorist has been a problem for us all the way back to 9/11.  We have decided to treat them as criminals instead of like terrorists.  They are at best, “snakes in the grass”; but, we want to make them our friends.  We want to show them respect and maybe then they will like us.  We want to send them billions of dollars and then maybe they will like us.  All this is wrong.  All we must do is to use “COMMON SENSE” to deal with them and we will be much better off in the end.  Remember folks, “it is hard to negotiate with someone who wants to cut off your head”.  Listen, Mr. Terrorists, I’ll cut off my right hand.  ” No, I want your head”.  Well then, I’ll cut off my right arm.  “No, I want your head”. Hope you can see where this is going.  If not, you have no “COMMON SENSE” and you can not be reasoned with, just like the terrorists.

Please find the following from the internet and read this “COMMON SENSE” approach to how we should be solving the problem.  Most of you do not live in the country like myself; but, this how we take care of problems for ourselves. It has worked for many years and will continue to work if you just “take the bull by the horns,” solve the problem, and march forward.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

Now the news media will spend days trying to determine why these men did what they did in Boston.  They will want to know what America did to make these brothers so angry with us.  They will want to know why these men were not arrested before they did something unlawful.  The media will be in a tissy about the new era of home-grown radicals and about how they could live among us and still hate us.
Here in west Texas, I have rattlesnakes on my place.  I have killed a rattlesnake on the front porch.  I have killed a rattlesnake on the back porch.  I have killed rattlesnakes in the barn, in the shop and on the driveway.  I kill every rattlesnake I encounter.  I kill rattlesnakes because a rattlesnake will bite me and inflict me with poison.  I don’t stop to wonder why a rattlesnake will bite me.  It will bite me because it is a rattlesnake and that is what rattlesnakes do.  I don’t try to reason with a rattlesnake…I just kill it.  I don’t try to get to know the rattlesnake better so that I can find a way to live with the rattlesnakes and convince them not to bite me…I just kill them.  I don’t quiz a rattlesnake to see if I can find out where the other snakes are because (a) it won’t tell me (b) I already know that they live on my place…I just kill the rattlesnake and move on to the next one.  I don’t look for ways that I might be able to change the rattlesnake to a non-poisonous rat snake.  I just kill it.  Oh, and on occasion I kill a rat snake, because I thought it was a rattlesnake at the time.  Also, I know that for every rattlesnake that I kill, two more lurk out there.  In my lifetime I will never be able to rid my place of rattlesnakes.  Do I fear them?  No!  Do I respect what they can do to me?  Yes!  And because of that respect I give them their fair justice….I kill them.
Maybe as a country we should give more credit to the jihadist as just being a rattlesnake!

I know a lot of people will think I  am much to harsh. But, it is time for a lot more harshness instead of the mushiness we have been trying to feed to them.  And to what great advance has it led us?   Just more problems and more attacks. I am just an “old country boy” with “COMMON SENSE” that when he finds a “snake in the grass” we cut of its head or better yet “blast it with a shotgun”. “KILL IT AND KILL IT DEAD” and move on. After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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