My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


For all of you that do not really know me, let me explain how I feel about welfare/food stamp programs in America.  Those of you who have known me for years know my position many times over.  I am a compassionate person that would give anyone in the world a hand up.  I will always try to be of service when I really see a need.  Now, having said that, please read and digest the following which I hope makes “COMMON SENSE” on the issue.

Yesterday, while out shopping with Mom, I observed a young fellow ahead of me in the line with a young child in tow.  I also happened to notice that he was using the Lone Star Card which, if I’m not mistaken, is how they now handle the food stamp program.  The state puts money in their account after deducting somewhere out of my account.  What a great country, they do not have to do anything including making a trip to the welfare office to get the funds.  We are making it way to easy with no stigma/shame attached to the receiving of welfare.  The liberals say, “they should not bear any shame” but I disagree.  If I sit on my ass and no not provide for my family, then I should be ashamed.  My “Mom” raised two kids while working for $1.41 an hour and believe you me there were not a lot of luxuries.  When my daughter was born, I had a fear of not being able to provide for her so I worked even harder to make sure she had at least the basic needs.  That foreboding feeling was what drove me to be successful.  You see, I did not want to be a failure and to be ashamed; I wanted to be a man and do what a man should do.  After all is said and done, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” for a man to do so.

Many years ago, there was a stigma attached to “out-of-wedlock births” which there is not today.  Why hell, they even plan “out-of-wedlock births” today.  For all you young people out there that do not know what the stigma was:  You were a bastard if born “out-of-wedlock”.  Do I think this stigma should be on the person as they grow?  Of course not!!!  But, since it has become acceptable in today’s world let’s look at what has happened.  The birth rate for unwed mothers has skyrocketed to 41 percent.  Now, can any of you liberal bastards out there step up to claim this is a good thing for the child, mother or society as a whole?   You really do not have to answer as we all know it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that it is bad for all parties concerned.  I think we might have just stumbled on to something here.  If there is no stigma attached to the “in-question practice”, then we get more of that practice.  Thusly, no stigma to “out-of-wedlock” births and we now have more than ever.   What a shame for our society.

Now that we have established the fact that if there are no consequences to a practice, we will have more of that practice, let’s return to the subject of welfare/food stamps.  If our conjecture works in birth control, then “COMMON SENSE” says that we will get the same results within the food stamp program.  And we have!!! We now have some 48/49 million people in America on this program.  Again, no stigma/shame, more of the behavior.  As concerned as I am about the young father who was not out providing for his family, I am more concerned that he had no shame for his laziness; and I’m really concerned for the beautiful little girl with him being taught there is no shame in living off the system.  She is being raised to feel entitled to the benefits without the sweat from her brow.  What a horrible handy cap to bestow on someone you love.  Our government is to blame for this “entitlement culture” and it should be corrected today.  After all, it is only “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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