My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Did you happen to catch the latest flurry on gun control between Senators Ted Cruz and Diane Feinstein?  Senator Feinstein made a complete ass of herself when asked a simple question.  The question was, and I paraphrase, “Does the lady (now that is a stretch since she is but one of the witches of the West) believe that the same formula she is proposing for the Second Amendment would be acceptable for the First and Fourth Amendments as well?”  She realized very quickly that the formula of her and the government deciding what guns should be banned would then lend itself to her and the government deciding what will be protected by the First Amendment and who will be protected under the Fourth Amendment of “search and seizure”.   It was just a question for goodness sake; but, she decided to be offended while debating the issue. Sen. Feinstein said that she respected Sen. Cruz opinion and he should respect hers. That’s all in fine, but what about respecting the opinions of those in this country…she thinks that we all go along with her idea, wrong!! She “got her panties in a wad” and tried to say that she was being lectured.  She may have a point; but, isn’t that what honest debate is–a back and forth?  She had to fall back on the I’m a woman and you should not talk to me in the same fashion you would a male senator.  Bull hockey!!!  Hey, Senator Feinstein,” if you can’t handle the heat and it shows that you can’t, put on you apron and clean the rest of the house but stay out of the kitchen”.  If you want equal pay and to be treated like a man, then stop your wining, witch.

If she gets her way, the “Black Community” better be afraid of what is to be presented next.  Wasn’t that how the “Old Dixiecrats” controlled the slaves?  That’s right, the slaves were banned from having firearms.  It wasn’t a good idea then and it is not a good idea today.  They will tell you it will never happen but it makes “common sense” for the next step to be to control and/or ban guns where all the shootings are located and to ban guns from those doing the shooting.  Does New York City, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, Houston and L.A. come to mind as where the most shootings occur? And, do the minorities of Blacks and Hispanics who are doing the shootings ring a bell?  That’s right, the powers to be and Senator Feinstein, who thinks she is a part of that group, will ever so shyly come to the conclusion: “that if we just take the guns out of these people’s hands in these neighborhoods then most of the shootings will stop”.  Do not think, all you Blacks and Hispanics out there, that they will not come to this conclusion when they see the “hand writing on the wall” that their total “gun grab” will not be successful.  She and the government will fall back to the position that they are trying now which is to limit just some of the guns.  It makes “common sense” that they will come to the conclusion that if we can ban some of the guns; then, we should be able to limit or ban certain people from ever having a gun.  Now, “universal background checks” takes on a complete new meaning.  Be careful of what you allow to be stripped of your “rights” one small step at a time.

All the “Witches of the West”, that’s Feinstein, Waters and Polosi, need is Jack Nicholson and we could have a new movie, “The Witches of Westwick” instead of “The Witches of Eastwick”.  Nicholson just thought he had problems with the gals back east wait til “The Witches of the West” get done with him.  I think he is already touched a little, but that threesome will drive him over the edge.  You all know I’m just having a little fun at their expense just because they are democrats, but you have to admit it is” one hell of a comparison”.  We should be allowed to entertain ourselves at their expense since they entertain themselves at our expense.  An uneven trade as far as I’m concerned, but at least we get something for our money because they do nothing to “earn their keep”.

All kidding aside now, this is serious business, letting the government decide who it will allow to possess a firearm.  This is no “laughing matter” at all, especially the minority community who better be paying attention.  No one should ever be able to stop you from doing anything that “God” gave you the right to do, nothing and no one, “Do you hear me?”  I know that crazy people should not be allowed to possess firearms (a medical problem); but, we should never ever stand close to that” slippery slope” of banning firearms.  It just makes no “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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