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It is obvious to everyone that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are in a lying affair with the American public over Benghazi.  If you can’t see this, then you have no “COMMON SENSE” and I am wasting my time and breath trying to explain the facts. But, here I go anyway.

Did you happen to catch the testimony of Mr. Hicks during the congressional hearings where he was asked what his reaction to the video statement by the administration was and he said, “he was astonished, his jaw dropped and he was embarrassed?”  If you have any “COMMON SENSE,” then you realize that his statement is a nice way of saying  the administration was lying. You can labor the point as long as you like; but, the conclusion remains the same.  They were and still are lying about this whole debacle.  They were afraid that it would have a negative effect on the election; so, they simply lied to better fit the narrative that the administration had the terrorist on the run.  This was not only dishonorable, but dangerous.  If you do not recognize the problem, then how the hell can you ever fix it.  Both President Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton, while representing the American public, went in front of the world when the bodies returned and lied on your behalf.  Did you hear me? I said “on your behalf”.  I try to never tell a lie. So, I really do not want someone else, that should know better, to lie for me.  Neither of these people should have ever been in any position of authority as they both are void of any morals/ethics to hold such a position.  I guess it is right in line as the public did elect Hillary’s lying, cheating, and philandering husband twice.  OH WELL, we survived Carter and Clinton so maybe we can survive Obama and Clinton.

Do you realize that a “STAND DOWN” order was issued as to the teams ready to try to save our people?  This means that we no longer stand behind our old “SOP” of not  leaving our own behind.  Not everyone has served this country. So, I do not expect everyone to understand the moral/ethics of bring home your own.  It is with real sadness in my heart that I now realize we have lost so much of our backbone as a nation.  I took the same, or very similar, oath when I served, as I believe President Obama and Hillary Clinton took. But, it does not seem to mean the same to them as it did to me.  Just to let you know when I was “honorably discharged” the oath remained in effect and will remain in effect until I die.

Remember during the primary between Obama and Hillary, that Hillary ran an ad about who would you want to take the call at 3:oo am in the morning. Well, Hillary you made that call to Mr. Hicks and you never asked him, not once, what was happening because you did not want him to tell you the truth.  The administration had already decided to lie to the American public and the truth would have gotten in the way.  To be blunt, Hillary, you “failed the test”.   Everyone should remember this failure if you ever try to run for public office again.

We, as the American public, have been lied to by these two not only about Benghazi, but about a host of other subjects. But, we have gotten what we deserve.  We, as a people, need to become more informed and to become more involved if we truly want great people serving us as “public servants” after all it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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