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I know, I know, you all think I’m crazy with this thought about the television.  I can hear it all now.  Each and everyone is saying, “He has finally lost his mind as there is nothing on the T.V. worth watching, much less learning”.  You are right! But, the point you are missing is that our young people are learning from what is shown on the T.V.   The sex and violence are on nearly every channel and are watched over and over everyday by our youngsters.  So, guess what, they are learning all about sex and violence.  I did not say in the title that it was a good force in education, only a force.  We, as a group, must decide if this is the type of material we want stuffed into our children’s brains.  After a while, they become desensitized to the material and start to emulate in real life what they have learned from the T.V.  I was bad enough when the hormones started to “rage”; but, if I had been exposed to all the sex and nudity like our kids are today, I’d have been a “wild man”.  You can hardly find good programing for a family during any time slot.  Just look at the “music videos” for an example.  They border on the edge of porn, not soft porn but hardcore porn.  Let’s take a short stroll down “memory lane” and compare yesteryear with today.

In the time frame in which I grew up, the channels, all three of them, would not or could not even show a “lady with child”. While today, they will not only show her but show her in the nude.  Back in the days, Lucy and Ricky, of “I LOVE LUCY” even had to have twin beds and full length pajamas; while today, they show groups of people in large “king ” sized beds; all naked.  I guess what has set me off on this topic is that the wife and I were watching a show the other night and an ad came on for a “Trojan vibrator for women”.  This was during the family hour and I could only think, “how would the parents explain this to a nine/twelve-year-old”.   I know many will say that they already know of this material…but, doesn’t that make my point.  Does a child of that age need to already know of such? COMMON SENSE says “let kids be kids”.  They have their whole life to experience this type of material and do not need to be exposed at such a young age.  And, we wonder why we are having such an explosion in the illegitimacy rate.  COMMON SENSE says,” we are dumber than a stack of rocks on this subject”.

Now to the violence issue.  Have you really watched the “blood and gore” on any of the crime shows on T.V.?  Is it any wonder that our children no longer place a true value on life?  Have you reviewed the video games your children are playing on the x-box? We let them be exposed to killings after killings during their formative years and then are shocked when a certain percentage become ” serial killers” or “mass murders”.  COMMON SENSE says, “monkey see, monkey do”.  I know some will say “what an old fart” I am; but, stop for just a moment and think about how you were raised and how you are raising your children.  I’ll bet if you are truthful you will see a drastic difference.  All I’m asking is that you review the “cause and results” in play here.

I do admit  that I do watch some of the shows. But, I will also admit that the sex shown on some of these shows “stirs up my hormones”; and if that is true at my age, then we can only guess as to what it does to our younger folks.  I guess the old “COMMON SENSE” thing about “there is snow on the rooftop but a fire in the furnace” might apply here.  In any event, let it be said that I tried to warn you that if this trend continues, “It ain’t  going to get any better”.  If this trend of “sex and violence” continues, we will have to have “two conceal to carry permits”.  One for your weapon to protect yourself from random violence and one for condoms to protect yourself from random sex.


Well, here we go!!! I do not really know where to start; so, let’s begin with the woman who gave me birth, my “MOM”.  As I have noted before, she was a strong-willed Christian woman who kept me on the straight and narrow.  Not that I did not stray; but, she and her “Christian values” gave me a road map to return to the light from some of my darkest hours.  It is very hard to put into words all that she taught me through her words and actions.  I still follow many of the examples of life that I observed as a growing child.  She taught me right from wrong, loyalty, honor, morals/ethics, and most importantly she taught and instilled in me those “Christian values”.  She was a simple but really great woman; and when she passed, I ask for a moment alone with her and “thanked her for the gravel in my gut”. As I grew into manhood, there have been other women who have helped shape me into what I am today (along with men), but this all about the women. I remember at my Dad’s funeral that Mom was in a tizzy. So, I asked her what the problem was and she said, “there are five or six of your ex-girlfriends  here and they are all coming to the house after the funeral. What are we going to do”? I told her not to worry, ” I’ll get them all in a tight little circle, in a group hug, and they will be like a little covey of quail”.  She did not go for it, but again this is all about the women. Some where kind and gentle while others, “not so much” and some broke my heart, or so I thought at the time.  None will be named except a couple. But, if they have the chance to read this, most will recognize themselves.

Have you ever heard of the “Dear John” letter.  It was received by many a serviceman during his tour of duty in the military. Well, mine was a “Dear John” phone call as I was in “basic training”.  With the last change I could gather, I made the call from the pay phone on the quadrangle.  It was great to hear a voice from home–but the message was “loud and clear”.  “Dear Jerry”, take a hike.  And I did take a hike the very next morning.  A “forced march” of ten miles all the while being harassed by Sargent Crabile.  It was a horrible lesson, but it sank home and prepared me for relationships of my future and how to make them stronger, or at best, how to choose more carefully.

I had one girl friend who competed in the “Miss America” beauty contest (or one of those) and OH,OH MY, what a beauty she was.  A true “blue-eyed, blond beauty”.  I met her while running a ferris wheel with a friend of mine in a small band of carnies.  She only had one flaw.  She did not like to hunt/fish, or at least she did not want me to hunt/fish.  There was always a problem when I went. So, I decided, or she taught me, to choose someone with similar likes. As I look back, both of these girls competed in beauty contest.  One on a local level and one on a national level.  It just proves that old saying from my “Mom” that “beauty is only skin deep”.  You see my “Mom” had “COMMON SENSE” also.  Mom just hated when I told her she was right “beauty was shin deep but some of them were so ugly it had to go plumb to the bone”.  That is “COMMON SENSE” also.

Another was a dark-haired, brown-eyed, simply gorgeous “Latina”.  She never competed in a beauty contest, but she won a beauty contest everyday in the contest of life.  She was undoubtedly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen until my “little wife” came along.  This woman was strikingly beautiful. And once, when I walked her into an event, the singer, a friend of mine, stopped singing.  He later caught me at the bar and asked “where did you find that babe?”. But, alas, she taught me a lesson about loyalty.

I took the time to tell you about those women, or those stories, so I could tell you this story.  It is the story of my wife.  We meet at work just after she graduated from high school.  We became friends from the start and would frequent the local pub, ” Alaskan Palace” most days after work.  We were “buds” as her sister would say.  The “Alaskan Place” was not a fancy joint by no means; but, she lent it a kind of “elegance”.  She was a young “hot mama” and me liked.  She was always a woman of few words and our relationship almost ended when I moved to New Mexico for work because she hardly had anything to say when I would call but she always told me “she loved me” before we hung up and I told her the same.  After we were married, I had to travel to Denver on a business trip; and when I returned I brought her a fur coat.  It was ok, I guess, but made no great impression. So, the following year after a business trip I brought her a very “elegant silver fox” fur because I was going to make an impression.  She met me at the airport gate, I presented my prize and wanted  her to try it on but she said, “I’ll try it on when we get home”.  So much for the big impression.  She has proven to be the most beautiful woman I have ever met.  She is a complete package and has taught me many  “life lessons” and she is “one hell of a fine cook”. Hopefully, we will get many more years than our current 38 years together.  We have spent our lives together building a comfortable existence that few will ever know. So it’s “hats off” to the woman who has shaped me the most, good or bad, it is her fault.

On March 9, 1986, she presented me with a wonderful gift, a baby daughter, and I was impressed.  That daughter is another of the women that helped shape me into what I am today. She is a smart, articulate woman of great character with good morals /ethics.  I could not have asked for a greater gift; and, she has taught me and reinforced all of life’s lessons. She has rewarded me for her raising with a beautiful “granddaughter” that I am sure will help shape me in the future.  Just can’t wait for her to walk so she can follow “old Goby” around. I’m sure she will teach this “old dog” just a few “new tricks.”

I have told these stories for no other reason than to show the “COMMON SENSE” in the influence that others have on us as we mature.  Whether good or bad, every experience helps you grow.  The old “COMMON SENSE” saying is “every experience  that doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”.  It really is true and it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to value all the relationships that God has presented and learn from each and everyone of them.


I know we all say that the Dad’s role is important to the family. but in today’s world, do we really believe it?  The reason I question, what should be a well understood fact, is that today we do all sort of things to diminish not only the father’s role but the role of parents altogether.  I always felt it my duty to guide my daughter and to lead by example.  Never wanted her to see me cheat in business, all the while preaching to her about honesty.  Never wanted to allow her to see me dishonor my Mom/Dad, all the while preaching to her about how one “should honor thou Mother and Father”.  I think you get the picture. And, by the way, aren’t both part of the “TEN”?  (For you heathens out there, the “TEN” is a reference to the “Ten Commandments”.)  What a great place to live this world would be, if only everyone would live by them.  I never really knew if I had succeeded, other than my daughter grew into a woman with great character, until recently when she gave me my Father’s Day card.  It was a profound moment for me and I’d like to share the text with you.  I am sharing this not to bolster my image, but to express in a “COMMON SENSE” fashion just how important Fathers are in their children’s  lives.  Hope this will drive home that point as solidly with you as it did with me. ENJOY!!!

Father’s Day is a time to say “Thank you” to the most important men in our lives.

And, Dad, you deserve to hear it twice—

Once for being a wonderful, warm-hearted father who coached and counseled and cared for me. And once again for being the patient good-humored, attentive grandpa who adds an extra layer of love to our lives.

Seeing what a wonderful grandpa you are touches my heart in a way I never thought possible.

I’m a lucky daughter to have you for my dad, and my family is lucky to have you for their grandpa…and we all love you so very much.

Happy Father’s Day

Now, that should shine a bright light of truth on why Fathers are so important.  You might have noticed that their influence also extends out to a second generation, grand children. I, myself, had not realized that fact until I read the card.  I always knew that the only grandfather I knew made a difference; but, I guess it just went over my head.  You see, this “COMMON SENSE” thing effects everyone including myself.

All that know me personally know of the absence of my father.  As it turned out, my granddad passed away early in my life.  Everything I did was new and experimental;  but, with the help of a strong willed “Mom” and a few friends, I grew into what I am today. I can tell you from experience that it can be done, but is much easier if you have a role model to follow. It would certainly be better if fathers were not absent for any reason and we just might get a better class of men.  They could perhaps instill that pride and respect for the family name that I received from my Mom.  She taught me that the “Wood” family name meant something and that I should never dishonor it with bad behavior.

I can remember teaching my daughter some of life’s lessons such as honesty, integrity and loyalty which I have covered in recent blogs; but, you never really know if you are getting it instilled to the core. Now, for those of you have not kept up with each post,  you have some homework.  Just keep going back and read them all.  I guess from this card’s message I still have a purpose and have not become as useless as I thought.  I can now strive to help impart the same morals/ethics into my grandkids as I did with my daughter.  So, in the future, when you hear some liberal saying that Fathers are not important in kids lives, you can refer back to this blog and know that  not to be true.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that Fathers have a real role to play in a child’s upbringing.  You know, this “COMMON SENSE” stuff really works!!!

**Above insert taken from a Hallmark Card.


Well, the Democrats are at it again with their support of another pervert running for public office.  That’s right, the head pervert of today, in the democratic party, Anthony Weiner, is running for mayor of New York City.  The no-classacrats are actually supporting this pervert; and he may, or most probably, will be elected.  It is a shame that the democrats could not find a better candidate.  Not only is he a pervert, who should be registered as a sex offender, he is a liar.  He lied for weeks on national T.V.  Remember, I have told you before that a “liar will steal from you and a thief will lie to you”; well, I guess we now have to add that they will also send you “dirty pictures”.  How has this country sunk so low as to even letting this pervert think about running for office?  I guess after all the other “sex offenders” the democrats have elected and supported like “Bill-the-blue-dress- Clinton”, “Barney-the-queer-Frank”, and “Marion-the-crack-whore-Barry” it should not be a surprise. Think back and you will realize that all these offenders had their party’s support even after the offences were exposed.  The party just has no morals or ethics.

How can you support a person like “Bill-the-blue-dress-Clinton” after such horrible acts in the “Oval Office”?  And, just like “Anthony-a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words-Weiner” he stood in front of the media and lied to the American public time and time again.  How “on God’s green earth” did this man ever face his daughter?  He could not keep the most important contract with his wife. So, why did anyone ever expect him to keep his word in office? He is a disgrace to humanity; but, he is a democratic super star.  What a shame!!!

If these two aren’t perverts enough, let’s move to “Barney-the-queer-Frank”; and this one really is a piece of work.  This person, because he is not a man, is an openly and admittedly “queer” person who has had the support of the democrats for years. If, it was that he was just “queer” that would be one thing. But, he and his “boyfriend”, or at least his “boyfriend”, were running “queer prostitutes” out of the basement in the house they shared.  Of course, when this was brought forth, not only did Barney not know of it, the democrats circled the wagons in support of this pervert, also.  Again, what a shame!!!

Now, just to show you that this is no “Johnny-come-lately” attitude for the democrats we shall revisit the offences of “Marion-the -crack-whore-Barry”.  He was caught on video during a “sting” smoking crack cocaine with crack whores in a motel room.  It was on video and the democrats still supported him and he got reelected.  Can you imagine that?  The people of  D.C. voted a “crackhead” into office!!!  That is when I realized that D.C., itself, was perverted.  Let me say, they deserve what they got then and are deserving of what they get today.

Let me say that I am not judging these people for that is not my place; but, believe me when I tell you their ” judgment is coming”.  The democrats will also face that same judgment someday.  I see and hear, everyday, democrats declare they are “Christians”, which I feel is impossible.  The two just can not be compatible. Do you remember during the last election when the democrats tried to remove “God” from their platform? Does that sound like a “Christian” to you?  They support the “queers” and their right to marry in direct contrast to what is written in Romans. By the way, that is just one reference, there are others and don’t take my word, go research it yourself.  They do today and have always supported the “killing of babies”, “innocent life”. Does that sound “Christian” like to you?  It sure does not sound that way to me.  Again, don’t take my word, do your own research, read the “BIBLE”.  The “BIBLE” is full of good old “COMMON SENSE” so check it out and use that “COMMON SENSE” in you daily routine.


Hey, hopefully all of you who know me see me as a “COMMON SENSE” guy.  I try really hard at this “common sense” stuff; thusly, the title for this blog, “WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S FIRE”. Meaning that if you see smoke, there is fire somewhere even if you do not see it.  I feel this old saying applies very well to the Attorney General’s situation.  If you have not been paying attention, he has a mess on his hands. This mess is of his own making and one lie is bad enough. But, this man is only surpassed in the lying category by none other than his boss.  I will, in the following, point out not just one but a whole fist full of lies he has put forth to conceal his actions and to try to fool the American public.  It is past due time for him to be held accountable for his actions and his false accounts of those actions.

I have no “ax to grind” here but his latest lie is just one of many he has been caught up in; and when it becomes a pattern, then it is time for his boss to take action.  The latest of his misstatements, hell, let’s call it what it really is–a lie, is that he had no knowledge of the process to obtain a warrant to investigate James Rosen, a Fox News reporter, and his family.  As it turns out, he lied to Congress, a crime in itself, when he stated, “he had no knowledge of any investigation about any news organization and that he thought it a bad idea”.  Turns out that he, Mr. Attorney General, Eric Holder, himself, signed the warrant or the application for the warrant sometime before his claim to Congress that he had no knowledge of the investigation.  If I signed the application for the warrant, then I would have knowledge of it and anything to the contrary would be a lie.  And if it was a lie, then I am a liar, plain and simple.  I think the old adage applies here that “a thief will lie to you and a liar will steal from you”.  Truth be known a liar is a thief because he has stolen the truth from you.  Now if that is not good old “COMMON SENSE”, then I’ll “eat my hat”, and if you do not recognize it for “COMMON SENSE”, then I am really wasting my time here.

The Attorney General has lied and been complicit in the Benghazi scandal by going along with the lie of the video as the cause of the attack.  That has been proven to be a lie; but the administration, including the attorney general rode that horse into the ground.  Why hell, he even stood by along with the rest of the administration, while the maker of the video was arrested and imprisoned.  Imprisoned for making a video!!!  By the way that man is still being held even though the lie the administration told has been debunked.  How would you feel if you were in that person’s shoes?

If you are interested in the truth, then investigate for yourself the following actions of this attorney general.  Just simply get on the internet and check out all the things this attorney general has been a part of and I think it will open your eyes.  Things like the black panther voter intimidation where he refused to prosecute and lied, the “Fast and Furious” gun running debacle where he lied and a U.S. Border Agent was killed, the IRS scandal, where the attorney general’s office approved of the FBI investigating conservative groups and he lied, the AP scandal where they obtained the records of reporters phone records and he lied, and not to mention he is touted as the architect of the Marc Rich pardon during Clinton administration as assistant attorney general.  This man is credited with being the grandest “tax cheat” of all times.  They say he was even greater than “tax-cheat Geithner” who severed as your  U.S. Secretary of Treasury.  Now, isn’t this a fine “den of thieves” serving, or having served, at the pleasure of the President?  Doesn’t bode well for the President, now does it?  What is that old “COMMON SENSE” thing about “birds of a feather flock together”.

I did not elaborate on all the issues facing this attorney general to save space. But, let’s just say that “where there is this much smoke, there is a fire”.  Remember, these are just the lies we are privy to and you can “bet the bank” there are more.  It just makes “COMMON SENSE” that “if you will lie to me once, you will lie to me again”.  I truly believe that this Attorney General and our President, as well,  would “climb a tree to tell a lie rather than stand on the ground in the shade to tell the truth”.  A sad state of affairs to say the least.


It is horrible what has and is happening in America with all the mass murders.  Americans are harming one another at an alarming rate.  The shooting at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut is but the latest in tragedies perpetrated against innocent victims in America.  Although no one knows just yet the true cause, it appears that the young man was a deeply disturbed person, to say the least.

The liberals, along with their lap dogs–the liberal press, are already out calling for gun control.  Will they never learn that it is the disturbed person at fault, not the gun, gun owners or the gun manufacturers? In fact, if you are going to blame a segment of folks, we should blame the far left or liberals, if you will; because, it is due to their policies that I believe we will find the root cause of these tragedies.

As I see it, we have raised a generation that is devoid of any of life’s foundations needed to progress through life itself.  I watched every politician on T.V. today ask for the public to pray for the victims and to pray for their families.  Even President Obama called for our prayers to console the families.  They and the liberal press called for these prayers all the while not realizing that they are the ones that have removed prayer from schools so the children know less about the power of prayer than any time in our history.  If you want people to pray for any reason, they must first be taught how and taught of the power of prayer.  We have no mention of the “TEN COMMANDMENTS” in school or any other public forum.  In Matthew 7:12 it is ,I believe, Jesus who says “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself”; but, our children of today do not hear this  nor understand the meaning.  The children of today have no spiritual foundation on which to build their lives.  You can ignore this fact; but, the chaos will continue until we make an effort to give leadership, both knowledge and spiritual, to our young.  They hear of the thousands murdered in the womb and you expect them to value life.  Just how stupid are we?  We, as a people, need to be more consistent in our views and teachings.  Now, I’m no preacher. But, I did grow up in a time when we prayed and said the pledge everyday in school and it served to help give me a spiritual background, loyalty to my country and to value life as well as our way of life. I had a strong mother who taught me these same fundamentals and all the while being reinforced in my school each and everyday.

This young man at fault for this tragedy most likely had none of the background that I grew up learning; thusly, devoid of the foundation to process thru his problems.  Just think if he had been taught and believed in the “TEN COMMANDMENTS.” He would have known to “Honor thy Mother and thy Father” or “Thou shalt not commit murder”.  These two alone would have, or should, have deterred him of his actions.  Just think for a moment—If we all lived our lives according to the “TEN” how great would life be, with no need for police, lawyers and courts.  Of course, the lawyers would not like that and there are mostly lawyers in D.C. making laws for us.

Folks, I have always said that the T.V. is the greatest educational tool ever invented and it has proved me right over the years.  What is on the T.V. is what our children are learning.  It is sex, drugs and violence and this display of violence has been learned.  Just as all the liberals want “BIG BIRD” to remain on PBS for our very young, our teens are learning from the trash on T.V.   Now, I know the libs will come after me; but, you can’t have it both ways.  If “BIG BIRD” is educational, then so is the trash.  For God sakes, wake up and smell the coffee.

Finally, “Common Sense” tells us to live by the “Golden Rule” of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and to do what is right even when no one is looking is a great way to live your life.  So get off your lazy duff, get a job, get off the dole, stand on your own two feet, help your fellow-man when you can and help a child understand that according to “GOD” they are special.  If that is not “Common Sense,” then I’ll eat my hat.

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