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Hey folks, I know I write a lot about politics as it is of real interest to me and because they just make it too easy.  I have decided to change pace a little and include a piece that I authored  several years ago.  This piece was written in response to a sermon delivered by my pastor at the time, Dr. Mike Miller.  Dr. Mike was having to go before the state Presbyterian board or committee for qualification purposes, I think, and “Who Is He?” was the question posed to each candidate.  As he was preparing, he realized it would be a great sermon or question to pose to the congregation.  I know he thought I was not listening; but I was, and it really got me to thinking, thus my response.

For all who know me personally and are aware,  I have always been a hunting/fishing fanatic. I think it comes from the years I spent living with my Grandma on the Texas gulf coast each summer.  I slept on a screened front porch and hunted and fished every day.  I would wake up each morning as the sun came up to a breakfast of two pieces of toast, with peach jelly and a glass of cold milk on the table, prepared by my Granddad.  As soon as I ate, he would take my Grandma and I down to the bridge over the bay and I would spend the day fishing and running the bay’s edge hunting bait.  Made pretty good money selling bait to the tourist.  Maybe that is where I developed my selling skills and work ethic.  It is also probably what developed my love of a nap after lunch.  You see, Granddad would bring us lunch each day and then I’d take a nap on the cot he set up under the bridge.  If you have never slept under the shade of a bridge with the cool bay breeze over you, then you have not enjoyed all of God’s creations. (I know I got to rambling, but it will explain some of my “Who He Is”.)

The following, as stated previously, is in response to a sermon to show that sermons really do carry a message. This piece has never been published and was recently found during a “fall cleaning”. The old saying, “listen and learn”, might apply here and makes good “COMMON SENSE”.

September 20

Dear Mike,

I know I will never go before the committee, but I felt compelled to think about “Who Is He?” and these few thoughts came to the forefront.

He Is
– The beauty of an early morning sunrise as well as the serenity of a foggy morn.
– The agility of a wren hopping from branch to branch as I sit motionless on a stand.
– The softness of the bunny crossing my legs as I sit and watch and listen for Ole Tom Turkey at dawn.
– The crackle of grass under foot in a high meadow on a frosty morn.
– The symphony of sound from the gobble of mature birds throughout the hollows in the Ozarks.
– The fluid motion and abrupt stop of a pointer working a meadow and finding scent.
– The rippling of taut muscles in a retriever as it flies through the air to enter the water for a grand retrieve.
– The love and devotion of our animals who strive to please.
– The gracefulness of a deer as it clears a fence to enter an oat patch.
The diamond like glistening of the sunlight off a magnificent buck in a clearing.
– The beauty and grace when a flock of ducks set their wings to decoy.
– The ripple on the mirrored pond as a bass feeds at daylight.
– The serenity of the Laguna Madre at daylight on a calm morning.
– The furiousness of a trout exploding on a top-water bait.
– The warmth of a Lab’s tongue as he licks his master’s hand on a cool fall morning in a duck blind.
– The rush of feather, air, and color when a pheasant takes to the air.
– The crispness of that same pheasant’s cackle as he flushes.
– The call of the Bobwhite at the far distant end of a meadow.
– The call of the morning dove soft across the hills.
– The crow of the rooster, beaconing each morning.
– The excitement of the young pup at the sight of his master.


He Is
– The tenderness of a mother’s love.
– The sternness of the father’s hand.
– The sweetness of a daughter’s goodnight kiss.
– The total love and support of the family.
– The fellowship of friends and congregation.
– The knowledge of the elderly.
– The smile of the stranger on the corner.
– The laughter of children at play.
– The clear ring of church bells ringing out on a Sunday morning.
– The sweet smell of flowers in the spring.
– The renewed hope that comes with the greening in the spring.
– The harmony of a small country church as they belt out a hymn.
– The sorrow at the loss of loved one or friend.
– The worth of a hand shake when someone says, “How are you, dude?”
– The inspiration to examine “Who He Is?” from a recent sermon.
And last, but not least: The love of a good wife.

As you can tell, I saved the best for last, as is usually the case. Hopefully, this will help to inspire you, as your sermons are not going to waste.

Hopefully, this piece will inspire you to examine your own life to find joy in all God’s blessings which have been bestowed upon you.  As you might garner from the piece, my life has been blessed and touched by the hand of God.  He has kept me here on this earth even through open heart surgery; and hopefully, I can fulfill what he wants me to accomplish as it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so

P.S.  Please feel free to pass on my blog address to anyone you think might enjoy and feel free to comment or subscribe so that you will be notified of each posting.  After all, it is free.


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