My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Welcome to the club.  It is a wonderfully fascinating club with people of all shapes and sizes.  I have been watching you from afar for sometime now and have noticed that you have changed as relates to your opinions.  I noticed this change starting about six months ago, give or take a couple of months either way; even though, I understand from your writings that you became a believer some seven years ago.   I have always considered you an attractive woman; but, you were always just a shade or two off.  I just thought it was because of your left leanings and never considered whether you were a Christian.  I just assumed you weren’t because of your leanings.  You see, I believe there is no way anyone can support the democratic platform of abortion rights, gay marriages and the welfare system and be a Christian.  (By the way, where do I send the dollar?) The “BIBLE” answers all the questions if you just read.  The two are 180% opposite ends.  The democratic platform and Bible are in stark contradiction of one another.  Why, they, the democratic party, tried to remove “GOD” from the platform last year during the convention!  You will come to this realization as your “Faith” becomes stronger and your walk with “Christ” through life continues.

I mentioned above that you were a shade off. But, I saw you on Fox today discussing your conversion and I noticed your smile was brighter than usual and that you had a peaceful glow about you.  Call it what you will, but I call it the “LIGHT OF CHRIST” shining from within.  I have said many times that the women of “FOX” are some of the most attractive women I have ever seen due to their “intellect and faith”.  It is only “COMMON SENSE” that “intellect and faith” only serve to make a woman more beautiful.  You now are a complete package of “stunning good looks, brains and faith”.  The world is at you feet, the door is open, come on in and reap the benefits.

Hopefully, you will not allow anything to get in you way.  I hope you are aware that you will be chastised for your “Faith” from some you considered your friends on the left.  This is a real blow to their ideology and they will not accept it well.  Just remember to push forward and to continue in your “walk”, be true to yourself and your beliefs and you will persevere.

You talked of your parents being professors and coming from a very intellectual family and this will also confuse them.  You see intellectuals or elitist as I call them have a really hard time with this “Faith” stuff.  They want something they can hold in their hand and examine to make sure it is real.  They just do not understand all us “fools” who believe that Christ died for our sins to set us free.  I could quote you scripture; but, you already are aware if you have accepted “HIM” as your savior.  Maybe a quick example like the following will help explain.

I have been in “sales and marketing” all my life and have observed the following: some where in the 35/40 year range is when most people who were not already conservative seem to change and lean that way.  This does not apply since you are in you early twenties.  (What an “old silver-tongued and haired fox”!)  It concerns their religious views as well as their family views.  The two should go hand in hand.  It is the time that most have married, have a home and children.  Take me for example; before I married it was just me; not a care in the world; then I had a wife to care for and support.  Next, I had a daughter that as a father I had to love and care for through thick and thin.  That is the time that I bought life insurance as I recognized the need to furnish for her even in my absence.  I was also in insurance sales at the time.  I was responsible for her every need including her spiritual needs just like a “good father”.  That’s when my “FAITH” became stronger in that I realized that my “FATHER IN HEAVEN” had been trying to lead me, protect me and love me just as I for my daughter; but, I was blinded by the bright lights and ways of the world.  I think it is pretty much the same for everyone.

On a closing note, you have a unique platform from which to spread the “gospel” although “Fox” would not like that. But, let me inform you that you can be very effective in helping others just by letting the  “LIGHT OF CHRIST” radiate in your life and you’ll never have to say a word about conversion. People now know of your conversion and the “LIGHT” will convince them to follow in your foot steps.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


P.S. Kirsten Powers is one of the women of “FOX”.  She is a liberal (so she thinks), very well educated and articulate commentator.


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