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Is common sense no more?


I have come to realize that there are a lot of people out in the real world that do not know the difference between Obamacare, the ACA, and healthcare.  Obamacare has been touted as the ultimate when presenting it to the public. But, they, the liberals, have done a poor job of explain it to the average “Joe”.  That’s right, how stupid of me, they lied.  The President lied in order to get reelected, he lied about whether you could keep your insurance policy, and he lied about whether you could keep your doctor.  This man is an habitual liar and has lied yet again about the “fix”.  He has taken lying to an all time new level, but alas, I stray.   Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare.  It is simply another form of  insurance and is just a payment process that is intended to help pay for the expense of an extended illness thus  preventing bankruptcy due to the payment of doctor/hospital bills incurred during such an illness.  Got that? Insurance, nothing more nothing less.  So when they tell you how great Obamacare will be, remember it is just like switching from one insurance company to another.  Remember, if you hate dealing with insurance companies, you will hate dealing with Obamacare even more, period.  HA, HA!!!

Health care is between you and your health care provider, be it your doctor, clinic or hospital.  This has always been the case and the insurance companies have tried to intervene more and more over the years by inserting a nurse/doctor that works for them deciding if  a treatment is necessary.   It has led to what and if the insurance company will pay.  Not a really great system; but, it has been in place for years and America has developed the finest heath care system in the world with this system in place.  Now that we all are aware of the differences between the two,  maybe we should consider a new name for Obamacare.   Obamasurance comes to mind and makes “COMMON SENSE” because it is just another form of insurance.  The difference between Obamacare and the insurance companies is that the insurance companies offered policies with an array of different options so an individual could somewhat adjust the premium by the amount of risk they were willing to bear.  With the new Obamacare, your choices will be limited with options that you do not need; thusly, reflecting higher premiums, period. It makes no sense for a man to have maternity care in the policy. But, you’ll have no choice. It will be there with Obamacare as a way to increase the amount you pay for a service you will never use.  Folks, it just makes “NO COMMON SENSE” and please do not take my word for it, go do your homework.

The very folks who brought you this mess are now asking you to trust them once again, that being President Obama.  He has lied to the American public since he first ran for office.  Remember the one about how he would only accept “public funds” for his campaign!!! America should have punished him then for lying.  Remember during his second campaign when he looked into the camera during his debate with candidate Romney and said “Benghazi” was about a video.  America should have punished him then for lying.  And remember during that same debate, he once again looked into the same camera and told you “if you like your policy, you will be able to keep it”.  America should have punished him yet again.  It is time for America to stand up and punish this man  for all the lies he has perpetrated  on this great land and please do not fall for his lies again and help in the impeachment of this imposter.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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  1. I named it the obama-snare-scam from its birth .. its was a scam from get go and once obama has one snared into his web they become forever both a prisoner and a supporter of his scam that has no end.


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