My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


I know, I know, you all think I’m crazy with this thought about the television.  I can hear it all now.  Each and everyone is saying, “He has finally lost his mind as there is nothing on the T.V. worth watching, much less learning”.  You are right! But, the point you are missing is that our young people are learning from what is shown on the T.V.   The sex and violence are on nearly every channel and are watched over and over everyday by our youngsters.  So, guess what, they are learning all about sex and violence.  I did not say in the title that it was a good force in education, only a force.  We, as a group, must decide if this is the type of material we want stuffed into our children’s brains.  After a while, they become desensitized to the material and start to emulate in real life what they have learned from the T.V.  I was bad enough when the hormones started to “rage”; but, if I had been exposed to all the sex and nudity like our kids are today, I’d have been a “wild man”.  You can hardly find good programing for a family during any time slot.  Just look at the “music videos” for an example.  They border on the edge of porn, not soft porn but hardcore porn.  Let’s take a short stroll down “memory lane” and compare yesteryear with today.

In the time frame in which I grew up, the channels, all three of them, would not or could not even show a “lady with child”. While today, they will not only show her but show her in the nude.  Back in the days, Lucy and Ricky, of “I LOVE LUCY” even had to have twin beds and full length pajamas; while today, they show groups of people in large “king ” sized beds; all naked.  I guess what has set me off on this topic is that the wife and I were watching a show the other night and an ad came on for a “Trojan vibrator for women”.  This was during the family hour and I could only think, “how would the parents explain this to a nine/twelve-year-old”.   I know many will say that they already know of this material…but, doesn’t that make my point.  Does a child of that age need to already know of such? COMMON SENSE says “let kids be kids”.  They have their whole life to experience this type of material and do not need to be exposed at such a young age.  And, we wonder why we are having such an explosion in the illegitimacy rate.  COMMON SENSE says,” we are dumber than a stack of rocks on this subject”.

Now to the violence issue.  Have you really watched the “blood and gore” on any of the crime shows on T.V.?  Is it any wonder that our children no longer place a true value on life?  Have you reviewed the video games your children are playing on the x-box? We let them be exposed to killings after killings during their formative years and then are shocked when a certain percentage become ” serial killers” or “mass murders”.  COMMON SENSE says, “monkey see, monkey do”.  I know some will say “what an old fart” I am; but, stop for just a moment and think about how you were raised and how you are raising your children.  I’ll bet if you are truthful you will see a drastic difference.  All I’m asking is that you review the “cause and results” in play here.

I do admit  that I do watch some of the shows. But, I will also admit that the sex shown on some of these shows “stirs up my hormones”; and if that is true at my age, then we can only guess as to what it does to our younger folks.  I guess the old “COMMON SENSE” thing about “there is snow on the rooftop but a fire in the furnace” might apply here.  In any event, let it be said that I tried to warn you that if this trend continues, “It ain’t  going to get any better”.  If this trend of “sex and violence” continues, we will have to have “two conceal to carry permits”.  One for your weapon to protect yourself from random violence and one for condoms to protect yourself from random sex.


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