My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


It’s your fault; no, it’s your fault.  Sound familiar?  It is what both the House and the Senate are saying to one another and it is what you hear from your kids if you have more than one kid.  There is some blame for both sides; but, we really need to examine the issue in-depth to find the culprit.  So, I’m going to throw out my two cents worth of “COMMON SENSE” to see if I can make “heads or tails” out of this mess.

First, let me in all fairness proclaim that I know why the parties can not get along.  One party is  “the party of COMMON SENSE” and tries to offer a logical argument; while, the other party’s  brains are hardwired completely different and cannot even begin to understand “the COMMON SENSE approach”.  You all know from my blog title that I’m a “COMMON SENSE” guy; and because I think you can solve most if not all problems thru “COMMON SENSE,” then I must think the Conservatives are right and they are the ones looking at this from the “COMMON SENSE” angle.

The House of Representatives made three proposals, or passed three bills, that went to the Senate only hours before the government shutdown.  Their first choice was to try to defund DemoCare.  That is the true name that this bill should bear since it was passed 100% by the democrats with zero support of republicans.  That makes this DemoCare and they own the damn thing lock, stock and barrel.  When that was rejected by the Senate, the House tried a second time with a bill “to remove the individual mandate” similar to the way President Obama removed the business mandate.  The Senate rejected that also; so, the House tried a third time with a bill that said basically “Everyone should be treated exactly the same under the terms of DemoCare”.  What a great concept!!! Everyone, even the lawmakers and their staffs right along with President Obama and his family, should have to join a “government exchange”.  That would mean that the lawmakers would have to live with the laws they pass for you and I to follow.  “But, not only no, but hell no” the Democratic Senate wanted no part of anything so fair. Now, I think you can begin to see why I say the repubs are of the “COMMON SENSE” folks while the Dems are lawmakers with brains that are “hardwired” different from the common folk.  For the life of me, I do not understand why anyone would vote for a group of “elitists” who thought they should not follow the laws they set for the common folk.  They exempt themselves from all sort of laws which they require for the commoners.  Why hell, they do not fall under the social security program; but, sure as hell, tell us we should not only follow it but be damn grateful that they give it to us as an “entitlement program”.  “ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM MY ASS”, EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU PAID INTO THE PROGRAM SO NEVER EVER LET THEM MAKE YOU FEEL THAT IT IS AN ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM.  YOU EARNED EVERY PENNY YOU GET!!!!

I’m going to become an oracle here in that I’m going to predict massive indenity fraud in this DemoCare.  They are hiring some 16K navigators to help people sign up for this program.  Does any one recall Acorn and all the fraud associated with their group?  Many charges were filed; but, I do not believe anyone ever went to jail for voter fraud.  These are the same type of people they will hire for this program.  The idenity theft rings are already seeding the navigator work force with their own people and the fraud will run rampant .  Just remember that you heard it from the “all-seeing, all-knowing” “COMMON SENSE” guru.

Folks, if after reading this “COMMON SENSE” approach to this government shutdown and you still do not understand, then I can only come to the “COMMON SENSE” thought that you are one of those illogical dunderheads and that your brain is “hardwired” backwards. As Jeff Foxworthy might say, and it makes good “COMMON SENSE”, “You might be Demoneck”.  Well, good luck with that; and, we do not have to worry that “COMMON SENSE” will ever get in the way of you running in reverse.  Please do the world a favor and please never procreate as you will only lower the intelligence level.  Thank you so very much.


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