My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


I know we all say that the Dad’s role is important to the family. but in today’s world, do we really believe it?  The reason I question, what should be a well understood fact, is that today we do all sort of things to diminish not only the father’s role but the role of parents altogether.  I always felt it my duty to guide my daughter and to lead by example.  Never wanted her to see me cheat in business, all the while preaching to her about honesty.  Never wanted to allow her to see me dishonor my Mom/Dad, all the while preaching to her about how one “should honor thou Mother and Father”.  I think you get the picture. And, by the way, aren’t both part of the “TEN”?  (For you heathens out there, the “TEN” is a reference to the “Ten Commandments”.)  What a great place to live this world would be, if only everyone would live by them.  I never really knew if I had succeeded, other than my daughter grew into a woman with great character, until recently when she gave me my Father’s Day card.  It was a profound moment for me and I’d like to share the text with you.  I am sharing this not to bolster my image, but to express in a “COMMON SENSE” fashion just how important Fathers are in their children’s  lives.  Hope this will drive home that point as solidly with you as it did with me. ENJOY!!!

Father’s Day is a time to say “Thank you” to the most important men in our lives.

And, Dad, you deserve to hear it twice—

Once for being a wonderful, warm-hearted father who coached and counseled and cared for me. And once again for being the patient good-humored, attentive grandpa who adds an extra layer of love to our lives.

Seeing what a wonderful grandpa you are touches my heart in a way I never thought possible.

I’m a lucky daughter to have you for my dad, and my family is lucky to have you for their grandpa…and we all love you so very much.

Happy Father’s Day

Now, that should shine a bright light of truth on why Fathers are so important.  You might have noticed that their influence also extends out to a second generation, grand children. I, myself, had not realized that fact until I read the card.  I always knew that the only grandfather I knew made a difference; but, I guess it just went over my head.  You see, this “COMMON SENSE” thing effects everyone including myself.

All that know me personally know of the absence of my father.  As it turned out, my granddad passed away early in my life.  Everything I did was new and experimental;  but, with the help of a strong willed “Mom” and a few friends, I grew into what I am today. I can tell you from experience that it can be done, but is much easier if you have a role model to follow. It would certainly be better if fathers were not absent for any reason and we just might get a better class of men.  They could perhaps instill that pride and respect for the family name that I received from my Mom.  She taught me that the “Wood” family name meant something and that I should never dishonor it with bad behavior.

I can remember teaching my daughter some of life’s lessons such as honesty, integrity and loyalty which I have covered in recent blogs; but, you never really know if you are getting it instilled to the core. Now, for those of you have not kept up with each post,  you have some homework.  Just keep going back and read them all.  I guess from this card’s message I still have a purpose and have not become as useless as I thought.  I can now strive to help impart the same morals/ethics into my grandkids as I did with my daughter.  So, in the future, when you hear some liberal saying that Fathers are not important in kids lives, you can refer back to this blog and know that  not to be true.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” that Fathers have a real role to play in a child’s upbringing.  You know, this “COMMON SENSE” stuff really works!!!

**Above insert taken from a Hallmark Card.


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