My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Oh, how I yearn for the days of yesteryear, when COMMON SENSE was common.  Boy has that changed!   We now have the President and all his band of idiots calling for the ban of assault weapons; but, they do not know what an assault weapon means.  They keep trying to define an AR-15 as being the same as some other auto-assault weapon.  As usual, most , including the President, have never handled any of these weapons, but are now experts ready to tell you and the rest of the public what should be our policies toward guns.  And by the way, they are all protected by the gun.   There are armed guards at every entrance to all the Capital Buildings.

We have covered this issue before. And if you have read those blogs, then you know that all of the lefty’s calling for gun control are protected at some level by guns.  So, the point of this post is to simply, shortly and sweetly inform our readers of the true stats for gun violence in America.  I truly believe that these stats completely boaster the belief that guns in America are not the problem.  Simply by scanning the chart below, you can decide for yourself if the violence in America is due to the gun.  Of course, you can present this to a liberal and it will have no effect as they are devoid of any common sense to understand the message it sends.  We, over the years, have given too much weight to their intellect by trying to present logical facts to them.  I, and many of my associates, have determined that their, the liberals, brains are hard-wired differently than that of conservatives.  I will assure you  that if you use the info in this chart, which you should feel free to do, they, your liberal friends, of which I have none, will not be swayed, as facts are just a bump in the road for them.

To put some perspective on Gun Control.
gun control
gun control 2

 As you can tell, Obama is in with a bad crowd.  It is shameful that we have to point stuff like this out; but, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” when you look at his agenda.  He is moving to the left of center in a big way.  He will/has looked the public in the eye and lied to them.  This is not the first and neither will it be the last lie that this man will tell to promote his agenda.   BEWARE!!!

Notice where the stats show gun violence and then ask yourself if what they are proposing might have any effect. Did you notice that according  to the FBI that the baseball bat is the most used and dangerous of weapons?  If this stat is true, and we assume it is, then why all the push to restrict guns.  If you look and study the above group of friends that Obama has aligned himself with, then it may become clear as to the agenda.  My personal opinion is that he wants to sign a U.N. Gun Treaty so he can then try to have U.N. forces confiscate the guns.  My reasoning is that he knows the that law enforcement/military would not do his “dirty work”.

The old saying or “COMMON SENSE“, if you will, is “Birds of a feather, flock together.” So, simply look to how he is feathering his nest to know who he will flock together with in the end.


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