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“Come and Take It” sounds like a good movie title or a good song title or maybe just a double-dog-dare ya!!!  Well it is a good song title about gun control by one of our somewhat local artist, Steve Vaus.  We call him local because he truly has “THE ATTITUDE”. It is not his first venture into songs of political nature.  He has always been on the cutting edge with his music and is a “pretty damn good hand” at what he does.

If you have followed my blog at all, you know my feelings toward the gun control issue and the infringement of our rights by the government on many fronts.  He has captured the feelings of many Texans and just a lot of other people to boot.  It strikes a nerve with me and brings a tear to my eye; but, please do not think of that tear as a sign of weakness.  Better yet, understand it as a tear of pride.  The same thing happens when the National Anthem is played or a flag goes by in a parade.  You see, I have served my time for this country and was raised to respect “OLD GLORY” and to not allow her to be tread upon.  People have asked me many times, “What is it that makes Texans so proud?”  I tell them it is just bred in us.  I was “BORN AMERICAN BY FATE but BORN TEXAN BY THE GRACE OF GOD”.  We are a self-reliant group of people who will not mess with others and that is where the old saying “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”, comes from I guess.  It’s an attitude; the “cowboy attitude”.  Someone once pointed out that I do not dress like a “cowboy”; and a friend spoke up and said “oh, but he is one”.  Again, it’s not the hat, boots, jeans or truck, it’s just the attitude.

It is the attitude that Steve Vaus captures in his new song “COME AND TAKE IT”.  Enjoy and spread the news and our blog site with your friends and family through all the social media right along side of his great song.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to share something new and good.

Link to Steve Vaus’ Song:

Link to Steve’s Website:


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2 thoughts on “COME AND TAKE IT

  1. Elaine on said:

    Like the song and the blog, too!


  2. Elaine on said:

    Here’s a video to a shorter version of the song….


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