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“PORK”, an American Staple

Well, folks here we are trying to help the people of need from the Sandy storm; and all President Obama and the Senate are feeding them is “PORK”.  What a great bunch of idiots we have representing us.  The people affected by the storm are in need of aid and all the Senate sends the House is a bill loaded with “PORK” for pet projects that have nothing to do with aid to victims of the storm.  Please tell me that “COMMON SENSE” is to fund a bill with real help instead of all this nonsense.

This is only a partial list; but, ask yourself if this makes any “COMMON SENSE” or is it finally going to be clear to everyone that our representatives have no “COMMON SENSE” and do not care what happens to you or I except that which might affect how we might vote.

$150M for Alaska fisheries

$41M for US military bases,including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

$5.2M for the Justice Department

$4M for Kennedy Space Center in Florida

$3.5M for Homeland Security

$2M for Smithsonian Institution in D.C.

Do any of you really think that any of these are going to help the poor people who still have no roof over their heads or food for their tables?  This is what your government really cares about, their “PET PROJECTS”.  The only time you enter their mind is for re-election time.  Please wake up as you have been fed a sleeping pill; and if you do not wake up, the next pill will be hard to swallow.

Now, I have to ask this and it will not be popular in the northeast were all this damage happened, “Where is your President when you need him?”  In Hawaii, on the beach, instead of in his office trying to find help for you.  He got his photos and ran like the dog he is.  And, oh yes, you voted for him and would again.  Damn near everyone hurt by this storm most likely voted for him and he has now turned his back on them.  I’ll guarantee you’ll not hear from him til he needs your vote for something else.  Also, you can thank your Senator Schumer for some of this “PORK” right along side of “Dirty Harry” and all the Democraps in the Senate.  Most if not all the “PORK” has the fingerprints of Democraps all over the bill.

As previously mentioned, damn near all of you in the storm area voted for Obama twice and would not dare scream that it is his fault that you are not getting the aid you need.  He was, is, and will be your man.  Just the opposite happened in Katrina.  All the blacks in Katrina voted for the Democraps so they jumped all over President Bush while in truth he got help to the area much faster than Obama has in Sandy.  This just shows how partisan the Democraps are; but you know what, they do need help so even if they are Democraps we need to step up and help out.  It is the right thing to do; and we as conservatives believe in doing what is right, both legally and morally.

COMMON SENSE” will tell you, “Screw me once shame on you; Screw me twice shame on me”.  Well, you voted for him twice so “SHAME ON YOU” and “GOOD LUCK WITH THAT”.


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One thought on ““PORK”, an American Staple

  1. Elaine on said:

    If you read about the bill, even some of the stuff that was for Sandy relief are projects that fix infrastructure and go for 10 years or more….very little immediate relief.


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