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Really, the time has long passed for the American public to stand up for what is right and to retake our country! I have, in past blogs, listed so many of the problems within this Biden administration. So, I won’t do it again; but, I would like to point out a couple of articles which I noticed and feel every American should be made aware. I try to research different sources and relay the information I find in this blog and I hope it helps. I think, by now, most people have decided the DNC is next to a terrorist organization with no morals/ethics. If that is not your opinion, you are welcome to review the following information and feel free to respond. I ask you to respond because unlike the DNC/media in this country I still believe that all have the right to their opinion and to have it heard even if it is stupid, wrong, or even if I do not agree.

Now for the latest, I would like to point to: the Biden crazies have admitted to talks about using Veterans Benefits to serve the “illegals” streaming across our southern border. The fact that we have a crisis at our border is bad enough; but, to take valuable resources from our veterans and transfer those short benefits to “illegals” is completely off the scale. Do those idiots in DC not realize that the veterans benefits are in short supply as of right now? How the hell can anyone even have such a thought form in their heads? If anything, we need to expand the benefits for those who have fought to protect our American way of life. I wrote a song once about our veterans, called “My Marine” and it was to try to pay tribute to all they have done to make our lives better and safer. Check it out at and hope you enjoy. While there, you can check out my other music, too!

If that last paragraph wasn’t enough to get you off your “duff”, then maybe this will stir you up to the point of taking action. The latest remark by President Biden at a union meeting of teachers was that “they are not your children (meaning the parents) when they are in the classroom”. Let me explain that for you people who do not get it! He is saying that when your child is in the classroom that you lose all control and have no parental rights. This is truly how the democrats think! This is not the first time this has been expressed by democrats; if you recall, it was a big factor in the Virginia governor’s race of late. We have laid back and allowed the educational system to be taken over by “liberals” for far too long and it is time to retake the system and in doing so we will retake our country. All these stupid ideas floating around our country today are being made by “idiots” that have been raised by the system. We should have never allowed this to happen and it will take years to correct the problem. I feel it is not the “liberal bastages’s” fault as we allowed our system to be corrupted. And, the sad part is that you, or we, have paid for it with our own tax money. Now is the time to get involved at the local level such as electing good thinking neighbors to help run the local school boards. It is now time for us all to get involved.

I know these points might bother me more than they might bother you; but, let me point out that it only makes “COMMON SENSE” for you to be concerned and to get involved in the way your government is organized and processed. After all, that is what the right to vote is all about–so do it!


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One thought on “THE TIME HAS COME!!!

  1. It seems the government thinks we want to pay for all this stuff for illegals. If this was a Go Fund Me cause looking for support to give money to the illegals, I doubt it would get much. As for the schools, I wouldn’t send mine there…that is why home schooling is growing in leaps and bounds. But again, use our money for something we don’t agree with.


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