My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


People need to wake up! We have a crisis at our southern border, and no one seems to care! Where are our congressmen n women, ” when you need them”? They seem to have disappeared and they no longer want to fight this Biden administration to get a handle on this mess. It seems to be such a “NO BRAINER” that you need to know who’s coming into your country or you have no country. It is no more than “COMMON SENSE”. The numbers are huge! And, these “illegals” are being bused and flown all over our country with no records and it is being done on the sly!

The mayors of all the big cities are having enough problems trying to control the crime in their cities; but, it will get much worse in the near future. You would think these mayors would recognize that their cities’ crime problems will worsen as these “illegals” are dropped off on their doorsteps. Yet, not one has raised hell about it. The people of these cities should be out in the streets trying to curtail this injustice. It seems that most networks are not reporting on this crisis as they are in the pockets with the administration; so, the networks simply overlook the problem. The residents of these cities think it is a problem for the southern states; but, do not realize that the Biden administration is planting these “illegals” in their backyards. The residents will wake up someday and realize what has happened, but it will be too late. It is now or never. But, the media is covering for Biden and his minions just as they have on so many issues.

Even if they were not transplanting them all over the country, the funds to feed, house and furnish medical care for these “illegals” is coming out of their pockets thru the taxes they pay. It even gets worse when they arrive on their doorstep as the tax burden gets more local and closer to home. The influx of “illegals” in the school systems along with the lunch programs all come from the taxpayer. When will you people ever wake up? You complain about your taxes being too high; but, then elect fools that keep adding insult to injury.

Let me ask just one question? Are you concerned about inflation in our nation? If so, do you not realize that the problem of inflation simply grows by “LEAPS N BOUNDS” when you have more mouths to feed? Every time an “illegal” student is added to the school roster do you not realize that your child’s education is affected, not to mention you have to pay more “school taxes” to educate someone else’s child all the while you are charged more to feed and care for that “illegal” child.

This crisis at the border had been under control under the last administration; but, it has ballooned completely out of control under Biden and his minions! Now is the time for you, the citizens, to decide to take back control of your country! After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so!


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