My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Boy, now that title says it all! Where the hell have people with “COMMON SENSE” gone? Look around folks and in every walk of life you will find people that “can’t find their own ass with both hands”! It has all come, in my humble opinion, from the education that we seem to value so highly. I’ll be the first to praise a good education; but, what our kids are getting today is not what you and I got back in the day. And, I even wonder about some of you at times! But, I have figured out how you can let me know right up front if you have any common sense and that is by disclosing your party registration somehow. Maybe have it “TATTOOED” ON YOUR FOREHEAD SO THE WORLD WILL BE WARNED! You see not very many democrats, if any, have the common sense gene, and most are also missing the gene for moral/ethics. Funny, but i swear, it works out that way most of the time.

If you think I’m wrong, let’s just take a look. Let’s look at the border crisis and you tell me this administration is using common sense in the effort or non-effort at the border. If you think it is going nicely, then you are a huge part of the problem and then again, we go back to the above, to the part about common sense, and morals/ethics. If you do not recognize the problems, then nothing I will say can help you.

If you think the gas problem or energy of any kind is running along ok, then again refer to the above about common sense and morals/ethics. Open up drilling and watch what will happen to the price at the pump which will also show up at the prices you are paying in the grocery stores.

I could go on and on. But, I’ll only point out one last point as if you haven’t caught on just yet then you have no common sense and are most probably a registered democrat. Let’s look to a problem that we country folk have every year. And, that is the problem of the swallows making nest in and around all our porches, barns and patios. The problem is they are messy as hell, and they attract snakes. Snakes love to raid the nest for eggs and young birds. We as farmers/ranchers love to watch as they raise their young, but it is a problem. Well, along comes the government and passes a “law to protect the eggs in the nest”. So, even if you accidentally destroy a nest or kill the young birds or the eggs, you have “broken” the law. Yes, you heard me right that there is a law protecting the eggs or young birds in the nest.

STRANGE ISN’T IT THAT WE HAVE A LAW TO PROTECT THE EGGS OF THE UNBORN BIRDS BUT THE DEMOCRATS WANT NOT TO PROTECT THE UNBORN HUMANS! But, if we use the new “gender rules”, maybe, just maybe, this unborn may identify as a bird and therefore is protected. Now again, does this not point back to the above mentioned, of common sense and morals and ethics. In full disclosure, I have not completely checked out all the points of the law but it appears to be true and simply wanted to point out the fact.

If you disagree with me, that is your right in this country, but you are most probably wrong. It is a curse that I must carry thru life; and, it is sometimes heavy, but I will struggle to carry the load!


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