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I have met my share of “liberal bastages” in my life and I’ve found that most, not all, but most really have no “COMMON SENSE”.  That is not to say they are not “educated” because most are. But, they are educated to the point that they think everyone else is below them.  Can anyone say “elitists”? And many were raised without social skills. Not that I’m a “social butterfly” because I’m not.  BUT, BUT, BUT, I was raised to sense when to “keep my mouth shut”. Evidently, the “liberal bastages” were hiding behind the door when this lesson was taught. My Mom always taught me that when I was a “guest” in someone’s house to “bite my lip” so to speak so as not to offend my host. After all “it is their home” and my opinion really does not matter.

A short while back, my wife and I had a party and some of the guests happened to be “flaming liberals” and some of them seem to think they know better how we should live our lives. I was sitting on my back patio alone when one of them approached me and the discussion came up about “wild hogs” as they had seen the damage they do around our property.  I explained that they were very destructive and could be dangerous but most of the time not. I explained they run in packs of twenty or so and mentioned that I wrote an article about them and showed a photograph of one with 4″ tusks. This person asks if they were really dangerous; and, I explained that when cornered they could do horrible damage with those tusks. I said that the article pointed out that people in NYC/D.C. did not understand why we needed “automatic” weapons as they do not walk out their door and step into a group of these varmints. He said I was over reacting and no one wanted to take my “guns” away. He went on to say that “Obama” never wanted to take my “guns” away and would not do so even now.  I told him he was half right in that “Obama” or no one will take my “guns”; but, that if he thought the left would not confiscate weapons, he was “dumber than a rock”.  That is a sanitized version and for those who really know me, well you can imagine. He went on to say there were better ways to influence and manipulate people and that I was being manipulated by watching Fox News and all Donald Trump’s racist stuff. In a sense, he was calling me a racist and on “neutral ground” calling me that would and will have a much stronger response.  BUT, just like my Mom taught me, I, as a host, also have a responsibility to try “my hardest” not to offend someone who is a guest in my home.  I’m sure I did offend and for that I’m sorry; but, when you “step on my toes,” I’ll get you off and especially in my own home.  BUT, as Mom always said, “two wrongs don’t make a right”. BUT, I think Mom would have done the same as it was completely wrong to try, on purpose, to offend a person in their own home. BTW, it is always the way “liberal bastages” argue.  They pull the “Racist” card because they can’t win with a COMMON SENSE” approach.

Now having said all this, we as Americans have to find a way to live together and respect one another.  I think I might have just hit upon a way.  If we can just teach some “COMMON SENSE” to “liberals”, then it might just work out.  I know we can teach “COMMON SENSE” to “liberals”; but, we may have to “beat it into the hard-headed liberal bastages”. And maybe, just maybe, they can teach us “deplorables” something, but I doubt it.  After all, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to try.




Holler all you want! But, to kneel during our “National Anthem” is disrespectful of the flag and of our country.  The President was perfectly on point by calling out these cowards.  Most of these players do not have the “guts” to enlist and serve their country.  A few, like Villareal of the Steelers, did and do and for this I say “thank you”.  These over-paid cry babies know nothing of the real world and the hardship of making a living.  They have been coddled their entire life, beginning in high school, simply because they played football or basketball well. They were given a chance at education which most rejected.  They seldom went to class and now they are coddled again as so-called “professionals”. Maybe, just maybe, one out of a hundred of these “liberal bastages” could make a living outside of the sports arena. Call me racist if it makes you feel good; but, this has nothing to do with race–it is all about patriotism.  Although, if you look at the pictures of the “kneelers”, they are mostly blacks.  Pictures don’t lie.

If they are such “upstanding citizens”, let’s review their arrest records.  They are a bunch of “coddled thugs”.  They started showing the “rap sheets” of the NFL players on TV the other night and after about a minute they quit and were not but in the middle of the list. Like I said, “coddled thugs”.  I’m 72 years old and the only thing on my record is a speeding ticket for running 75 in a 65.  This does not mean I wasn’t a problem; but, it shows that when the police arrived I had enough “COMMON SENSE” to not call them “pigs in a blanket” and to be respectful and use the term “yes sir and no sir”.  These people are being paid hundreds of thousands and some millions of dollars to play a game and then do not have enough sense to keep their mouths shut.  If attendance falls and it hits them in the pocketbook, they have only themselves to blame.

The owners should have a meeting and explain the situation to these “dummies” and insist that they stand quietly then go about playing the game.  The fans have come to a game, not a political rally.  They do not want to have the controversy as they simply want to be entertained.  If these “thugs” worked for me, they would adhere to the rules I set forth in my company or they would be on the outside looking in.  The owners should make it clear to the players that they work for the owner and it is he that calls the shots. So, some of this nonsense is the owner’s fault.  The owners need to “grow a pair” and tell the players how it really is out in the business world.

I, for one, am sick of this crap and will never attend a game of the NFL or NBA.  In fact, I have even stopped watching on TV; so, advertisers take note.  If you ad people want to reach me, then you will or can stop putting ads on during the games.  I’ll take my dollars and give it to the “veterans groups”.  I’ll donate to help the people who helped afford me my freedoms; and, not anything that might help these “coddled thugs”.  If they insist on “kneeling”, why not visit one of the veterans hospitals and “kneel and say thank you to a vet”. After all, without their sacrifice, you would not have the freedoms afforded you in this great country.  You know, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


That is one hell of good question.  I meet young women all the time that know that Mom and I have been married going on 39 years and they long to find a life’s partner.  In fact, I just met a very nice and very attractive young woman while purchasing supplies for one of our jobs who is single and admits she can not find “good husband” type guys.  It was funny because Mom and I, while stopped in traffic for a wreck,  started discussing this very issue just an hour before.  I later told this young lady what I had told Mom and she admitted that she felt I was right.

She, the young lady, and I were discussing the reason for the divorce rate when I asked, “Do you know why the rate is so high or why there are no long term marriages as in the past?” She looked at me with some suspicion and after a moment she said, please tell me.  I told her, and I quote, “It is the men’s fault because they are so immature.”  Mom even agreed with me during our trip.  I have told two ladies my ideas on this subject and both have agreed.  Hell, that is 100 % agreement.  Unheard of in this day and time.  I will explain it here in “COMMON SENSE” terms to see if the percentage will hold up.  You see, I believe that  all we  have is a bunch of wussies from which these ladies have to make their choice.  The young men have not been taught how to treat a lady and are at best just immature boys; while, these young ladies are longing for  the company of a real man.  They are looking  for a real warrior, a real provider and a real lover who can be a real spiritual father to their children. A real man is all of the above in differing degrees at different times.  The young men out there today are neither a warrior, a provider, nor sexually mature; and as to being a spiritual father, they are clueless.  We discussed the subject and she admitted to me that the only guy she even considered husband material was 10 years her senior.  It was strange when she brought that point forward because you see, I am 11 years senior in relation to Mom.  Mom walked up about that time and we all continued the discussion all the way out the door and while loading the truck.  I explained to the young lady that last week in south S.A., at a Valero station, I remarked to the lady behind the counter as I paid for our “hot dog dinner” on the tailgate of the truck “Do not tell me I do not know how to treat a lady,” “Two chili dogs and a Dr. Pepper Icee.”  “Last of the big spenders”.

As we were saying our “good byes” after loading the supplies, I said to the young lady, this is another reason for our longevity as I opened the truck door to assist Mom’s entry.  The young lady was astounded that I did so.  She said she had only had one guy do that in all her dates.  Folks, this is a sign of respect.  I asked her, “Do you know how to make it happen?” and she said no.  So I told her to let him get in the car and to just stand there waiting.  Believe me he will get the message. But, I warned her to do this when he comes to pick you up and while still in front of your house.  If he refuses, simply go back in the house and write him off as “a lost cause”. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.

Some time ago, Mom and I were heading to my high school reunion. We had one stop to make; and as I was assisting her into the truck there were three ladies in the car next to us and the driver said to Mom, “He’s a keeper, honey.”  You see people do notice.  I was taught at an early age to respect women. My Mom told me when I started to date, “She might not be that special one; but if you cared enough to ask her out, then for that one night you should treat her as though she is the only lady in your life”.  I have a tear in my eye as I can still hear her saying that today as if it were yesterday.

You know, it really does make “COMMON SENSE”.  And if you young men will show respect for these beautiful creatures God has placed on this earth and show them you are a “real man”, “they will beat a path to your door”. Show them you can be the man God knows you can be.  Remember, a warrior, a provider, a lover and a spiritual father figure, and she will say, “What a man!!”

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