My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Are the democrats trying to destroy America? That is the question that must be answered before the next election. It sure seems that way. Do the democrats out in America even realize what their leaders are trying to do? Do they really want their lives controlled by some “FOOL” in D.C. town? It is amazing how they seem to be rolling over during this so called “CRISIS” and allowing government officials to control how they live their lives. It is like they want to wear a sign on their face saying, “HERE I AM, SEE ME, AND I’LL FOLLOW YOUR RULES. SO, PLEASE TOSS ME A MORSEL OF FOOD OR A SMALL CHECK AND YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”. That is what all this mask thing is about! The “big government” democrats want to mark you so they will know who they will have as subjects. Well, I’m not one of them and I do not care who knows it.

Years ago, the democrats held a hearing trying to discredit Clarence Thomas during his run for the Supreme Court. Joe “BEIJING” Biden was the chairman and asked Thomas: if after the Anita Hill accusations and all the trouble it caused him and his family, would he withdraw his name from consideration? Where by Thomas replied, “HE WOULD RATHER DIE THAN TO WITHDRAW HIS NAME SO IF YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME THEN GET ON WITH IT”. That is in quotation marks and is pretty damn close. It is that type of attitude that we must show in order to refute the attempt by “LIBERAL BASTAGES” to take over our daily lives. Remember that, “I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN TO SUBMIT TO THEIR WILL” when they decide to advance on my hill.

“BEIJING BIDEN” even made the statement to Thomas during the hearing about how he, ‘BEIJING BIDEN” knew what the hearing was all about and so did Thomas. He told Thomas, “‘YOU’RE A LAWYER, SO YOU AND I BOTH UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT”, with a “SNEER” on his face. My interruption was that it was all about Thomas being an “UPPITY BLACK MAN”. You can watch the story of Thomas’s life on a PBS special. Watch for it as it is very interesting.

Folks, it is time for America to “SLAP THE LIBERAL BASTAGES” right in the face and tell them that you intend to go back to work. The “LIBERAL BASTAGES” running San Antonio just announced they want to extend the “STAY AT HOME ORDER” until June the 4th. They are once again moving the goal post. At first, it was to “flatten the curve”; but now, they have realized there are a bunch of “peons” out there that they can control. It is nothing more than they will torture you “peons” just to keep the economy down as a way to destroy the “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” movement.

If you allow this, then you deserve what you get. It is time for “MEN TO BE MEN AND WOMEN TO BE WOMEN” and to stand on your own feet and run your own lives. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so; and if not, you will be “PEONS” forever. Now, go back to work safely, take care of your family, and do not allow anyone to be your “MASTER”.


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