My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well we now have a real comparison of the two worlds which we will have to choose to live within. We can choose the world of a great economy with low unemployment and law and order or we can choose the world of chaos, burned out buildings and lawlessness everywhere.

You will have that decision to make this November. You can vote for President Trump to continue his expansion of our economy or you can vote for one of the other two candidates put forth by the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” which will be ‘JOE THE HOE” OR “BEIJING BIDEN”. This is the only decision you will make and you should consider it wisely! The left side of politics are the ones responsible for all these riots. They have burnt businesses of people that had nothing to do with George Floyd’s demise. The owner of the liqueur store which they burnt was on TV with tears in his eyes expressing how he had lost everything he had worked for all his life. Folks, that’s just wrong! He had nothing to do with the incident. A reporter interviewed a lady on TV and she said, “it’s all about free stuff”. The sorry people involved in the riots are no more than “COMMON THIEVES”; and, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to lock them up and forget they exist.

Let me present an example of the difference between the right and the left. These riots are from the left while the folks that showed up armed at the Michigan capital were mainly from the right. Isn’t it funny how the folks that could have caused the most damage caused “NONE” while the folks from the left caused all sorts of damage to property that the cities will have to use “YOUR” tax dollars to repair. Remember folks, it will be your decision to make in November. “LAW/ORDER or TOTAL CHAOS”! CHOOSE WISELY”!

I know a bunch of you “LIBERAL BASTAGES” will disagree; so, let me try to explain it so it might sink into that “EMPTY SPACE OF AIR YOU CALL A HEAD”. Let’s say that instead of it being that man’s store; let’s just imagine it was your business or better yet your house they were looting and destroying! Might you feel a little different? I’ll bet so! You would be hollering for the police to do their job to protect you and yours by all means available up to shooting the “THIEVING BASTAGES” if that is what it took. If not, then you do not have a “SET”. It is our job as parents, spouses and leaders of our families to defend and protect them and their home. I for one, am prepared and more than willing to protect mine. Like I’ve always said, “I can call my brother a sorry bastage'”; but, don’t you dare do the same.

The lack of “LAW  and ORDER” is what has caused this to spread across the nation. When the Mayor of Minneapolis allowed or instructed the police to retreat from the 3rd precinct, the problem became more intense. If the Mayor had instructed them to protect their position at all cost, then they could have dispersed they crowd with lots of “tear gas and pepper spray”. AND, the building would not be destroyed and this mess would not have spread to other areas. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” as Barney and my dad always said, “NIP IT IN THE BUDS”. It made “COMMON SENSE” way back in those days and still does today.



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