My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well folks, we now see how the democrats want to operate. They want to hide behind closed doors to try to impeach the President. They do not want to take a vote or to let the public see what they are doing in closed sessions. Isn’t that kinda like what the old “KBG” did in years past.? They yell about Russian involvement in our elections; but, they follow Russia’s lead on how to hold closed door investigations. If they were sure they had the votes, they should hold an open vote to show the public that their investigation is legit. If they really had the evidence, then put it out there and be proud of their actions. This is the way “liberal bastages” have done things for years. Remember, Pelosi said, “we have to pass the healthcare bill to see what is in it”. They did not want the public to know what was in it; so, they did it in private, keeping the public in the dark as they are now doing with this impeachment mess.

Today, Pelosi walked out of a meeting because she couldn’t stand the heat. She is paid to attend the meetings and to try to represent the public’s interest; but, she got her “panties in a wad” and walked out on her responsibilities. It just shows she is not qualified to do her job and she allows her personal feelings to get in the way of doing her job. She is way too old, she can not control her train of thought, and it shows every time she speaks before the press. “JOE the HOE” has the same problem and he is to old also. Trump repeats himself 2/3 times on any given subject; but I think it is to buy time to think what he wants to say next; and still, sometimes, it comes out wrong.

The democrats have of late been shown to be dishonest. And,that is why they hate Trump so. Because, he is the one exposing them for what they really are in a world of ideas where they can not compete. President Trump makes them out to be a bunch of fools for all the world to see! Just today, Pelosi said, she “wished the President was a politician”. That meaning that he would roll over and play the game. President Trump has personality flaws; but, he is working to move America in the right direction. He is “draining the swamp” and Pelosi and Schumer are part of that swamp. I hate to paint with a broad brush but all the democrats and, yes, some of the republicans are the “snakes in the grass” inside the swamp. President Trump is driving them crazy because he is not part of the “swamp creatures” and does not slither around in their slimy games.

That is why the media hates him also. He has shown them for what they are which is an extension of the democratic party. Just listen to CNN/NBC and watch as every commentator repeats the exact same talking points. The media are simply “puppets on a string” and the DNC is pulling the strings. So, I guess that makes the DNC just a bunch of puppeteers. We could, or should, be able to hire puppeteers for much less than $183K a year plus $36K in housing allowance and $92K petty cash fund. Not to mention full medical and retirement. What a gig! If I fall on hard times, I might try it; but, I’d not like the pay cut.

Read this with an open mind and put your “COMMON SENSE” to work and I think you will see that the best thing to end corruption is to shine sun light on everything the puppeteers do. When this happens, I feel the public will demand real change and maybe in a small way the info in this blog will have helped to end the corruption. If I can help turn this mess around, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so.


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