My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well folks, the democrats have admitted a lot about how they view America and how if elected they would change the country. From the killing of the most innocent, to gun confiscation, free healthcare and college for “illegals” and now they are are for “censorship”. Don’t believe me, just listen when “JOE the Hoe” says he has requested that the news media not book Rudy Giuliani on any of their broadcasts. It is because Rudy is presenting evidence of “JOE the HOE” helping his son, “THE MONEY HUNTER” extort money from Ukraine and China. So, he sends a request and the media doesn’t see that request as a form of “censorship”. Let’s just suppose that President Trump sent a request to the news media that he wanted the media to stop having someone, anyone on their schedule. What kind of a fire storm do you think would incur? It would be a “constitutional crisis” if he, the President did it; but, because the media agrees with “JOE the HOE” it is OK to sweep it under the rug. Notice–I said OK and did not flash that awful sign.

Now, we have candidate “BUS ME PLEASE, HARRIS,” saying that Twitter should remove the President from being able to issue any TWEETS. Now, I have to ask you, “is this not another form to limit the RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH?” You know it is and it should not be tolerated in America. Of course, she has already said she would confiscate your guns by “EXECUTIVE ORDER”. That is another violation of the 2nd amendment and certainly “UNCONSTITUTIONAL”. But, democrats do not care for the constitution; so, it is no big deal to them.

Now, let me tell you how I feel about this “CENSORSHIP” thing. They will never shut me up; but, they really would love to along with anyone that disagrees with their point of view. There is only one problem that they have and that is the 1st amendment  which is protected by the 2nd amendment. Without the 2nd amendment, the 1st would disappear over night. You see the 1st amendment gives them the right to spout off the crap that they do  whether I like hearing it or not. I hate most of everything that comes out of any “liberal bastages” mouth; but, I will die to protect their right to speak. That is the difference in me and a liberal bastage in that they do not have any morals and would not waste the time to help defend the rights given in our constitution. They need to wake up and realize that once these two amendment no longer exist the powerful will shut them up also.

Folks, this is nothing more then “COMMON SENSE”; but,  the liberal bastages never think farther than the tip of their noses. You can waste your time trying to explain it to them if you so desire. But, I learned long ago that the “liberal bastages” have their heads screwed on completely backwards and they thought it was a game of “hide-N-seek” when the gene for “COMMON SENSE” was being given out. So, they ran and ducked behind the curtain and missed out on the gift. Try as hard and long as you wish but you will never make them understand that 2 X 2=4. But we really can’t blame them because they just do not have the “COMMON SENSE” gene to work out any problem. You should feel sorry for them, but know their limitations and remember that when you vote.






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