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Is common sense no more?


Boy, has this impeachment thing going crazy or what? The democrats opened an “official inquiry” into the impeachment of President Trump on the grounds of his phone call with President Zelensky of the Ukraine even before they read the transcript of the call.  After the transcript was released, they, because it did not read as they thought it would, have now changed once again to push another problem which is the “cover up”. It makes no “COMMON SENSE” to discuss a “cover up” when the transcript and the “whistle blower” report have been released. That’s what you get when you do not wait for the evidence to be reviewed.

And, I must mention here about “SHITTY SCHIFF” and his fairy tale story he read as his opening statement of the hearing. Folks, that which he read was not from the transcript but from what he decided to put forth into the record as fact. He is the worst “camera whore” out there. What he read was a fairy tale of his own making and he wanted it in the record so anyone in the future will believe that it is true. In the future, when it is read most will say, “Well, it is in the record of a hearing so it must be true” but it isn’t, it is a complete lie.

The democrats are between a “rock and a hard place” because they know they can not beat Trump at the ballot box. According to Representative Green and I quote, “If we don’t impeach him there is a good chance Trump will be reelected”. This should tell you all you need to know as to why they are doing such a feat. It is all about the 2020 election! It is a shame; but, then democrats have never been ones to let shame interfere with their quest for power. Leader Pelosi called for the impeachment inquiry although she admitted she had not read the transcript. But, no one ever said she had any brains. Remember, she is the one who stated, “we must pass the bill so we can see what is in it”. Real smart?

Now, we have “JOE the HOE” who is up to his arse in the Ukraine and China pay offs saying or calling by letter to the networks for them to stop booking Rudy Giuliani on any of their shows. Can anyone say or spell, “CENSORSHIP”? He does not want Rudy out there making waves about his and his son’s involvement with HUGE pay offs from Ukraine and China. Hunter Biden has received 83K a month for being on the board of a large gas company in the Ukraine. He has received  these payments or been on the board for 6 years. How’s your math? How does $5,976,000 sound to you? “JOE the HOE” intervened to get the prosecutor fired that was in charge and investigating all including the payments to his son, Hunter. And promised, or threatened, to withhold billions in “aid money” if the Ukrainian government did not fire the guy.  Hunter also got a 1.5 billion investment from China into a new company started by Hunter, although he had no experience–10 days after he went with “JOE the HOE” to China for meetings on restrictions on China with their navy. It had something to do with the East China sea but no info is available or at least for me. Do the democrats see how bad this looks when the leader of their candidates for President is calling for “censorship” and they seem to agree with him? If they do not agree, then they should speak out and let it be known.

The democrats have stumped their toe once again with this cover up of the dealings of “JOE the HOE”. He’ll “sell his soul to the devil” to the highest bidder and it seems the democratic party is right there with him. Remember, this is the party which condones murdering of the most innocent, open borders, all benefits for illegals including free healthcare and free college and now the “get out of jail free card” for all democrats no matter the charges. Why, you can even destroy emails which are under court order. What a party! But remember they will put “you peons” in jail if you try what they do. They are the “elitist” and you are the peons which means “do as I say not do as I do”. It is horrible but if you vote democrats into any office you will get what you deserve which is “corruption deluxe”. So, in my opinion it makes “COMMON SENSE” that you get what you vote for so don’t bitch about it later. After all, that’s my job and this blog is my way of bitching about your voting habits.



















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