My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Boy, the title says it all! ICE is supposed to start deporting all the “illegals” who have had their day in court and their asylum claim has been denied. There are many who did not care enough to even show up for their court date. They have once again given “the middle finger” to our law and order system and to the court system itself. We have millions of these “law breakers” in our country and it is putting a strain on all of our social services. They have also torn down The “American” flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag. Can you imagine what might happen in Mexico if our citizens went south and did the same thing? We, as American citizens, should demand that our representatives do a better job of representing us, the American people, instead of the “illegals” coming from “who knows where”. I’m not talking just about the “liberal bastages” but also about the “never Trumpers” within the republican party. If it were not for the “NTs” within the party, the republicans might have the healthcare problem fixed.  Do you realize that if it was fixed we would not have the entire democratic party calling for health benefits for all “illegals”? Let me ask the “COMMON SENSE” question of: Why do democrats want to give the “illegals” free healthcare coverage, rent subsidies, utility subsidies, free college tuition and free lunches in grade schools all the while charging the “working stiff” for all these services?

The answer to the question has to be it is benefiting the Congress members somehow. Well, the democrats, are hoping to increase their voting base to include the “illegals” getting the right to vote in our elections. I know that is an incentive for the democrats but not for the “NTs”. There is no reason for these congress people to want to bring in these “illegals” if it is not to their own benefit. No one in their right minds would want this unless it was a benefit to the American public and we all know that is not the case. Then, “what the hell is the answer”? Why would these congress people want to help make millions for the “cartels” when it doesn’t benefit them. Maybe we have stumbled on to the answer. It only makes “COMMON SENSE” that the representatives fight so hard to represent “illegals” all the while representing the “cartels” interest. Maybe, just maybe, that a portion of all that money the “cartels” are collecting is finding its way into the pockets of many of our representatives. Nonsense you say then give me a better idea. We all know of how the “cartels” have corrupted the government of Mexico; so, we know they have a system. I believe they just might have not only imported the “illegals” north into our country, but have also imported their corruption also. I know you think I’m just out of my mind but what is that old saying, “just follow the money trail” and in this case it just makes “COMMON SENSE” that damn near the entire democrat party is on the “TAKE”.

Now, if you think I’m crazy, then just prove me wrong. I thought I’d made a mistake once but when I checked it out I really hadn’t so my record is pretty good. If anyone can prove me wrong, I will stand up and admit it; but until then, we must assume the democrats are in the pocket of the cartels. Think about what the democrats say about the wall while living in gated and walled off communities themselves. They, the democrats, want to remove your right to carry a weapon to protect you and your family, but at the same time, they have armed guards at their side. They are crooked and it shows. So, what makes you think there is not a system in place for the movement of the billions of dollars collected every year by the “cartels”? Those billions would certainly buy a lot of influence in D.C. The more you think about it the more “COMMON SENSE” it makes for how the democrats respond to the “illegal crisis” on our southern border. We need to say “Hasta la vista” to all democrats at any level in the next election right along side of all the “NEVER TRUMPERS”.



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