My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well, the democrats have just accepted all the ideas put forth by the “SQUAT TEAM” by backing them and voting to declare President Trump a racist. He simply said, “If you hate America then leave”. This is said everyday by “red blooded” Americans when listening to the “LIBERAL BASTAGES” trying to ruin this country. He did not say they “HAD” to leave but simply stated that they have the right as Americans. Ask the folks in China/North Korea if this is an important right. If this bunch, the “SQUAT TEAM” were in N.K. and said these types of things about its leader the problem would be solved immediately. The “SQUAT TEAM” would be dead. Do they not realize this fact? And, instead of hating the country, they should be grateful that they have the opportunity to live in AMERICA, “home of the free and brave”. The democrats have become the open borders, we kill babies, higher taxes, and no law whatsoever crowd. Now, they are adding to that the support for the “SQUAT TEAM” and all that which the team believes.

I know a bunch of you will disagree with me and that is just another right that you have in this country. The right to be a “dumb ass” which you are if you can’t see what the democrat’s platform really states. Well, it really doesn’t state that but will after the next DNC convention. They are running to the “hard left” as fast as they can. I can’t quote it exactly but in the Bible it states that “a wise man tends to lean to the right while a fool tends to lean to the left”. I think it is stated in Ecclesiastes 10:2; but, don’t trust me as my memory is not what it used to be. Go look it up for yourself. It should be easy to do and “low and behold” maybe I can get some of you “heathens” to read the Bible. Kinda like Trump got more fat gals out marching than Michelle Obama ever did. She tried for years to get them off their rear ends and Trump did it almost over night.

It seems to elude so many as to the place that the democrats are headed. They want to control your entire life and to rob you of “free speech” and the right to own a weapon. Do they not realize that the 2nd amendment is the protector of the 1st amendment? Now, again, I could tell you about the amendments but you should look it up for yourself. The “SQUAT TEAM” does not realize that their first is protected by their second. Don’t make that mistake yourself. If you do look it up, then you will realize it is only “COMMON SENSE” to say that the “SQUAT TEAM” has “SQUAT FOR BRAINS”. Hope you get my drift!


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