My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


The new democrat party is up and running and I think they are preparing to move the DNC headquarters. The new headquarters will better fit their party platform. They, the democrats, want to rule your life and have you think, speak and act only in ways that they approve. Stop and think about this. If you think for yourself, speak your own mind and ideas or do not march in lock step with the party, you are called a racist or bigot and deserve to be removed from the public forum. If you believe life starts at conception, you are hammered into the ground. “KILLING” babies are what the democrats believe is proper. If you believe in restricting our borders, you are called a racist because the democrats believe in “OPEN BORDERS”. Parts of US history, along with statues, pictures, etc. to be removed from school studies and public view. And, if you want to practice your constitutional rights of “FREE ASSEMBLY” or the “RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS”, then you are a terrorist group and the democrats will dispatch their “PC POLICE – ANTIFA” to combat such foolishness. ANTIFA appears to be putting the Black Panthers out of business with the democrat party. Only 2 out of the 20 dems running for President had the nerve to call out ANTIFA in the recent attack on a reporter. Just another tool for them to use to squelch those that don’t believe like they do.

Folks, just stop and think hard about what you just read. These are facts that the democrats tried for years to hide from but now openly admit. They have decided to openly promote all of the above mentioned facts instead of using or changing the words in order to hide their true intentions. They, the democrats, want to change words or to remove words altogether. Such as “GAY” to try to describe the term “QUEER”. If you are “QUEER,” then you are still “QUEER,” no matter what you are called. Nothing offensive about it; but, it is what it is, plain and simple. Now let’s look at the term “undocumented” which they use instead of the term “ILLEGAL”. No matter what you call them, they broke the law which makes them “ILLEGAL”, plain and simple. Maybe a better way to think of all this is to use “COMMON SENSE” and “call ‘um how you see ‘um”. Stop all the BS and “call it like it is”.

But, now back to the new location for the DNC headquarters. They seem to be a much better fit with the “muslims” as this group will chop off your head if you disagree with them just as the democrats try to destroy anyone who thinks differently from the party platform. The muslims have destroyed historical buildings and statues, anyone under their control will know history only through their way of thinking; just as the democrats are doing in this country. Thus, the muslims think so highly of “MECCA”, it just makes “COMMON SENSE” to make it the headquarters for the DNC. They can open up branch offices in Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to attract their new party base since they are losing the black vote along with the Hispanic vote. Think about this long and hard. The democrats are much closer to the thinking of muslims than they are to the thinking of the average American. Now, let this sink in as you prepare to vote in the 2020 election. So, if you are muslim, then you might want to vote for the party that thinks as you do; but, if you are an American, you will be “shooting yourself in the foot” if you vote for ANY democrat. That is to say if you bleed red and you believe in the “OLD RED, WHITE AND BLUE” no matter your skin color or how you believe on the small stuff remember if you want to “live free” you can only pull one lever. AND IT DAMN SURE SHOULDN’T BE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT!!!!!



























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