My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


The picture of the dad/child laying face down in the Rio Grande river finally inspired the democrats to make a move on immigration. They approved 4.6 million dollars to help reduce the “crisis” on the border.  The democrats keep trying to up the ante for free stuff for the “ILLEGALS” and instead of helping the situation it increases the incentives for the “ILLEGALS” to make the trip. The incentives are all the “freebie” programs aimed at trying to establish a new voting block for the democratic party as they realize they have lost the working class vote and are losing the hold on the “black community” vote as Trump has achieved the lowest unemployment rate for them in history. BTW, it is the same for the Hispanic community as well. Now, ask the yourself, would you rather have a decent job or be dependent on a “government handout”? I know which one I’d choose; and if you are honest, so do you.

The promise of all the free college and healthcare are attractants that are causing a “max migration” from Central American countries. Not only Central America; but, they have now had persons from the Congo taken into custody. For all you who are geographically challenged, the Congo is in Africa. The democrats are the ones promising all the “freebies”; so thus, they are the ones with blood on their hands. The freebies include rent subsidies, utilities subsidies, free meals at free schools including college and now free healthcare. What a country!!! The immigrants are hearing of all the promises and so they elect to make the dreaded trip north to America. They do not realize that the democrat party will do exactly what they did to the black community for years. Promise them everything every four years or so and deliver nothing. It kept the black community in line with the democrats for years; but now, we have many educated blacks that have “seen the writing on the walls” and now try to advise the black community of the real facts. The facts are; if you want to be free, get a job and take care of your family and ask the government for nothing. The same goes for any and all no matter the color of your skin or what country you come from or how you got here. For the blacks, it means being a man and for the Hispanic community it is “machismo”. ?Comprende?

We, the American public, must stand up and take back our country and demand, “a man be a man” and take care of his own. After all is said and done, it only makes “COMMON SENSE” to do so. So unless you want to give up on the culture of America, you’d better listen up to what the democrats are saying and vote for people who have YOUR best interest at heart. I would certainly never tell you how to vote but I can assure you the democrats do not have your best interest at heart. So “go forth, educate yourself on the issues and vote accordingly”.


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