My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


I know, I know, you folks thought I was kidding about the semi-truck to serve as the clown car for this circus we call the democrat party. Are you starting to believe me, after last night, that “OLD GOBY” might just be on to something? If you watched the so called debate last night, and you have two brain cells to rub together, you already know what I’m thinking and talking about. There is not one of the candidates for President in the democratic party that has the “COMMON SENSE” to run under the porch when it rains. Thus, I’m thinking we need a bigger clown vehicle.

Let me hit you with this “just to get the ball rolling”. The moderator asked how many of the candidates “health plans” would cover “illegals” in the country. If you guessed zero, then you would be dead wrong. Every candidate raised their hand and said their plan would indeed furnish “health coverage for all “ILLEGALS” in the country.” We have thousands of citizens that have no coverage; but, they want to cover the “ILLEGALS”. “WHAT A COUNTRY”! Do they not realize the cost of this endeavor? Not to mention the fact that it will increase the lines, to the door and around the corner, trying to cover millions of “ILLEGALS”.  We really don’t know how many but it could be as many as 25/30 million more people wanting service. Do they not realize that is like covering almost all the residents of Canada? DO THEY NOT REALIZE WHAT AN INCENTIVE THIS IS FOR ALL OF THE WORLD TO COME HERE, “ILLEGALLY”? You think the flow of immigrants is bad now just wait until they hear of “FREE HEALTHCARE AND FREE COLLEGE”. They, the democrats, have not thought this thru but hopefully with my help you, my reader, will see the “insanity” of such policies.

And right there in the middle of all this mindless “crap” you have “JOE the HOE”. He doesn’t care because he got enough money from China/Ukrane that it will not effect him or his family so he will just sell you poor fools “down the river”. Then you have Bernie, give it away for free, Sanders who simply keeps making millions off trying to act as through he cares about the middle class. He knows he will be one of the elite class that will not have to live under what they impose on all of the country. In fact, they all realize these sweeping changes will not effect them as they do not intend for these changes to be for themselves. Even Pete, backdoor, Buttigieg had problems alibiing for some of the programs. Then, after the debate, Kirsten, kill a baby, Gillibrand stated that it is a woman’s right to choose abortion if the “timing wasn’t right or if the sex of the child was not what the mother wanted”. And then we have Kamala, I’ll take you guns, Harris and Eric, I like dirty diapers, Swalwel and they both want to confiscate your guns. The rest of the candidates are so far out there that they don’t even draw attention.

So here we have it in a nut shell, the democratic party platform is for open borders, killing babies, open borders, gun confiscation, open borders, free healthcare for “ILLEGALS”, open borders, free college for everyone and did I mention open borders. Certainly do not want to leave that one out.

It will surprise me if the democrats win even one state. I know they are going left to win the primary; but, they have gone so far “left” that they will never return. They are now the new “socialist” party and socialism has never worked anywhere so be careful, all you “liberal bastages” of what you wish and vote for.  It only makes “COMMON SENSE” to run not walk away from this group of “idiots”. If not, it will be like running toward the bright light and discovering too late that it is an oncoming freight train and you will be smashed.


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