My Daddy's Common Sense

Is common sense no more?


Well, the first half of this “circus side show” is over and we only have 2 more hours of this nonsense to endure. I say endure because I’m a political “junkie” and in order to inform my readers I feel I must watch. I really want to try to give my readers a fair and truthful assessment of facts. That is completely opposite of the democratic candidates which lie every time they open their mouths. From my seat, it looked like Tulsi Gabbard or John Delaney benefited the most. They seemed to “dart off” towards “COMMON SENSE” ever so slightly.  The rest of the group were into “telling lies” and “pandering” for votes. Bill de Blasio showed the entire world what a “rude bastage” he really is. Francis O’Rourke looked like a deer caught in the “head lights” every time the camera was on him. And “POCAHONTAS” seemed to be “off her MEDS”.  And then, there was Julian “Santa Anna” Castro who never met a true white man or Texan he liked. He has lived his entire live off the “DOLE” as has his entire family. Ever wonder why he knows the system so well? Because he has been on the “welfare system” his whole life. Just on the higher end of the system. If these are the “cream of the crop,” then where are the rest on a scale of 1 to 10? Maybe a -5? Folks, these people have no “COMMON SENSE” and it damn sure shows. The clown car is loaded with nothing but “liberal bastages” who want to do “freebies”.

Now, by tonight, we will need the “semi-truck” to haul all these clowns down to the “big tent”.  They are all going to try to outdo one another and in the process make complete fools of themselves. For tonight’s main feature will be “JOE the HOE”, so named for all the money he and his family have taken from China and the Ukraine. More on that subject after we see if anyone has the “guts” to expose this tonight. If not, you will know, the fix is in place. Here you go again Bernie, give it away for free, Sanders. The DNC is sticking it to this fool once again. They cheated him last election and they will most probably cheat him again. Will he never learn? If they can’t beat you “fair and square”, then democrats cheat. Remember this, a cheater will lie to you and a liar will cheat you. Just another example of “words of wisdom” from “MY DADDY’S COMMON SENSE”.

Stay tuned because we have the second half of this clown show in the center ring under the big tent of the greatest circus this country has ever seen. I’ll be watching and will drop a few “words of wisdom” for all to see after the “big show”. So grab your pop corn so you’ll have something to feed the monkeys. It will be something you can throw at the fools on the screen and it will do little or no harm. My dogs just love the debates as they get to clean up the mess.


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